54 Hanukkah Sayings to Write in a Card

Hanukkah or Chanukah is a Jewish celebration commemorating the miracles of the rising of the second temple of Jerusalem. This Festival of Light sparks celebration in ancient and sacred traditions and captures the joy and peace that the new year brings.

Celebrating Hanukkah by sharing wonderful messages will light up dreary days. If you are looking for the words to say what you want to say, here are some Hanukkah sayings to write on a card.

These Hanukkah sayings will surely uplift your loved ones’ spirits on this special occasion. So, get your blank cards ready and pick the best one from our list.

Jewish holiday hanukkah background with menorah

Hanukkah Sayings to Write in a Card

  1. May the spirit of Hanukkah bring you a powerful light and hope through life’s adventures.
  2. Sending you peace, hope, and love for your spirit, soul, and heart. May these live with you and your family from this season on.
  3. Eight nights and the eight lights burn the lasting power of love, happiness, and peace.
  4. I know you might not celebrate Hanukkah, but I’m still wishing you the best of the season.
  5. Sending you a message of prosperity this new year. Care to send back your secret latke recipe?
  6. Nothing shines brighter than our hopes embodied in this celebration of Hanukkah.
  7. The Menorah that shone in the temple a long time ago is still alive and burning hope in the heart of all the believers.
  8. Through the dreariest night, a single candle can cast out the darkness, just as prayer is to the soul.
  9. Wishing you and your family abundance and prosperity this holiday season.
  10. The soul rejoices over the light that never extinguishes. Happy Hanukkah to one of the brightest lights in my life.
  11. A tiny spark of love makes the tired heart feel good. Sending back the light that you filled my life with from the very start.
  12. The righteous keep the light and the evil dies in sight. May the spirit of Hanukkah burn forever and keep all the evil at bay, day and night.
  13. Hanukkah is the precious reminder of the gift of life and redemption that God granted humanity.
  14. Warmest greetings for this joyous celebration of happiness and prosperity. May all that you wish for will finally turn into reality.
  15. There is something magical coming from every arm of the Menorah. It feels like we’re lighting one part of our lives after another until it overwhelms us in great happiness we cannot contain.
  16. Hope you receive the blessing and miracles that your life truly deserves.
  17. Hanukkah is here to remind us of the brighter future that lies before us if only we have faith.
  18. The testament of miracles transcends through the generation and nothing will dim out its purpose. Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah!
  19. It is time for the dreidel once again. Come and let us share the fun.
  20. This year is a different and difficult time for a celebration. It gives us all the more reason to rejoice in life’s existence for beyond all this, there is still hope.
  21. When a candle is lit, the whole world partakes in its brightness. May the string of light, hope, and peace reach your side of the world.
  22. Prayers are the light that never loses its power, even if we are blinded by life’s difficulties. Let the new year shine a new light on your path and take you wherever you intend to go.
  23. God’s love never wavers. It made us come this far to celebrate this occasion.
  24. For where there is light, hope is also never lost.
  25. Let us light the candle, sing our praises, play the dreidel just like the ancient days, but peaceful, better, and in great harmony.
  26. We are all a beacon of hope in our own ways so that no one will navigate this world alone in the darkness. Thank you for being one. Happy Holidays!
  27. If you feel afraid and lost, always look back to the glorious miracles in the temple. If such wonders happen in bigger things, imagine the little things you may receive in this life.
  28. Sending so much love and light your way. Hope you receive the abundance of this holiday.
  29. The pandemic sent everyone in fear and the hardly comforting walls of our homes. May the spirit of Hanukkah cast out the grey shadows that lurk in the corners of its every room.
  30. The greatest gift of Hanukkah is the gift of family and friends. Thank you for coming into my life and bringing joy and delight.
  31. Peace and prosperity be unto you for today and the whole year through.
  32. May you be armed with the same courage of the Maccabees and live your life for greater glory.
  33. The boldest hearts receive miracles with the courage and light that never dulls with time.
  34. May this Hanukkah bring you good memories through the joy of family and friends togetherness.
  35. Wishing for the eight nights of lights and miracles to shine with you throughout the year.
  36. The essence of Hanukkah is never over and continues to shine and bless humankind from all over.
  37. The lights of the menorah are a beautiful reminder of the miracles that God grants to everyone gathered in prayer.
  38. Well wishes for all. May God grant you everything your heart desires from this season onwards.
  39. It is not the elegance of the decorations but the pureness of the intention that shines brighter with the season.
  40. May your new year be filled with prosperity, success, and happiness for the year that is to come.
  41. The miracle of the Hanukkah is in the unity of the people and the faith in things unfolding. May the candles light your path and bring you more blessings for your convictions.
  42. Sending you much love that you may receive the rays of light and hope with flickers of miracles.
  43. All of the candles shine regardless of their colors. It is a profound message that each of us shall live with – we, too, are one and the same.
  44. Hanukkah teaches us to light our candles one after the other. For with patience, the light will never burn out all at once.
  45. Without darkness, we will never appreciate the worth of light. Our struggles will see their end, and it will be a glorious celebration to behold. Happy Hanukkah for now.
  46. Love is love, no matter the religion. So, here’s to happiness, love, and hope as we celebrate the season in unity and love.
  47. Candles aside, Hanukkah has got me excited about the dinner table.
  48. The happiest and most optimistic feeling is sitting by the table in the array of lights, surrounded by the miracles of a good life.
  49. Let us all light up the world in our own small special way as much as we can.
  50. There is power in forgiveness. And when we do, we can shine brighter than the rest. May you find such power in your heart as we celebrate the season of forgiveness and light.
  51. The flame lingers in those that do not extinguish in the recesses of the human heart.
  52. May the story of courage and redemption and the mystery of victory never fail to inspire your reality wherever you may be.
  53. We all need that brilliant light to walk in the uncertain paths of life. Let us not extinguish our hope and pour in more of our faith to keep it burning till the end.
  54. Each of us treads a different path to our own dungeons of hopelessness. But the light that we shine upon each other leads us the way into a hopeful place.

How to Sign Hanukkah Sayings in Cards

Hanukkah greeting card with traditional donuts

Hanukkah sayings ignite compassion and love in humanity. When you reach out to others, you help spread the essence of the celebration. Writing Hanukkah sayings in cards makes the event more special and highlights its importance.

Kind, sometimes funny, and cool words make the receiver feel more of your love. You can end your Hanukkah sayings with any of these charming salutations.

  • With blessings of love
  • Together in God’s love
  • With faith and love
  • Chanukah Sameach
  • Season’s greetings and best wishes
  • Your faithful
  • With you in one flame
  • With special blessings
  • Wishing you prosperity
  • Chag Sameach

Hanukkah Sayings for Cards and More

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