55 Spooky Halloween Sayings for Cards

Halloween is the time for some spooky good scares. Young or old, everyone loves this time of year. It’s about more than the scary stories. Halloween is the perfect time for spooky fun and autumn activities.

As children mill around the neighborhood for trick or treats, why not stamp some cards for the people you love? You can even send anonymous letters with spooky Halloween slogans or funny Halloween sayings to friends and strangers, all in good fun.

When the end of October nears, scribble these spooky Halloween quotes into your seasonal cards. It may even give you inspiration for unique costumes and parties you can throw.

Halloween design with pumpkins

What Spooky Halloween Sayings to Write in Cards

  1. Halloween opens the gates of the unknown for souls to take vengeance. Someone who dislikes you may pay a visit, so clean the slate…or just hide under the table.
  2. The more frightening and disgusting the parties you throw, the more the wandering souls will favor you.
  3. They’re coming over tonight looking for brains to eat. Beware of the Halloween zombies!
  4. If someone preys on your windows tonight, throw those candies at them as hard as you might.
  5. The day has come when invisible hands shoot out from the ground, grab your ankles, and drag you to the mound.
  6. Halloween dreams coincide with your beliefs. If you think good luck will come to you, it will. And if you believe in bad luck, it may drag you to hell.
  7. The hocus pocus of Halloween night sees you walking with the dead and giving good folks a fright.
  8. Halloween leaves us unprotected from the forces that no talisman can ever prevent.
  9. Let us celebrate Halloween with the rising of the full moon and the howling of the dogs.
  10. Stay inside the house while the roaming souls seek shelter.
  11. When ghosts and candies sound good together, it’s one of the best times of the year.
  12. Surprises await us on Halloween night. It doesn’t matter if it is cloudy or under the bright full moon.
  13. The stories that we have heard are all coming back to life all on All Hallows Eve.
  14. There are places where haunted souls should never go. There might be, there should be, but no one really knows.
  15. If you can hear the whispers, it will send a shiver down your spine. So scream out loud to drive them away, and you will be fine.
  16. Life holds many mysteries and spooky dangers that remain unseen and unheard. We only learn a few of them on the nights of Halloween.
  17. For one night a year, you have the chance to become somebody or something else.
  18. But be careful about Halloween wishes. They just might come goulishly true.
  19. The dark and dreary night veils the evils that fear the light. Do not let your porch be shrouded in darkness come the eve of Halloween night.
  20. What is unique about Halloween is the intertwining of fear, sacredness, joy, and all the emotions in between.
  21. The cauldrons are bubbling and the candles are burning, no sooner will the witch hexes come turning.
  22. Last night they flew me up the broomstick in my dreams. I woke up to burning pain where her scraggly fingers caressed my skin.
  23. Souls of the new and ancient come to wrap the world in the menace of their revenge.
  24. The dreadful October is about to end and those who were awoken are now prowling and lurking, waiting for the final evening.
  25. Halloween is the time to be skeptical of the people that pass us by, whether or not they are in costume.
  26. There are distant screeching and hissing sounds with the flowing showers if you only care to listen to their quivers.
  27. If you can feel their presence, just speak. It happens only on Halloween, maybe never again.
  28. Can you taste the sweet flavors of Halloween? The dreadful candies, the creepy treats, and the bloody pumpkin pies that litter the dinner table for one night?
  29. Here comes the annual celebration of the dead and the undead, terrifying the wits out of the living.
  30. Halloween will not end until the last of the undead rests in eternal peace. So, let this be a celebration of living our life.
  31. The magic and fantasy, terror and horror, pretenses and costumes, innocence and guilt, all become alive in the name of Halloween.
  32. It is almost Halloween. Get out of your tomb and dress up to make an impression.
  33. Let’s go and make the most peculiar unforgettable encounters anyone has ever had on a Halloween night.
  34. Can you strain to see the shadows hanging by the ancient tree?
  35. May your Halloween baskets be full of treats and the spell of the unknown never leave your side.
  36. Hold the mirror and chant her name repeatedly. Malevolent or benign comes she, the cunning Bloody Mary.
  37. Trick or treat never dries out in the heart. Bathe in the bloody coldness of Halloween night.
  38. There is a shadow looming behind us, wishing to infiltrate our soul and dull out our sparkle. So light a candle tonight and send them away with the brightness of your spirit.
  39. Halloween can tame the hostility in exchange for a bag of candy.
  40. From the rows and rows of tombstones, I want to lie next to you always. From this life until the dimming of the full moon.
  41. I will take the silver bullet for you, my fair princess.
  42. On Halloween, we realize the luxury of living even in small homes rather than the ground beneath.
  43. How you drive the wandering souls away from your home is your problem. If you think a pack of candies will do, send me a couple of bags of M&M’s.
  44. Halloween is the day we get to ponder what is living under our basement floor.
  45. If I die before I wake, that’s one less bill and mortgage payment they are going to seek.
  46. May you never outgrow the awe of having the candies you deserve for being vile and vicious throughout the year.
  47. Let us pray for the souls to find their light through our candles. And let us pray for the departed to leave us in peace throughout the night.
  48. On Halloween, you look at the moon with a different light. Whether it is shining or hiding in the dead of the night.
  49. Dear, it is just the wind howling, the full moon rising, and the darkness calling. May you be filled with dread, for this is the night of the unliving.
  50. I thought I saw Santa flying on his sleigh on the crisp October night when the trees were rustling to a strange breeze…but it was just a drunken ghost stumbling back to the graveyard.
  51. The great pumpkin was sitting there earlier. Now, no one knows how it disappeared.
  52. The doors by the graves will open on All Hallows Eve and fill the earth with a yearning dread.
  53. The souls of days gone by will come back on Halloween and live one day with the living.
  54. You will never see them coming, but you can feel the goosebumps rising. May you be filled with a hauntingly memorable Halloween.
  55. May the candles that we light send the departed into another step out of their plight.

How to Sign Spooky Halloween Sayings

Photo of halloween decorations pumpkin baskets candy corn spiders

Cap your Halloween card with a catchy, creepy endnote as you send these to your friends and loved ones, or make it more fun by leaving the signature blank so they wonder where the card came from. Try one of these spooky sign-offs:

  • Witching you a very spooky Halloween
  • With you until eternity
  • Meet you by the treetops
  • From the vampire’s lair
  • Watching over your every step
  • Hauntingly yours
  • From the spirit that never sleeps
  • Beyond the grave
  • Your coldness
  • Your moonlight parker
  • Bubbling by the cauldron
  • Locked and chained

Halloween Sayings, Quotes, and More

Halloween is a festive occasion for people of all ages. Trick or treats, dressing up, and scribbling Halloween puns or frightfully spooky Halloween sayings in cards for our friends are bonuses, mixing our acceptance of grief and our gratefulness for life into one big celebration of our differences.

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