Galentines Day Quotes, Party Tips, Gift Ideas, & More!

In the words of the great Shania Twain, let’s go girls! There aren’t many holidays that are specifically for women, at least not ones that encourage you to just have some fun and hang out with your lady friends. Allow us to rock your world by introducing the now-famous holiday that’s all about spending time with your girlfriends, it’s Galentines Day!

Throw on your favorite outfit, call up your besties, and get ready to step into the Galentines world with the 411, Galentines day quotes, and party and gift ideas!

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When is Galentines Day

Galentines Day takes place on February 13th of every year, the day before Valentine’s Day. Some people have never been big fans of V-Day, and for others, it may be a difficult and daunting day marked on the calendar. But thanks to Galentines Day there is something fun and lovely to look forward to in the month of February!

Because everyone deserves to celebrate love and feel loved. When we think of the word love often images of couples copy and paste into our minds, but love comes in many forms. The world has been sleeping on the powerful and awesome love of friendship, especially lady best friends (Have you SEEN “Pitch Perfect“?)

You’ll never guess where Galentines Day originated from, keep on reading but prepare for the jaw drop!

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Where Does Galentine’s Day Come From

Let’s queue up the drum roll for this big origin reveal: Galentines Day was invented and presented to the world on Season 2, Episode 16 of the hilarious upbeat show Parks and Recreation (2009-2015)! Unsurprisingly the 2010 episode is cleverly titled “Galentine’s Day” and has changed the holiday game forever.

Now, fans of the show or just fabulous ladies alike can take the day before Valentine’s Day to live it up and remind each other how much they mean to one another.

Smiling best friends hugging.

Galentines Day vs Valentine’s Day

February 13th is a day for love just like Valentine’s Day on February 14th, but we’re talking about a different kind of love. While V-Day can be drenched in heart-shaped cliches and boxes of chocolates, G-Day is amping up the party but the chocolates can stay!

Galentines Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the love that is embedded in friendship and to let your best friends know not only that you love them, but to remind them that their worth isn’t tied to their relationship status regardless of what it may be.

Isn’t Galentines Day the BEST?!

Best friends having a sleepover for galentines day.

Galentines Day Party Ideas

This is a part you can really get creative with, the possibilities are endless! Think of some of the best times you and your girlfriends have had, what sort of activities were involved? Galentines Day can look however you want it to, but if you’re looking for some Galentines Day party ideas we’ll hook you up with a brainstorming list to get your party ball rolling!

  • Movie marathon! Each lady friend in the party can pick one of their favorite movies, gather the snacks, get in your cozy PJs, and enjoy a comfy day in with your gals!
  • Poker isn’t just for the fellas, host a fun casino themed night or if everyone in the group is comfortable going to the casino have a night out.
  • Did you know there’s a lot of fun bachelorette party games out there that don’t require an engagement ring? Take a peek on Pinterest at the vast variety of fun party games, and if there’s hints of holy matrimony simply replace them with Galentines Day vibes!
  • Are the gals a bit busy? Find a time during the day where everyone is free and go out to eat together; there’s nothing like sharing a meal with those you love. BONUS: Make it just like the famous Parks and Rec episode and give each other a little gift!
  • Board game night! Everyone bring a snack and a board game, kick it back old school sleep over style!

Those are just some fun ideas to inspire your own version of Galentines Day, however you and your besties wish to celebrate will be perfect!

Best friends hugging each other and smiling.

Galentines Day Quotes

Nothing says Galentines Day like a lovely card from the gal that you love like a sister! But what should you write in a Galentines Day card? Never fear, Galentines Day quotes are here!

  1. “Galentines Day wouldn’t be nearly the same, without my twin flame!”
  2. “You’re the super to my girl, the spin to my whirl, the reply to my send, and the best to my friend!”
  3. “How blessed am I to spend this awesome Galentines Day with the best gal around, cheers to us!”
  4. “How many ladies does it take to finish a wine bottle? Psh, they’ve got it all wrong if there’s just one! Happy Galentines Day wine pal!”
  5. “Just me and my gal pal is the perfect day for me. Galentines Day’s perfect recipe!”
  6. “Remember when we would get split up in class for talking? If only our teacher could see us now … yea, it wouldn’t be too shocking. Best friends for life!”
  7. “You’re my BFF until the very end. I’d even say you’re more of a sister than a friend!”
  8. “Let’s make this Galentines Day the best we’ve ever had! The rest of the world can have Valentine’s Day, we ain’t mad!”
  9. “Every day is Galentines Day when you have the world’s greatest friend. The love, admiration, and laughs never end!”
  10. “Galentines Day is a day to celebrate the gals who have always been there for you. Even if she happened to be extremely hungover, she always pulled through!”
  11. “She’s there for me no matter what, she always knows what to say. She’s the very best, that gal is YOU, Happy Galentines Day!”
  12. “I feel bad for other people who don’t have you as a friend, it’s like having your own personal comedian! Those poor folks don’t know true laughter!”
  13. “The universe knew if we were attracted to each other we’d be too powerful as a couple. But it turned a blind eye to the magnitude of our friendship because it’s DOUBLE!”
  14. “I wouldn’t have been able to grow nearly and as organically as I have if it wasn’t for you, and for that I am so grateful and celebrate our friendship this Galentines Day.”
  15. “I love you like a sister, you’re the first person I want to text. You’re the best of the best, Happy Galentines Day, here’s to the next!”
  16. “My dear friend, I would sincerely be lost without you. I’m so happy this holiday exists, but I would be celebrating you and our friendship even if it didn’t. Love ya girl!”
  17. “You and I should really have a TV show by now, I’m surprised that we don’t already. But I suppose we can’t blame Netflix, because after our release the world would go crazy! Happy Galentines Day my crazy lady!”
  18. “You’re my road trip pal, my karaoke partner, the Queen to my Slay. You’re my very best friend, and the reason to celebrate Galentines Day!”
  19. “Let’s live it up today, we deserve it! And tomorrow we’ll recover, I’ll get the hangover kit. Happy Galentines Day bestie!”
  20. “Thank you for being the best friend I could ever imagine, life would be so boring with you!”

Craving some more fabulous friendship words? Quench your thrist with more Galentines Day quotes!

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Galetines Day Gift Ideas

Gift giving can be stressful around major holidays, but there’s no need to toss Galentines Day in that category!

A little something like your besties favorite snack or guilty pleasure movie in a cute little gift bag will make her smile. Or if you want to put a twist on the conventional V-Day gifts, treat your gal pal with a bouquet of her favorite flowers and some delicious chocolates!

If you want to pump up your gift giving game with some extra special Galentines Day gift ideas, check out these best selling Galentines Day gifts!

Group of girls standing together and lifting each other up on galentines day

Congratulations, you’ve finished and are now qualified for everything Galentines Day! Every year you and your best friends can get together, cherish the memories you have while creating new ones, and never forget the true meaning of Galentines Day: ladies celebrating the love found in true friendship between each other!

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