115 Questions to Ask the Girlfriend | She’ll LOVE it!

We need to get deeper than favorite colors, folks, especially when it comes to questions to ask the girlfriend! She has a brilliant and colorful mind that deserves personal, deep, and introspective questions to get to know her better and bring you closer together.

From romantic and deep questions to questions to ask your GF to get to know her and funny questions, we’ve got the bases covered; now it’s your turn to step up to the plate!

While you’re at it, before we dive into these lovely questions to ask the girlfriend, mark your calendars for National Girlfriend Day on August 1st!

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When to Bring Up Questions to Ask the Girlfriend (10 Unique Ideas!)

Before we roll at these magnificent questions to ask your GF, we need to know whhheennnn to bring them up! Of course, you can go for it and randomly ask a question.

But there’s something about being in a specific setting with the person who gives you butterflies that really makes questions to ask the girlfriend even more magical and meaningful.

So, with that being said, here are 10 settings you could consider bringing up questions to ask your GF!

  • Date Night: Of course, the first idea that probably popped into your head was a date night scenario. Especially if you’re asking romantic questions to ask the girlfriend. And there’s a reason it popped into your head right away; it’s a great idea! You can make your date night even more special by taking the time to write down questions to ask your GF and showing her you put thought and love into the night, aside from a dinner reservation.
  • Dinner at Home: You don’t have to go out to make it a memorable night. Tag team on a lovely home-cooked meal together, and instead of turning the TV on, take the time to ask questions to ask the girlfriend. Engage in some great conversation, and you like talking to each other more than watching TV during dinner!
  • During a Walk: Ah yes, a lovely stroll through the neighborhood or in the park makes for a perfectly chill activity to do with your loved one. Throw in some questions to ask your GF on top of it, and you’ve just made this walk even more special.
  • Cuddles on the Couch: In the same vein as staying in instead of going out, a sweet cuddle on the couch is what we’re all craving. Get those cuddles on with some sweet questions to ask the girlfriend, and you’ve got yourself a lovely evening.
  • Vacation: A time to get away, try new things, and grow an even closer bond. One way you can do that is by bringing along questions to ask the girlfriend that are romantic and deep! But, perhaps, not too deep, you are on vacation after all.
  • Coffee Shop: You + Girlfriend + Coffee = Perfect environment to go back and forth and take turns asking each other questions. Come on, that’s pretty darn cute!
  • Build a Fort: Bring out that inner child and prepare for a wholesome, fun-filled night: Blanket/Pillow fort! After you’ve finished construction, bring some snacks and funny questions to ask your GF!
  • Car/Bus/Train/Airplane Ride: Those commutes can be pretty long, and sometimes music or a podcast aren’t the vibe. You can shake things up by bringing up questions to ask the girlfriend. It’ll make time fly by when you’re deep in conversation with some fascinating questions.
  • Hike: Get out of the house and out of town and hit the trails with some meaningful questions to ask your GF that you can sprinkle throughout the hike. There’s something so inspiring about being in a deep conversation in the great outdoors.
  • Pillow Talk: Last but not least, we have pillow talk. Where questions and romance already dwell, but impress your partner by bringing some ready-to-go questions to ask the girlfriend already written in your mind. She’ll love it!
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40 Questions to Ask the Girlfriend to Get to Know Her

Everyone is always continuing to grow and evolve throughout their lives, so getting to know your partner is both a treat and a privilege!

We’ve got some fantastic questions to ask the girlfriend to get to know her that will hopefully provide some sweet settings and engaging conversation. We have pulled out some of the best questions from our article 236 Perfect Questions to Ask to Get to Know Someone, and added some new original questions for your questions to ask your GF search.

Let’s dive in!

  1. Do you ever wish you had a different name?
  2. What’s something you’re super proud of but don’t get to talk about a lot?
  3. When asked for life advice, what would you tell someone?
  4. If you could have a flash drive with all your dreams on it or an iPod full of all the beautiful things people have said about you, which would you choose?
  5. What was your dream job(s) as a kid?
  6. Do you wish you could have grown up somewhere else?
  7. What was one of the best things about your childhood?
  8. Have you ever had a recurring dream before?
  9. Do you have any comfort foods when you’re having a bad day?
  10. Did you have a favorite stuffed animal growing up?
  11. If you could go back in time, would you have picked a different college major/career path?
  12. Have you ever done something that scared you and come out of it grateful for the experience?
  13. Did you have any imaginary friends?
  14. What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you?
  15. Is there a hobby you’ve been thinking about trying?
  16. Is there a fear you have that you want to conquer?
  17. Do you have a go-to movie that you watch when you’re sad?
  18. Do you like to be taken care of when you’re sick?
  19. Which family member of yours would you want to be stuck on an Island with?
  20. Do you believe in ghosts, or have you experienced anything supernatural?
  21. What instrument do you wish you could play perfectly?
  22. What’s something you’ve been wanting to pursue but you’re hesitant to?
  23. If you could live the life of an animal, what animal would you want to be?
  24. Is there a song that instantly makes you happy?
  25. Do you have a childhood teacher that still impacts your life today?
  26. What’s something from your childhood that you miss?
  27. Which famous person would you want to ask for life advice from and why?
  28. Do you have a personal mantra for yourself?
  29. What’s a hill that you’ll die on?
  30. Are there any smells that instantly take you back to a memory?
  31. What’s something you hope you can say you’ve accomplished at the end of your life?
  32. What’s your earliest childhood memory?
  33. Which celebrity couple would you want us to have a double date with?
  34. What would your dream retired life look like?
  35. Can you recall the most recent fact/new thing you’ve learned?
  36. Do you have any of the same role models as you did as a kid?
  37. What does a perfectly chill day look like to you?
  38. Where would we go if you and I could explore any fictional place for a day?
  39. Are there goals you want to accomplish this year that you’d like to share with me?
  40. Did you have a childhood nickname?
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30 Romantic Questions to Ask the Girlfriend

Light the candles and break out the questions to ask your GF; we’re getting romantic up in here!

We’ve got a grand list of romantic questions to ask the girlfriend that will make your time together sweet, meaningful, and delightful. Pick a few of our questions to ask your GF, or become inspired and develop your own! Either way, we hope you have a lovely and cutesy time.

  1. What makes you feel loved and heard?
  2. What is a romantic fantasy of yours?
  3. When I bring up our memories, what’s one of the first ones that pops into your head?
  4. Is there something in our relationship that you’ve never experienced with someone else?
  5. If money wasn’t a variable, what would be your dream date for us to go on?
  6. Do you remember what you thought about me when we first met? I’ll share what I thought of you…
  7. Is your life today anything you expected it to be while growing up?
  8. What’s the greatest relationship you’ve seen in your life, and why is it the greatest?
  9. What would you imagine little old us to be like in our retirement years?
  10. What adjective would you use to describe our first date?
  11. If we had children, which features would you want them to inherit from me and which from you?
  12. What qualities did you dream about your life partner having?
  13. Is there secretly something you’ve always wanted me to do for you?
  14. What’s your favorite kind of date?
  15. What’s your favorite part about how we met?
  16. Is there something that I can do to make you feel more comfortable and heard?
  17. Which song would you pick to represent our love story?
  18. What was it about me that made you intrigued to keep talking to me?
  19. How do you think our relationship will change if we get married?
  20. Would you rather plan the date or be surprised?
  21. If you could pick a romantic movie for us to cuddle up and watch tonight, which one would it be?
  22. Want to recreate our first kiss/the first time we met?
  23. Would you rather go on a road trip together, or go overseas together?
  24. How do you like to receive love?
  25. Would you ever let me pick out your outfit, and you could pick out mine, for a date night?
  26. Was there an example of love in your life that you idolized?
  27. What do you miss the most about me when we aren’t together?
  28. Do you like receiving gifts more than acts of service?
  29. Would you change anything about how we met?
  30. Would you like to share our most favorite things about each other? I’ll go first!…

“You walked into my life like you had always lived there, like my heart was a home built just for you.”

– a.r.asher

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25 Deep Questions to Ask the Girlfriend

When you love someone, you want to know them inside and out and celebrate them for every beautiful detail they are. You can accomplish that and more with our set of deep questions to ask the girlfriend during a romantic night out or in!

Along with our own unique deep questions to ask your GF, we have some of our favorite deep questions to ask the girlfriend that we found while searching the depths of Quora— Thanks a lot!

Check out this set of deep questions to ask your GF, and perhaps you’ll be able to generate some deep questions to ask the girlfriend of your own!

  1. If you could have a day with one of your ancestors from any era, who would it be, and what would you ask them?
  2. Of the people you’ve lost in life, who do you miss the most? What is it about them that you miss?
  3. What is your most vivid childhood memory?
  4. Can you tell me about 1 or 2 people who have been particularly kind to you in your life? If they were here, what would you say to them?
  5. What do you enjoy doing most with me?
  6. What advice would you give your teenage self?
  7. Where is your favorite place to go with me?
  8. If you could wake up tomorrow and have one new ability or talent, what would it be?
  9. Are there any positive moments or memories from your life that you feel shaped who you are today? Are there any negative events or memories that you think shaped you?
  10. Is there a question you want to ask me but haven’t because you’re afraid of the answer?
  11. What’s your largest dream for our future?
  12. What does your dream life look like?
  13. What is your earliest memory?
  14. If you could hold on to just one memory for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  15. What scares you most?
  16. What are you most grateful for?
  17. If you have kids: What’s the most important thing you hope your kids take with them out into the world?
  18. How do you feel when we’re not together?
  19. What was the happiest moment of your life? The saddest?
  20. If you could describe our relationship in a word–what would it be?
  21. Are you satisfied with your life as it is currently?
  22. What’s the first memory you have of me?
  23. When you imagine yourself at 80 years old, what do you see?
  24. When do you feel alive?
  25. How do you navigate conflict?
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20 Funny Questions to Ask the Girlfriend

Who doesn’t love to laugh with the one they love? These funny questions to ask the girlfriend will kick start a lighthearted and fun time for both of you.

Go back and forth asking each other hilarious questions, or copy and print off our funny questions to ask your GF, fold them into slips, and pull them out of a silly hat!

  1. Pretend money isn’t an issue, if you could have any comedian do a standup routine for just us, who would it be?
  2. If you had to pick a reality TV show to be on for at least a season, which one would it be?
  3. What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to us together?
  4. If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
  5. Who was your celebrity crush when you were a kid/teenager?
  6. Do you have any jokes memorized?
  7. If we swapped bodies, what would you do first?
  8. What secret conspiracy would you like to start?
  9. What competition show do you think you’d have a shot at winning?
  10. Do you have any embarrassing teenage stories?
  11. Would you rather be itchy forever or sticky forever?
  12. What’s a crazy and random fact you know for some reason?
  13. Do you think you could survive a Zombie apocalypse?
  14. Was there something that freaked you out as a kid that generally wouldn’t scare kids?
  15. If you were to start an obscure podcast, what would it be about?
  16. Quick! You have to come up with a plot for a low-budget rom-com, what will it be, and who’s starring in it?
  17. What’s the weirdest habit we’ve had since you were a kid that you haven’t outgrown?
  18. If you could have any fictional character as your roommate, who would it be and why?
  19. Have you ever witnessed something so strange that you thought, “No one will believe me”?
  20. If you could live in a video game for a day, which one would you choose?
Hand drawn media naranja illustration. Cute illustration centered around romantic questions to ask the girlfriend. Deep questions to ask your gf.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out our dozens of terrific questions to ask the girlfriend. We hope you’ve enjoyed these fun, sweet, and deep questions to ask your GF to make these precious moments between you even more special.

Check out these 236 Perfect Questions to Ask to Get to Know Someone and get more unique ideas for questions to ask your GF!


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