The Ultimate List of 2024 Holidays

Break out those calendars and planners, we’re covering the 2024 holidays, and we’re sprinkling in some fun obscure holidays we bet you’ve never heard of before.

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Of course, we’ve got the big ones like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but did you know there’s Spaghetti Day and Mario Day? And that’s not even the tip of the obscure holidays’ iceberg!

Our merry quest is to make this ultimate list of 2024 holidays so you and your loved ones can have tons of opportunities throughout the year to come together and make memories. There’s nothing as precious as gathering with those you love and appreciating each other’s company. And these fun and sweet 2024 holidays are a fantastic start.

Let’s get those calendars ready to mark, we’ve got some awesome 2024 holidays to cover!

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Holidays in January 2024

Bundle up for these January 2024 Holidays! It is a time of renewal, establishment, fun, and more.

Of course, we all think of New Year’s Day when the 2024 Holidays in January pop up, but there’s plenty more jam-packed in this first month of the year than you may expect. Let’s unpack it together!

January 1New Year’s DayJust as the name suggests, New Year’s Day is the first day of the new year. Many people take this time of the year to commit to new things, set goals, or decide on a new path. New year, new me!
January 1National Hangover DayOf course, aside from setting goals, others may decide to set up Beer Pong instead around the 2024 Holidays of New Year’s Eve/Day. And that’s why National Hangover Day is celebrated (recovered is more we like it) on January 1st!
January 1Polar Bear Plunge DayBrave citizens all over choose to take the dive into freezing waters for Polar Bear Plunge Day; which is both participated as a courageous way to kick off your year and raise money for charities in our area; typically, local YMCA hosts a Polar Bear Plunge Day event. What a way to start off the 2024 Holidays Season!
January 4National Spaghetti DayGet your pasta on yearly on January 4th for this deliciously obscure holiday– National Spaghetti Day. There’s nothing like a warm plate of Spaghetti surrounded by those you love to warm you up on a cold January day.
January 4Trivia DayTest your knowledge with your friends, or solo with a Trivia app, for Trivia Day on January 4th!
January 13National Rubber Ducky DayThanks to our friendly pals over on Sesame Street, we have a National Rubber Ducky Day! All because of an episode that featured Ernie’s (The beloved Rubber Ducky lover) calendar that signified that January 13th was Rubber Ducky Day. You can celebrate by taking a bath with or without a rubber ducky, playing a claw machine game to win a rubber ducky, or even drawing/painting a rubber ducky! You gotta admit, this is a pretty awesome 2024 Holidays to look forward to.
January 19Popcorn DayPop pop! That’s the sound of a delicious 2024 Holidays of Popcorn Day! You can get your Popcorn Day on by popping some kernels the good old-fashioned way and having a movie night, or go treat yourself to a movie and popcorn!
January 21National Hugging DayDid you know hugs are actually physically, mentally, and emotionally beneficial and healthy for you? Get your hug on January 21st, National Hugging Day, for this whole 2024 Holidays!
January 24National Compliment DayHave you ever noticed when a compliment makes your day? That’s what National Compliment Day on January 24th is all about! Spread kindness by being nice and genuine to those around you.
January 24Global Belly Laugh DayWho can’t benefit from a good and full belly laugh during the 2024 Holidays? That’s why there’s a Global Belly Laugh Day on January 24th! Bring on the jokes, do some laughing yoga, and take life easy!
January 26Spouse’s DayEvery day is a day for celebrating the partner that you have. But you can now make a day of it with Spouse’s Day on January 26th! Mark your calendars, and make each other feel even more special!
January 29National Puzzle DayWinter months can be incredibly beautiful, but also pretty cold. While you’re huddling up inside on January 29th, take part in National Puzzle Day! There are so many different types of puzzles you can get into with friends, or solo puzzles like Word Searches.
January 31Plan for Vacation DayOne month into the 2024 Holidays, and it may be time for a vacation already, huh? Well, good thing Plan for Vacation Day is on January 31st! Make yourself a vision board of what you want your year and vacation to look like, and make it happen.
We hope you got a kick out of this awesome list of 2024 Holidays in January! Mark your calendars and make it a fun year!
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2024 Holidays in February

Aw, February, the month of love and the peek into a future Spring season. Did you know there’s Galentine’s Day and Random Act of Kindness Day in this lovely month as well though? And lots more February 2024 Holidays where that came from!

February 2Play Your Ukulele DayTune those Uke strings and play your heart out, because February 2nd is Play Your Ukulele Day! Listen to your favorite Uke covers, or play/learn how to yourself. What a sweet-sounding day!
February 4Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast DayThe kiddos and dessert lovers are gonna have a field day with this one. Leave the cereal and oatmeal in the cupboard on February 4th, because it’s Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day!
February 4Thank You Mailman DayFebruary 4th isn’t just for eating Ice Cream for Breakfast, it’s also the time to thank your mail carrier for being a rockstar. Mail carriers aren’t thanked enough for all their hard work, and this is a perfect day to make them feel appreciated.
February 13Galentine’s DayHappy Galentine’s Day! For all the ladies out there, Galentine’s Day is a day to shower your besties with love and celebrate your beautiful friendships together.
February 14Valentine’s DayThe day of love, chocolates, and all the cheesiness we love. When we think of February, we think of Valentine’s Day, of course! Check out all our Valentine’s Day goodies here!
February 14Library Lovers DayFor those of you who love books more than people (Guilty!) you can set Valentine’s Day aside (or celebrate BOTH you do YOU!) and spend your time at the library on February 14th for Library Lovers Day! Start or join a Book Club, have a reading date, or join in on a library event.
February 15Annoy Squidward DayThis one is for the Spongebob Fans! Do you remember the episode where it’s revealed that February 15th is Annoy Squidward Day? Whelp, you do now! Celebrate this wacky 2024 Holidays by watching your favorite Spongebob clips, or doing your best Squidward impressions.
February 17Random Act of Kindness DayHave you ever had someone pay for your coffee? Isn’t that an amazing feeling? Pay it forward and spread your kindness on Random Act of Kindness Day on February 17th! This may be one of the most wholesome 2024 holidays; we highly encourage you to check it out.
February 26Pistachio DayBreak out the delicious Pistachios and try some new flavors or pistachio recipes, because Pistachio Day is February 26th!
What was your favorite out of these 2024 Holidays in February? Be sure to jot it down & make new memories!
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2024 Holidays in March

Scootch over St. Patty’s Day, there are plenty more 2024 Holidays to rock out to during the month of March. Let’s just say, you best be ready to have a fun time when you hit this month. Whoop whoop!

March 10Super Mario DayKick off your March with a nostalgic day of fun with Super Mario Day! That’s right, every MAR 10 (<– See! Kind of looks like MARIO doesn’t it?!) you can celebrate one of the most iconic video game characters ever by playing your favorite Super Mario Games or even watching the Super Mario Movie!
March 14Pi DayDid you know that Pi Day is on March 14th because 3.14 is the beginning number of Pi? Pretty neat, huh? Instead of doing mathematics that day, unless numbers are your jam, you can bake and eat some delicious pie!
March 17St. Patrick’s DayBut of course we have the King of March 2024 Holidays, St. Patrick’s Day! Take a look at our St. Patrick’s Day fun here!
March 20National Proposal DayIn the words of Beyonce, if you like it, then you should have put a ring on it. Whelp, on March 20th, which lands on the Vernal Equinox, meaning when the stars and planets align, you can make that ultimate and awesome commitment on National Proposal Day! Start with learning how to write a romantic love letter!
March 22International Goof Off DayWe all need a day to blow off some steam from our busy lives, and that’s where International Goof Off Day on March 22nd comes into play! Go channel your inner teen and play some hooky and have some good clean fun.
March 23National Puppy DayArguably one of the most adorable 2024 Holidays is National Puppy Day on March 23rd. This day is about the acknowledgment of canine mistreatment, rescuing animals in need, and filling the pup in your life full of love and safety.
March 25Waffle DayIsn’t breakfast food the best? And one of the ultimate breakfast foods has its very own day. Waffle Day, is on March 25th! Visit your favorite breakfast joint or make some waffle creations of your own. Either way, it’s bound to be a yummy day!
March 25Tolkien Reading DayEnjoy some J.R.R. Tolkien classics on Tolkien Reading Day is March 25th. Or, take a crack at The Best Lord of the Rings Riddles from the Trilogy!
March 26Make Up Your Own Holiday DayThere are A LOT of obscure holidays out there, but there’s always room on the calendar for more! Get your pals together and create a fun new holiday that will keep you all coming together year in and year out. Get creative and have fun!
March 30Take a Walk in the Park DayWe love the wholesome 2024 Holidays, and Take a Walk in the Park Day on March 30th may just be the Mr. Roger’s of 2024 holidays. Spring is right around the corner, and you can take a walk to witness all its beauty.
And now we know March is packed FULL of fun 2024 Holidays, along with St. Patrick’s Day!
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2024 Holidays in April

Spring is in the air, and so are all of these fun and memory-filled 2024 Holidays that April has to offer! From National Poetry Month to National Unicorn Day, April doesn’t disappoint with its unique 2024 Holidays!

April 1-30National Poetry MonthObserved every April in the United States. Get into some fun and inspiring Poetry Festivities to get into the poet spirit!
AprilEasterEaster is a Holiday many of us are familiar with, and it can also come with different traditions and meanings depending on the household. But, something you may not know, is that the date of Easter is actually determined each year by the moon! The date of Easter is determined the Sunday after a full Moon on/after the Spring Equinox.
April 1April FoolsAh, the classic April Fools Day. Where hilarious jokes are taken a step further with pranks and mischief, enjoy your fun, you silly hooligans, just be sure not to bring any harm, just laughs!
April 2World Autism Awareness DayWorld Autism Awareness Day is celebrated every year on April 2nd. This day, and throughout the month of April, is all about spreading awareness and understanding for those in the Autism community. Check out some great information at Autism Speaks!
April 3National Find a Rainbow DayWhat could be more pleasant than spending an early Spring day going on a Rainbow exploration? Whether you spot a rainbow or you sport some rainbow clothes, throw on the Rainbow Connection and enjoy the spring weather!
April 7Walk to Work DayNot only does this obscure holiday promote wellness for yourself and your coworkers, but it also helps the environment! Leading up to Walk to Work Day on April 7th, gather up some coworkers and get organized and involved. Who knows, you may discover a new daily ritual you thoroughly enjoy!
April 9National Name Yourself DayHave you ever heard the phenomenon that a person’s personality is predetermined depending on their name? Put that theory to the test with National Name Yourself Day on April 9th! This is such a fun and inventive day in our list of 2024 Holidays. Get your family, friends, and coworkers in on it, and see a side to yourself and loved ones you may not have known!
April 9National Unicorn DayWho doesn’t want to get in on the fun and whimsy of celebrating National Unicorn Day on April 9th? You can celebrate by reading books that involve Unicons, or movies in the same respect. Or, if you’re really committing, buy/craft yourself a magical horn of your own and sport it for the day! Did you know that the Unicorn is Scotland’s National Animal?
April 10Siblings DayGive your brother and sister a big hug on Siblings Day on April 10th! Spend this day with your siblings on a fun day out, or even send them a sweet card/text with a memory from your childhood.
April 12Grilled Cheese DayThis is a cheesy 2024 holiday, it’s Grilled Cheese Day! On April 12th, break out your cheese, bread, and other favorite comfort foods and have yourself a delicious treat.
April 13Scrabble DayGet your dictionaries and your favorite board game pals together for National Scrabble Day on April 13th! And let’s give a big thank you to Alfred Mosher Butts for creating our beloved Scrabble game!
April 17Haiku Poetry DayApril is National Poetry Month, and it also houses the wonderful poet holiday of Haiku Poetry Day on April 17th! Learn how to write a poem and other insider poetry tips on this artistic day, and send a Haiku to someone you love. Or, place them in Free Little Libraries to make someone’s day!
April 22Earth DayOne of the most down-to-earth 2024 Holidays on our list, April 22nd is Earth Day! We all remember celebrating this wonderful and inspiring day in school, but this holiday can’t stop within the walls of the classroom. Celebrate Earth Day by going for a walk and appreciating the beauty around you, pick up litter along the way, and even make a donation/advocate for environmental protection.
April 23National Lovers DayEvery day is a day to celebrate when you’re with your special someone. But, you can make them feel even more special on National Lovers Day on April 23rd. Surprise them with a romantic date, write them a lovely love letter, and most importantly, show them with your actions and words how much they mean to you.
April 23National Take a Chance DayYou’ve got the magic in ya, kid! National Take a Chance Day on April 23rd is the day to believe in yourself, step out of that comfort zone, and reach for the stars. Be sure to lift other people up, too; everyone can use a helping hand!
April 27Arbor DayBring The Lorax off the shelf, it’s Arbor Day! This holiday is always the last Friday in April, except in Nebraska, where it is observed on April 22. Celebrate Arbor Day by educating yourself on the holiday itself, listening to educational podcasts/shows, or going the extra mile and planting a tree!
April 27Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work DayGet your workplace involved with Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work and be a part of this inclusive initiative to bring families closer together and create safe and welcoming environments.
April 28National Superhero DayWhether Marvel or DC is your jam, April 28th is National Superhero Day! Watch your favorite superhero movies/shows or dress up as Batman, it’s bound to be a super day!
April showers may bring May flowers, but April 2024 Holidays brings on the inspiring and cozy fun, huh?!
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2024 Holidays in May

May is the lovely month full of flowers, sunshine, and fun 2024 Holidays you may not have known about … until NOW! You’ll definitely want to jot these awesome, fun, and silly 2024 Holidays on your family calendar/planner to make this year the best!

First full week of MayTeacher Appreciation WeekTeachers are the heroes without capes in our society. Although they deserve more than a week of appreciation, the first full week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week, where you can recognize the teachers in your life and all their hard work!
Second Sunday of MayMother’s DayOur moms deserve the best, and you can bring that to the moms in your life on the 2nd Sunday of May on Mother’s Day! Plan something special and write out a sweet card; whatever you decide, just be sure they know that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.
May 1Batman DayDid somebody say … BATMAN?! May 1st is Batman Day! Time to watch your favorite Batman movies/shows, catch up on your comics, or wear your favorite Batman shirt.
May 3National Paranormal DayDo you dig the unseen, or get a kick out of an old ghost story? Then this holiday out of our 2024 Holidays list is for you– May 3rd is National Paranormal Day! Have a scary movie night or go on a ghost hunt yourself; just be careful and respectful!
May 4Star Wars DayMay the 4th be with you, it’s Star Wars Day! The perfect day for a Star Wars marathon or watching those hilarious Bad Lip reading videos that are Star Wars-themed.
First Friday of MaySpace DayA day of awe and wonder for space exploration and discovery, as well as educating on STEM-type fields.
May 10National School Nurse DayAlong with our beloved teachers, who are the backbones of our society, we have incredible school nurses who deserve recognition for all their dedication as well. May 10th is National School Nurse Day, which is a day to appreciate school nurses and also understand what their position and day are like and not take them for granted.
May 11Eat What You Want DayStrict diet? Not on May 11th, Eat What You Want Day! It’s the absolute Treat Yo Self day where you eat what you want and enjoy the delicious foods of your choice. Might we suggest, dessert first?
May 12Limerick DayHere’s the official definition of a Limerick for all our wordsmiths out there: “a humorous, frequently bawdy, verse of three long and two short lines rhyming aabba, popularized by Edward Lear.” Create your own Limericks and be playful on Limerick Day, May 12th!
May 13National Dog Mom’s DayCelebrate the beauties of being a Dog Mom on National Dog Mom Day on May 13th! Spend a day at the dog park together or take some quality time on the couch; whatever gets their tail wagging!
May 15Chocolate Chip DayAugust 4th may be Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, but May 15th is Chocolate Chip Day! There’s an abundance of recipes that you can use chocolate chips for, or just eat them plain or in icecream. In any case, you have this day to eat your favorite flavor of Chocolate Chips!
May 19Pizza Party DayThose golden days of school were the class Pizza Party days, and now you can have your own every May 19th for Pizza Party Day!
May 21Talk Like Yoda DayMay 4th is Star Wars Day, and May 21st is Talk Like Yoda Day! With this goofy holiday and be one with the force have fun! Herh herh herh. Use this awesome Yoda-Speak Generator to get started!
May 24Scavenger Hunt DayMay 24th is Scavenger Hunt Day, how fun! Some larger cities have Scavenger Hunts you can take part in, kind of like an Escape Room activity. Or, you can try your crafty hand at Geocashing! Creating your own Scavenger Hunt for your kiddos or friends is also a fantastic way to get everyone together and have fun.
May 25Sing Out DaySinging is good for the spirit, and you don’t have to jump in the shower or on stage on May 25th to participate, it’s Sing Out Day! Don’t be afraid to sing out loud and sing from the heart. Whether you’re doing the laundry or hitting up the karaoke bar; sing out loud!
May 28Hamburger DaySome may think that Hamburger Day would be in a hot summer month like July, but Hamburger Day is on May 28th; where those Grills are getting rolled out and staying out for the summer season. Celebrate by grilling up some Hamburgers, trying new recipes, testing out veggie-based burgers, or going out to eat with your loved ones.
May 31Macaroon DayWhat a sweet and delicious way to end the 2024 Holidays of May, with May 31st being Macaroon Day! Bake some tummy Macaroons of your own or hit up the bakery; as long as you eat a tasty Macaroon, the mission is complete.
Alright, alright, alright, it’s time to break into the Summer fun 2024 Holidays; let’s get groovy!
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2024 Holidays in June

The Summer has officially started! Whoop whoop! And one way to make this Summer even more fun is to take time to celebrate and have fun with these 2024 Holidays. It’s always nice to have something to look forward to!

Third Sunday in JuneFather’s DayWhen is Father’s Day? Father’s Day is the 3rd Sunday in June! Spend a day with the father/father figure in your life and show them your appreciation and love.
Third Sunday in JuneMather’s DayHave you heard of Mather’s Day before? It’s on the same day as Father’s Day and celebrates the single Mother who is also filling in the father’s role in their children’s life. Show your love and support!
June 1Say Something Nice DayHappy Say Something Nice Day is on June 1st to kick off the June 2024 Holidays! Give an extra special thank you to the barista you ordered from this morning, or to your loved ones, and anyone you cross paths with on this wholesome day.
June 2National Doughnut DayTime to hit up your local bakery or Dunkin’ Doughnuts and indulge in some delicious treats! National Doughnut Day is on June 2nd!
June 4Hug Your Cat DayWe love our kitty cats, and June 4th is Hug Your Cat Day, a puuuuurfect day to show your kitty how much you love them! Now, whether your cat will let you hug them is another story…
June 6Drive-In Movie DayWhen you think of Summer fun, a nostalgic activity that may pop into your head is a classic Drive-in movie. Well, lucky for you, June 6th is Drive-In Movie Day! Find a Drive-In movie spot near you, or create your own movie experience with a sheet, projector, and a fun movie.
June 8Best Friend DayWhat would we do without our BFFs? Share your love and time with your bestie on June 8th, Best Friend Day!
June 10Iced Tea DayWho couldn’t use a tall refreshing glass of Iced Tea in the first few weeks of June? Sure enough, Iced Tea Day is on June 10th! Pour yourself a glass and enjoy some nice outside time with your family and friends.
June 15Nature Photography DayOf course it’s hard to really capture the beauty of nature through a camera lense, but you sure can try and admire your shots after your hike is over. Do just that on June 15th for Nature Photography Day!
June 17World Juggling DayHave you ever wanted to take up Juggling? Or maybe you just don’t have the time for it anymore? Get those balls ready to throw, because June 17th is World Juggling Day! Watch a YouTube video or try to get tickets to the circus; we wish you the juggling best!
June 18International Picnic DayTowards the end of June, our first month of Summer 2024 Holidays, on June 18th is International Picnic Day and how perfect is that? Pack a tasty meal with snacks and a blanket, head out to the park, and take in your beautiful surroundings.
June 23Take Your Dog to Work DayYou’ve heard of Take Your Kid to Work Day, now get ready for June 23rd, Take Your Dog to Work Day. We’re serious! Now, does your work celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day? We can’t be sure, but you sure could bring it up at the next company meeting!
June 26Chocolate Pudding DayIt’s hard to resist the delicious goodness of Chocolate Pudding, and on June 26th, you don’t have to resist, because it’s Chocolate Pudding Day! Make some scrumptious chocolate pudding and treat yourself!
The sun is out, and so are our 2024 Holidays, ready to party it up! Let’s keep this Calendar trip going!
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2024 Holidays in July

We’re well into Summer, and all its highly anticipated warm and fun days; so why not kick it up a notch with some radical, fun, and obscure 2024 Holidays? You don’t want to miss World Kissing Day! And you definitely don’t want to forget National Cheesecake Day. Be sure to mark your calendars and make your 2024 Holidays the best!

July 1International Joke DayWe all know April Fools Day, but July 1st is International Joke Day! Get your best jokes out, go to a comedy show, or watch your favorite comedy specials in the comfort of your home.
July 2World UFO DayIt’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … a UFO?! July 2nd is World UFO Day, a perfect Summer night to go out and watch the skies for any unexpected visitors. Or, kick back and watch your favorite Alien movies or play an Alien-themed video game.
July 4Independence DayIt’s the 4th of July! A time for remembrance and gratitude, as well as fireworks, cookouts, and family/friend time.
July 6World Kissing DayIs World Kissing Day real? You betcha it is! Celebrate World Kissing Day on July 6th with the one you love; make it extra special by writing your lovely love a love letter from your heart!
July 7World Chocolate DayThis has to be one of the top favorites of our 2024 Holidays list; who can compete with World Chocolate Day on July 7th? Treat yourself to your favorite kind of chocolate while watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or whatever floats your milk chocolate boat!
July 8National Video Game DayAlthough July 8th is most likely a nice sunny day, it’s also a day for getting settled in your favorite gaming spot because Video Game Day is on July 8th. Grab your go-to favorite or try out a new game during this awesome celebration of video game fun.
July 12National Simplicity DayThis holiday, National Simplicity Day on July 12th, is in honor of the intuitive philosopher Henry David Thoreau. His belief of slowing down life and making it simpler and which may bring more happiness and contentment in life is why we celebrate National Simplicity day as a kind reminder.
July 13Embrace Your Geekness DayThis holiday, National Simplicity Day on July 12th, is in honor of the intuitive philosopher Henry David Thoreau. His belief of slowing down life and making it simpler and that may bring more happiness and contentment in life is why we celebrate National Simplicty day as a kind reminder.
July 16Ice Cream DayYou scream, we scream, we all scream for Ice Cream Day on July 16th! A beautiful summer day for a deliciously sweet holiday.
July 24Cousins DayRound up your cousins and have yourselves a little reunion because July 24th is Cousins Day! Sometimes life gets busy and it’s hard to get together, but this wholesome holiday can be the perfect excuse to get the gang together again and have some summer fun.
July 26Uncle and Aunt DayRight around the corner from Cousins Day is Uncle and Aunt Day on July 26th! You can celebrate Uncle and Aunt Day by sending a message, letter, or calling your Uncles and Aunts and reminiscence all your fond memories and thank them for being a part of your life.
July 27Take Your Houseplant For a Walk DayWe love an obscure holiday, and it doesn’t get much more goofy yet wholesome as Take Your Houseplant for a Walk Day on July 27th. Take a trip around the block or a stroll through the park; you and your plant will be having fun in the sun!
July 29Lasagna DaySomebody get Garfield on the phone, or break out your old Garfield comic books, because July 29th is Lasagna Day! Fire up the ovens or start the car, whatever gets you to your slice of Lasagna faster.
July 30National Cheesecake DayTo end the July 2024 Holidays on a sweet note, July 30th is National Cheesecake Day. Whether you go the extra mile and bake your own cheesecake, or you take a trip to the store, as long as you enjoy yourself that’s what counts!
The only thing hotter than the month of July is this list of wicked 2024 Holidays– coming in hot!
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2024 Holidays in August

The Summer always flies by so fast; one second, it’s June, and the next, you see the back-to-school supplies being brought out in the stores. But at least we can rely on our trusty and funny 2024 Holidays to get us through the months, no matter how fast or slow they come!

August 1National Girlfriend DayKicking off the August 2024 Holidays is National Girlfriend Day on August 1st! Treat your GF to a nice surprise and let her know how much she means to you.
August 1International GF DayNot to be outdone by National Girlfriend Day, International GF Day celebrates all that is best girlfriends. So share your love with your besties on this special day.
August 3National Watermelon DayOne of the juiciest and finest fruits of the summer gets its very own day, on August 3rd, it’s National Watermelon Day! Head out to the farmer’s market or your local grocery store and pick out a watermelon for you and the fam. Enjoy!
August 4National Chocolate Chip Cookie DayComing up right after National Watermelon Day is another scrumptious holiday; August 4th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! Truly the day we’ve all been waiting for. So, preheat those ovens, crack open your cookbooks, and get your family/friends together for some yummy cookies.
August 4International Beer DaySharing a day with National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day would be a tough gig, but this beverage does fine on its own. August 4th is also known as International Beer Day! If you’re of age, grab a few pals and go to a nearby brewery and take a tour, try some samples of beer, and have a fun/responsible time.
August 6Sister’s DayWe love our sisters, they’re the best! Did you know there’s a day to celebrate sisters? August 6th is Sister’s Day! Shower your sister with love and go out on a fun adventure together and add some more memories to the sister bank.
August 6National Root Beer Float DayRoot beer floats! Get your root beer floats here! That’s right, get your ice cream and root beer of choice ready to go because August 6th is National Root Beer Float Day!
August 7Lighthouse DayLighthouses are a vision of hope and beauty, and wouldn’t you know it, they have their very own place in our 2024 Holidays list. August 7th is Lighthouse Day, a day to get in your car and drive out to a lighthouse location to take a tour or take in the sights. Or, you can get creative and write about or draw a lighthouse, or even watch a movie or read a book about lighthouses.
August 8Happiness Happens DayHappiness Happens Day is on August 8th, and it’s a day to embrace the happiness we create around us, and also how we have the power to bring happiness to those around us as well. Join in on Happiness Happens Day by doing something nice for yourself, and for someone in your day! Get into the happy spirit by listening to Happiness by We Banjo 3!
August 9Book Lovers DayThis one is for all the bookworms out there, Book Lovers Day is celebrated annually on August 9 and is full of bookish opportunities! Take a trip to the library or your local bookstore and have a nice and cozy reading time. As long as you’ve got a book in your hand, you can’t go wrong. Why, you could even start a book club on Book Lovers Day!
August 10Lazy DayTurn up The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars and live by its lyrics, because August 10th is Lazy Day! After so many fun 2024 Holidays, you may need a day to just kick back and be lazy.
August 11Son & Daughter DayWhat kind of fun could be had without sons and daughters? Make August 11th a fun and memorable day by celebrating Son & Daughter Day. A perfect Summer day to embrace the miracle and blessing of sons and daughters in our lives.
August 12Middle Child DayAnd right around the corner of Son & Daughter Day is Middle Child Day on August 12. Hey, it isn’t easy being the Middle Child, we gotta give credit where credit is due. Let’s give it up for all the Middle kids out there and lift them up!
August 15Relaxation DayYou may be wondering why Relaxation Day and Lazy Day are in the same month; are they the same thing? Not in our book! Being lazy, you can blow things off and be a little impulsive. With Relaxation Day on August 15th, we believe you can be a bit more intentional with your chillaxing zone and treat it as a self-care day.
August 16Tell a Joke DayGet ready to flex your funny bone, because August 16th is Tell a Joke Day! Those folks at the watercooler don’t even know what’s coming for them with the funny jokes you’ll have up your sleeve after you check out our hilarious jokes section; we’ve got 100s of jokes to geek out over!
August 17Thrift Shop DayIn the words of our modern poet, Macklemore, “I’ma take your grandpa’s style, I’ma take your grandpa’s style
No, for real, ask your grandpa, can I have his hand-me-downs?” – Thrift Shop
August 17 is Thrift Shop Day! Embrace the thrill of the thrifty hunt and the awesomeness of reusing clothes and items that already exist; it’s a pretty fantastic form of recycling if you ask us.
August 19World Photo DayLovers of capturing photos alike are going to be psyched for this awesome and creative August 2024 Holidays; August 19th is World Photo Day! Each year, there’s a different theme and artistic challenge. Check it out here!
August 22Be An Angel DayHave you had a moment in your life where you thanked your Guardian Angel, out there somewhere who was looking out for you at that moment? Well, now, on August 22nd, you can be someone else’s Guardian Angel on Be An Angel Day! This day is all about doing random acts of kindness, spreading compassion, and simply being there for the ones you love.
August 26Dog Appreciation DayShow your pup all the love and give them the tastiest treats on Dog Appreciation Day on August 26th! Take your good boy or girl to the dog park, spend some quality time on the couch, and make a special post for them using an adorable and sweet dog quote as a caption.
August 28Bow Tie DayFella or Lass, Bow Ties are for everyone! And August 28th is a fabulous day to take them out and wear them all day long with class, style, and silliness alike. Enjoy Bow Tie Day on August 28th!
August 30Frankenstein DayIn 1818 the novel game changed in more ways than one, and the future of pop culture would embrace the head of its time novel Frankenstein by the talented Mary Shelley. Celebrate Frankenstein Day on August 30th, Mary Shelley’s Birthday, but reading her work, or watching a Frankenstein-based movie!
August 31Eat Outside DayWhat a perfect way to end the 2024 Summer Holidays with Eat Outside Day on August 31st, the last day of Summer. Pack a picnic and go to the park or for a hike; either way, take your time, embrace the beauty around you, and look back on your favorite Summer memories.
Summer may be winding down, but this list of 2024 Holidays sure isn’t! Buckle up, we’ve got some cozy and awesome Fall 2024 Holidays.
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2024 Holidays in September

School is starting for some, and for others, the Summer has ended, and they need something to look forward to, you’ve come to the right place. For September, and the entire year, in fact, is full of 2024 Holidays that will give you so much to look forward to and celebrate, you may create your own Holiday of appreciating Holidays!

First Monday of SeptemberLabor DayIt’s not time to work hard on this kick-off to the Fall 2024 Holidays, because Labor Day is the 1st Monday of September! Take a load off and treat yourself; you deserve it after all the hard work you’ve been doing.
September 4National Wildlife DayEmbrace National Wildlife Day by educating yourself and others on endangered species, watching quality documentaries on the topic, checking out the National Wildlife Day website, and even donating to a worthy cause if you’re able to!
September 5Cheese Pizza DayDid somebody order a cheese pizza? Get your ovens preheated or take a trip to your Pizzeria, September 5th is reserved for Cheese Pizza Day!
September 6Read a Book DayAnother holiday that fans of Book Lovers Day are sure to enjoy is Read a Book Day! You can choose a book to read on your own or read to a family member/child in your life. Perhaps there are even volunteer opportunities for reading in schools or nursing homes you can embrace for Read a Book Day on September 6th.
September 9Wonderful Weirdos DayWhere the weirdos at? September 9th is your day to shine! We’ve all got a little weirdness in us, and that’s what makes us all unique. Embrace your weirdness on September 9th for Wonderful Weirdos Day!
September 10Hug Your Hound DayWe just can’t get enough of these sweet 2024 Holidays that surround the pups in our lives. September 10th is Hug Your Hound Day, and you best believe we’ll be sharing the love and embracing our pups!
September 12Chocolate Milkshake DayA delicious Autumn day for a timeless tasty treat; September 12th is Chocolate Milkshake Day! You can whip up your own chocolate milkshake at home, or make it a special treat by ordering it at your local diner. Either way, we hope you have a chocolatey day!
September 13Positive Thinking DayWith our busy lives and distractions, it can be difficult to remember to talk nicely to ourselves, but my goodness, is it vital for our mental health. Positive Thinking Day on September 13th is a beautiful reminder to all of us to speak kindly to ourselves, and to others.
September 16Guacamole DaySeptember 16th is Guacamole Day! Try out a new recipe, crank up The Guacamole Song, and break out the chips, it’s about to be a tasty day!
September 17International Country Music DayBoot, Scoot, and Boogie because Septemeber 17th is International Country Music Day! Throw on your favorite country playlist and throwbacks, and enjoy the country tunes.
September 18Rice Krispie Treat DayWhose mouth doesn’t water when they see a tray of Rice Krispie treats in front of them? Stay away from the scales on September 18th, because it’s Rice Krispie Treat Day! And one doesn’t count how many treats they’ve had on Rice Krispie Treat Day.
September 19International Talk Like a Pirate DayAn annual tradition for all ye holiday lovers on the 19th day of September. It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
September 21Miniature Golf DayIt’s like golf!… But mini, silly, and commonly paired up with a theme. Oh, and it has its very own holiday on September 21st, Miniature Golf Day! Hit up a Mini Golf course near you and have some fun. Good luck with your short game!
September 22Hobbit DayGive a hip hip hooray for Happy Hobbit Day on September 22nd! Which is the birthday of our beloved characters, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. Spend this day trying to crack LOTR riddles, watching/reading the Tolkien classics, or trying to live out a day like a Hobbit would!
September 25Comic Book DaySeptember 25th is Comic Book Day, a day to not only read and geek out over our favorite comics but also to give it up for all of the writers and artists who made this genre possible. Visit a local comic book store and support local artists.
September 25National One-Hit Wonder DayWe love niche 2024 Holidays, and this one may just be the niche of them all. September 25 is National One-Hit Wonder Day! A one-hit wonder is a song from an artist/band that didn’t have another hit. But, that doesn’t make them any less wicked awesome! Here are a few examples of one-hit-wonder songs: Spirit In The Sky by Norman Greenbaum, Tainted Love by Soft Cell, Take on Me by A-ha, Tubthumping by Chumbawamba, My Sharona by The Knack, and Come on Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners.
September 26Love Note DayLove is in the air on September 26th for its Love Note Date. What a sweet and romantic day to surprise your special someone with a lovely note. Not sure where to start on writing a romantic letter? We’ve got your back; check out our easy-to-follow How to Write a Love Letter: 78 Quotes, Tips, and More!
September 28Good Neighbor DayIn a world full of craziness, it’s nice to know you have good neighbors. And you can do just that on September 28th, Good Neighbor Day. Such a down-to-earth day on our list of 2024 holidays. Be a good neighbor by baking something for the family next door, raking their leaves, or just popping in to check up on them. Even a little bit of kindness goes a long way!
September is full of fresh starts and new beginnings, and also, new 2024 Holidays for you to celebrate!
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2024 Holidays in October

Bring on the Spook, it’s October! And aside from the classic Halloween night, there are other 2024 Holidays that you’ll love during this crisp Autumn month just as well. So let’s boogey and see what kind of festivities we got!

October 1-31Breast Cancer Awareness MonthThroughout the entire month of October, you’ll see pink ribbons, and those ribbons are in the symbolization of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please take the time out of your 2024 holidays season to donate to your local Breast Cancer Awareness charities, and check out the National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation website for more valuable information.
October 1International Coffee DayWho doesn’t love a cup of joe during the crisp and cozy month of October? October 1st is International Coffee Day, and we’re living for it. Support your local coffee shops and start a coffee sleeve collection to get in the java mood!
October 2National Custodian DayThey’re always there to pick up the messes that either don’t cross our minds, or we don’t want to clean up, they’re the heroes without a cape, they’re custodians! October 2nd is National Custodian Day, and you can celebrate by delivering a card/thoughtful gift to a custodian in your life, whether it’s in your workplace, your child/grandchild’s school, or even your local YMCA. Show your kindness, it really goes far!
October 2National Name Your Car DayHave you heard that question before, “What’s your car’s name?” Whelp, if you don’t have an answer, this holiday is for you. October 2nd is also National Name Your Car Day! A fun little holiday to do something silly and memorable, like naming your car and giving it even more personality.
October 4Taco DayDid someone say TACOS?! Order up, October 4th is Taco Day! Get creative with your own tacos or support a local restaurant, either way, we hope you have a Happy Taco Day in the midst of your 2024 holidays!
October 6World Smile DayIt feels so nice to grin, especially when we make others smirk and giggle. October 6th is World Smile Day! A day to smile wide and do what you can to bring a smile to others’ faces as well. You can do this by doing kind things for others or telling a little joke.
October 7Card Making DayA big and happy Card Making Day on October 7th! Making a homemade card is super fun, and best yet, you can make one for an endless amount of occasions. You can make a Birthday card, Halloween card, Thanksgiving Card, or Christmas Card!
October 15I love Lucy DayIn commemoration of its first episode date, the iconic and hilarious TV show has its own day on October 15th, and it’s I Love Lucy Day! This show was truly a trailblazer for women in show business and a staple in cozy comedy for generations to come. Celebrate I Love Lucy Day by watching episodes or watching I Love Lucy clips on YouTube!
October 16 (Unless it falls on a Weekend, in that case the following Monday)Boss’s DayMark October 16th on your calendar as Boss’s Day! That is unless October 16th happens to land on a weekend day; in that case, it’s jumped to the following Monday. So, thank your boss, get them a nice card, and let them know you appreciate them!
October 20International Sloth DayReady for some quirkiness in your 2024 holidays? We may poke fun at sloths for their speed, but you’ll want to hop on the opportunity fast to celebrate them and all their quirkiness on October 20th! This day is about learning more about Sloths and understanding the endangered sloth species. Although it’s nice to donate when you can, it’s always free to educate yourself on topics and spread the facts.
October 28International Animation DayInternational Animation Day is celebrated on October 28th because this was the magnificent date that animation was officially recognized and publicized. And now, animation surrounds us nearly every day and all the time! Animation has come a long way from its humble and creative beginnings. Take time to appreciate the art we have now and watch some of your favorite animations to see how it has evolved over time!
October 31HalloweenLast but not least, the spooky ruler of the October 2024 holidays itself, it’s Halloween! It is a special day where you can dress up, eat candy, and watch your favorite spooky or cozy films. Be sure to use one of our 108 Halloween Captions for Instagram to Get Your Spook On!
October is one of the greatest months of the year; you’ve got your crisp autumn days, and the changing of the leaves, and Halloween isn’t the only 2024 Holiday rocking and rolling in October!
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2024 Holidays in November

Here comes November, a time for a Thankful heart and bringing the family together. But did you know there are other 2024 Holidays in November aside from Thanksgiving? We don’t want to give any spoilers buuuuut there is a Cake Day, sooooo … do with that as you will.

Fourth Thursday of NovemberThanksgivingOur stomachs certainly look forward to this day, and our hearts as well each 2024 holidays in November. Every 4th Thursday of November is Thanksgiving! Perhaps this year, you can shake things up and give a grand Thanksgiving Toast, or you can finally all get together and take that family picture with the perfect Thanksgiving caption like you’ve been wanting to do for years. As long as you’re with your loved ones, you’re golden.
Third Week of NovemberGame and Puzzle WeekAlthough it’s named differently than National Puzzle Day, the 3rd week of November is always reserved for Game and Puzzle Week! We challenge you to find a new game to play as a family or group of friends every day of the week and try to limit your screen time. We think you may be pleasantly surprised!
November 1Author’s DayThe book was better than the movie, wasn’t it? That answer is almost always a 100% YES. And who was behind those brilliant words? Why an Author, of course! And that’s why November 1st is reserved for Author’s Day during the November 2024 holidays. Writing a book is quite an accomplishment, but writing a book that others like and grow fond of is magic. Spend this day reading your favorite author’s work or sending them an appreciation letter. Or, if you’re an author yourself, celebrate and be proud of the work you’ve done!
November 2Devlided Eggs DayAre you a hardcore Devlided Eggs fan? Whelp, November 2nd is your time to shine because it’s Devlided Eggs Day! Try out a new recipe or go with the classic one you’ve been using; just get some deviled eggs on the counter!
November 3Sandwich DayHopefully, you’re not too full on deviled eggs from the day before because November 3rd is Sandwich Day! No matter what your diet may consist of, there’s a sandwich out there for everyone. Isn’t that lovely? Celebrate by eating sandwiches, of course! You can reach out ahead of time to local shelters or nursing homes to see if you can organize a sandwich fundraiser of sorts to bring to members of the community who could use some kindness and a delicious sandwich.
November 6Saxophone DayThere’s nothing like a Sax solo in a song to get you fired up. Play that Saxaphone playlist all day long on November 6th, because it’s Saxaphone Day!
November 8Tongue Twister DayChallenge yourself or challenge the kiddos with tongue twisters on November 8th, Tounge Twister Day! You can make silly videos of yourself or your friends trying to get them down and see if anyone can master it!
November 10Vanilla Cupcake DayWho could resist a classic and cute Vanilla Cupcake, and on November 10th, Vanilla Cupcake Day, no less! You can spend this day baking and icing with your baking jams blasting, or you can visit your local bakery and pick up a tasty treat yourself while supporting a local business. Either way, it’s bound to be a sweet day in your 2024 holidays year!
November 11Veterans DayNovember 11th is Veterans Day, a day to honor those brave people who have dedicated their time and energy to serving and protecting. This day is a respectful day to thank the vets in your life and also the ones who sacrificed their lives and sadly aren’t with us anymore. Reach out, express your gratitude, and reflect on your blessings.
November 11Origami DayCelebrate Origami Day on November 11th by trying your crafty hands out at a few Origami designs and techniques! This unique art style originated in Japan, and it’s amazing how far it’s traveled and come since its start in the 6th century.
November 13World Kindness DaySimilar to Random Act of Kindness Day, World Kindness Day is observed on November 13th. This wholesome holiday is a reminder to be kind to ourselves and those around us, so we can make this world a beautiful place for all. Get in on all the kindness by doing acts of service without expecting things in return, being a good friend and listener, and helping people around you feel seen, loved, appreciated, and heard.
November 14Pickle DayGet your pickle groove on November 14th on Pickle Day! Get yourself your go-to style of pickle, or get crazy and try a new flavor; pickle day is the day to take some tastebud chances. You can also get a little creative on pickle day and play some pickleball, too! We really get a kick out of these wacky 2024 holidays!
November 17Take a Hike DayGet outside and enjoy the autumn air before winter comes in for its visit; November 17th is Take a Hike Day! Although this phrase is typically made when you want someone to beat it, it can also be the start of an adventurous sentence. Get yourself or a hiking buddy of yours a fun book like A Hiker’s Favorite Word Search Book to do while you’re resting on the trail, or getting amped up to get on the trail!
November 22Go for a Ride DayAre you a sucker for a road trip, or just a nice drive around town to get out of the house for a while? Then you’re going to love Go For a Ride Day on November 22nd! Whether you’re in your own car, riding shotgun, or going for a cruise on a bus or Uber, we hope you have a safe and pleasant drive on Go for a Ride Day.
November 24Celebrate Your Unique Talent DayClosing up the November 2024 holidays is one close to our hearts, and that is Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day on November 24th. Everyone has a talent within them, and this is the day to give yourself a pat on the back and embrace yours! This doesn’t mean you have to broadcast it to the world if you don’t want to, it simply means you should celebrate your uniqueness and talents, and don’t give up on them!
Thanksgiving, looks like you’ve got some company on the calendar for the 2024 Holidays season.
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2024 Holidays in December

All of these fun 2024 Holidays have been coming up to this, the ultimate holiday-packed month– December! We know there’s a lot to prepare for the winter holidays, but who doesn’t want to make their month even more magical with these fun 2024 Holidays? Let’s dive in and see!

December 1Eat a Red Apple DayWe all know that the December 2024 holidays have a lot of candy canes and cookies involved, so it’s good to get in some natural sweetness with Eat a Red Apple Day on December 1st. There’s just something about biting into a juicy and sweet red apple that makes you feel whole and cozy.
December 3Make a Gift DayThe holidays come up so fast, and that means presents need to be wrapped and ready even faster. How nice of the 2024 holidays season to have Make a Gift Day on December 3rd so there’s time to get things done!
December 5Bathtub Party DayWe’ve heard of the classic holiday/Christmas party, now get ready for Bathtub Party Day on December 5th! Don’t ask us why this has gotten its own spotlight in the 2024 Holidays list, we just recommend you don’t invite anyone you’re not close with!
December 6Saint Nicholas DayChildren and Christmas lovers alike will be anticipating this one on the 2024 holidays list– December 6th is Saint Nicholas Day! Get ready for little trinkets, cozy family time, and lovely memories.
December 7Letter Writing DayIt’s nice that Letter Writing Day lands on December 7th, right around the busy holiday season. It’s the perfect way to carve out time to write meaningful letters to those you’d like to wish best wishes to during this busy 2024 holidays season. Whether you’re writing a love letter or a sentimental letter to a relative or friend, we hope you have a grand ole wordsmith time.
December 8Pretend to Be a Time Traveler DayAnd in the midst of all the familiar and cozy 2024 holidays that winter has to offer, what would a month be without a little quirky holiday here and there? That’s right, December 8th is Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day! Host a fun costume party and dress from different eras or watch your favorite time travel shows/movies; it’s bound to be a fun day!
December 9Christmas Card DayIn case you missed Letter Writing Day on December 7th, don’t worry, Christmas Card Day is waiting patiently for you on December 9th!
December 10Dewey Decimal System DayBook lovers will get a kick out of this awesome day on our 2024 holidays list; December 10th is Dewey Decimal System Day! The important and fantastic system that organizes the libraries we know and love today and for years to come. We celebrate on December 10th because that was the birthday of the inventor of our beloved Dewey Decimal System, Melvil Dewey!
December 12Gingerbread House DayA tasty treat day in our 2024 holidays to break away from the business of the holiday season for a while; Gingerbread House Day is on December 12th! Get the gang together and make some deliciously cute gingerbread houses while holiday music plays in the background. It’s the recipe for a beautiful winter memory!
December 15Ugly Sweater DayWhat would the winter 2024 holidays season be without an ugly sweater day? Get your ugliest sweaters out and rock ’em on December 15th for this fun, comfy, wacky holiday. Get your friends and coworkers in on it too!
December 18Answer the Phone like Buddy the Elf DayBuddy the Elf, from the hilarious Christmas movie Elf, has so many iconic and funny movie quotes we can’t even begin to list them (but you CAN check out our list of The Ultimate Christmas Movie Quotes List (over 500 of them!). But, on December 18th, you can partake in putting on your best Buddy the Elf impression and celebrate Answer the Phone like Buddy the Elf Day! This has to be one of our favorite December 2024 holidays; it’s just too good!
December 20Sangria DayTake a load off from the busy schedules of December’s 2024 holidays and celebrate Sangria Day! If you’re of age, of course. Please enjoy responsibly!
December 21-January 1YuleYule is a celebration ushered in with the winter solstice on December 21st and ends on January 1st. These 12 days are special and full of traditions, celebrations, and yuletide, of course!
December 23FestivusFans of the comedy TV staple Seinfeld will get a kick out of this listing in our 2024 Holidays list, Festivus! Celebrated on December 23rd, the day before Christmas Eve, you’ll just have to read our article Festivus Holiday Meaning, Celebration, GIFs, & Gifts to get the full scoop!
December 24Christmas EveWe’re getting into those legendary 2024 holidays now, starting with Christmas Eve! Perhaps you and your family have your own Christmas Eve traditions of watching Christmas movies or singing Christmas songs. Or, you can start some new traditions this 2024 holidays season!
December 24Eggnog DayA tradition you can tack onto your Christmas Eve is Eggnog Day on December 24th! Try making your own eggnog from scratch or buy yourself a delicious liter from the store. What’s the winter 2024 holidays season without a little eggnog in your life?
December 25ChristmasWe all know this day, December 25th is Christmas, of course! A big Merry Christmas to all who celebrate, with warm hugs, and even warmer drinks!
December 25-January 2ndHanukkahHappy Hanukkah! The dates of Hanukkah move with the Hebrew calendar because the 8 days of Hanukkah are celebrated on 25th day of Kislev in the Hebrew calendar. There are many family-oriented and spiritual traditions to embrace during this lovely Hanukkah season for those who observe it.
December 26-January 1KwanzaaHappy Kwanzaa! The festivities and beauties of Kwanzaa take place over 7 days and are a beautiful celebration of African-American culture. Throughout Kwanzaa, there are special dishes prepared and shared feasts, along with other remarkable traditions.
December 26Boxing DayPerhaps you’ve heard of this day out of the later winter 2024 holidays list, Boxing Day on December 26th! Here’s a description of Boxing Day to get you brought up to festive speed in case you haven’t: “Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated after Christmas Day, occurring on the second day of Christmastide. Though it originated as a holiday to give gifts to poor people, today, Boxing Day forms part of Christmas celebrations, with many people choosing to take advantage of Boxing Day sales.”
December 26Thank You Note DayA sweet little day after the hustle and bustle of the 2024 holidays, December 26th is also Thank You Note Day. You can use this day to take time and write out thoughtful and kind thank you notes for all the kindness you’ve received not only during the holiday season but throughout the entire year. Make a DIY card to bring a special personal touch to your Thank You Note Day!
December 28Card Playing DaySlow things down and go back to simple and fun times while we’re getting to the end of the 2024 holidays season by playing some card games on December 28th for Card Playings Day! Try out a new card game with your family and friends, or play a game you all know and love. As long as you’re all gathered together and shuffling cards, that’s what it’s all about.
December 30National Bacon DayYou can smell this one on the list of 2024 holidays; December 30th is National Bacon Day! Take a look at our 40+ Fantastic National Bacon Day Sayings to get in the bacon mood, and find some delicious bacon recipes to test out with your family and friends!
December 31New Year’s EveAnd last but not least for our grand list of 2024 holidays, the party animal and dreamer of them all, it’s New Year’s Eve! We urge you to be responsible if you choose to drink, and reach for the stars when it comes to making goals for your exciting upcoming year. It’s also nice to look back on your year, and your 2024 holidays, and appreciate how far you’ve come and all the wonderful things in your life.
Now your winter days can be full of upcoming festivities with these spectacular 2024 Holidays!

We hope you had a wonderful time looking through these wonderful and silly 2024 Holidays, and that your calendar is full of terrific memories yet to come for you and your loved ones!

Check out our Obscure Holidays for a more in-depth look at these goofy and awesome 2024 Holidays additions!


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