50+ Heartwarming National Girlfriend Day Quotes

Your amazing girlfriend is the apple of your eye, and it’s only right to celebrate her on Girlfriend Day this August 1st. This special day might not be as popular as Valentine’s Day, but marking the occasion with National Girlfriend Day quotes will make you the best boyfriend or girlfriend in the world!

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So, how do you celebrate Girlfriend Day? Start with heartwarming love messages and National Girlfriend Day quotes to tell your special girl how much she means to you.

National Girlfriends Day Quotes to Show Your Love

  1. “I am nothing special; just a common man with common thoughts, and I’ve led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me, and my name will soon be forgotten. But in one respect, I have succeeded as gloriously as anyone who’s ever lived. I’ve loved another with all my heart and soul. And to me, this has always been enough.” –The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks
  2. “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you… I could walk through my garden forever.” –Alfred Tennyson
  3. “I loved you like a man loves a woman he never touches, only writes to, keeps little photographs of.” –Charles Bukowski
  4. “Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.” –Nicole Krauss
  5. “I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times, in life after life, in age after age forever.” –Rabindranath Tagore
  6. “Two people in love, alone, isolated from the world, that’s beautiful.” –Milan Kundera
  7. “You might not have been my first love, but you were the love that made all the other loves irrelevant.” –Rupi Kaur
  8. “I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” –John Green, The Fault in Our Stars
  9. “They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops, and that’s true.” –Big Fish
  10. “You want the moon? Just say the word, and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.” –It’s a Wonderful Life
  11. “I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss of her mouth, one touch of her hand, than an eternity without it. One.” –City of Angels
  12. “You make me want to be a better man.” –As Good As It Gets
  13. “I’ve come here with no expectations, only to profess, now that I am at liberty to do so, that my heart is, and always will be, yours.” –Sense & Sensibility
  14. “I’m not a smart man… but I know what love is.” –Forrest Gump
  15. “I know you’ve probably suspected this, but over the last month, I’ve fallen completely in love with you. Now, obviously, this was going to happen because you’re a goddess with that face and that hair. But even if you didn’t have a nice face, and even if you had absolutely no hair because of some bizarre medical reason, I’d still adore you.” –Tim, About Time
  16. “In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.” –Maya Angelou
  17. “I still haven’t figured out how to sit across from you and not be madly in love with everything you do.” –William C. Hannon
  18. “Darling, let me tell you a secret. In my heart, we are always kissing.” –Alexandra Vasiliu
  19. “Falling in love with someone you had no intentions of falling for, is the most beautiful kind of love. No forcing chemistry or trying to save them. Just a pure, raw connection that was created on its own.” –Sara Sheehan
  20. “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” –A.A. Milne

National Girlfriends Day Quotes from Disney

  1. “Love goes on and on.” –Robin Hood
  2. “Can you feel the love tonight? You needn’t look too far. Stealing through the night’s uncertainties, love is where they are.” –The Lion King
  3. “My dream wouldn’t be complete without you in it.” –The Princess and the Frog
  4. “Everything is different now that I see you.” –Tangled
  5. “To face the future with another, who means more than any other, is to be loved.” –The Rescuers
  6. “I wouldn’t have nothing if I didn’t have you.” –Monsters, Inc.
  7. “You may be gone from my sight. But you are never gone from my heart.” –Winnie the Pooh
  8. “Side by side with your loved one, you’ll find enchantment here. The night will weave its magic spell when the one you love is near.” –Lady and the Tramp
  9. “Love always finds a way, it’s true. And I love you.” –Ray
  10. “Love is a song that never ends.” –Bambi
  11. “Because when I look at you, I can feel it. And I look at you and I’m home.” –Finding Nemo
  12. “This is love. You’re not gonna find another girl like her in a million years. Believe me, I know. I’ve looked.” -Aladdin
  13. “Each happy ending’s a brand new beginning.” –Enchanted
  14. “You mean more to me than anyone in this whole world.” –Peter Pan
  15. “Together there’s no end to what our dream can start.” –Pocahontas: Journey to a New World
  16. “People always do crazy things when they’re in love.” –Hercules
  17. “I made a wish upon a star. I turned around and there you were.” –Bolt
  18. “Yes, you’ll be in my heart. From this day on, now and forevermore.” –Tarzan
  19. “Love is never wrong and so it never dies.” –The Lion King 2
  20. “One song. My heart keeps singing, of one love, only for you.” –Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  21. “If you live to be 100, I want to live to 100 minus one day so I never have to live without you.” –Winnie the Pooh
  22. “As sure as rivers flow, I’ll never let you go.” –Pete’s Dragon
  23. “You’re the one! The one that I have been looking for.” –The Little Mermaid
  24. “Any day spent with you is my favorite day.” –Winnie the Pooh
  25. “I’ll be your candle on the water. My love for you will always burn.” –Pete’s Dragon

National Girlfriends Day Quotes from the Bible

  1. “I found the one my heart loves.” –Song of Solomon 3:4
  2. “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.” –Song of Solomon 8:3
  3. “Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, it’s jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame. Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot sweep it away. If one were to give all the wealth of one’s house for love, it would be utterly scorned. –Song of Solomon 8:6
  4.  “Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone?” –Ecclesiastes 4:9-11
  5. “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.” -1 John 4:18
  6. “We loved because He first loved us.” -1 John 4:19
  7. “And above all these, put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. –Colossians 3:14
  8. “So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” -1 Corinthians 13:13
  9. “Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” –Romans 12:9-10
  10. “Do everything in love.” -1 Corinthians 16:14

When is National Girlfriend Day Celebrated?

National Girlfriend Day takes place every year on August 1. Get the month of August started the right way by celebrating your special someone on Girlfriend’s Day!


Keep the love alive this National Girlfriends Day with sweet love messages, warm wishes, and quotes on August 1st. Whether you’re sending her happiness through a social media post or writing a warm wish or two in a card, the right National Girlfriend Day message is sure to make her smile.

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