Author name: briah

Briah A. is a lover of writing, reading, and making memories with her partner and close ones while keeping a steady hand on her coffee mug. Her publishing journey began in 2015, and she currently has 5 collections of poetry, 1 novel, and 2 novellas published under the pen name B.A. McRae. Above all, she's an optimist with a healthy appetite for movies/TV shows, hiking, and being goofy with her partner.

20 Cool Books with a Movie for Book Club

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Give your book club a boost of bookish energy with these 20 books with a movie! We can’t grantee that the movies live up to the novels, because as we all know, the book is always better.

22 Actually Fun Book Club Ideas

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Want some original, fun, and obtainable book club ideas for you and your fabulous group? Hold onto your bookmarks, cause we have some exciting book club ideas for you!