48 Easter Sayings to Write in a Card

What makes spring so special is the fresh air and warm weather. Leaves are growing, flowers are blooming, and Easter is right around the corner. Inspirational messages and uplifting sayings abound when spring is near.

Sending the people you love messages of hope and salvation is a thoughtful idea and a way to spread the optimistic vibe. If you are looking for fresh uplifting words, here are some Easter sayings for different moods you can use in your Easter greeting cards.

These Easter sayings are tokens of your warm thoughts and love for spreading the positivity of the celebration.

Gold, black, white, blue eggs in a string bag

What to Write in Easter Cards?

  1. The promise of resurrection brings glorious and unfathomable joy to every heart. From every strangling winter comes the blossoming of spring.
  2. Wake up and feel the warmth of the breeze slowly enveloping the earth. May it caress your soul from deep within and melt away your troubles.
  3. The tenderness of the snow is a delicate and beautiful thing, but it has wrapped us in a strange soliloquy. I am looking forward to happy birds singing and the feeling of the dew on my feet as I take long walks with you.
  4. Finding Easter eggs is such a joy, but my wish is to find them with you from the breaking of dawn.
  5. God’s love is so powerful that it transcends the centuries to bring us promises of hope and redemption.
  6. I hope you can find in your heart joy, togetherness, renewal, and hopefulness.
  7. Easter is a sweet ring of truth, like a prelude to everlasting bliss and life’s promises.
  8. Age doesn’t take the excitement out of filling a basket with Easter eggs. Mine is laden with surprises in the basket I keep deep in my heart.
  9. The debt of the sins of humanity was already paid in full, and the only interest is living life in its fullest glory.
  10. The coldness of the earth gives way to the warmth of spring. When the grasses start growing and litter the earth with speckles of flowers blooming.
  11. This day, in particular, is special. We are reminded of the renewal of the spirit and life everlasting at the end of our journey.
  12. The past year has been tough, and we cowered in fear as sickness overtook the earth. But today, we realize the rekindling of hope through the coming of Jesus in the message of Easter.
  13. Do not waste the day looking for things that are gone. It’s all probably in the eggs somewhere. Happy Easter!
  14. Easter is therapy to a troubled soul and a wounded spirit. I hope you can find the healing you need and the comfort you deserve.
  15. The best thing about spring is Easter egg hunting.
  16. It’s Easter! Keep your pace more relaxed and recognize the feeling of renewed beginnings. I bet you need more of it the whole year-round.
  17. They call the restlessness spring fever, and the remedy is the smell of lilacs and the celebration of Easter.
  18. Let us welcome Easter with an avalanche of sweet treats, chocolate eggs, and kindred spirits.
  19. The world reeled in the darkest tunnel, but Jesus’ resurrection shone brighter.
  20. Easter is man’s connection to the divinity of life, and it takes only a matter of faith to deliver us the joy of our existence.
  21. Spring is when the world looks young again, fair and beautiful as if it holds the miracle that lies in the bosom of Easter.
  22. What is waiting for us every Easter has been with us in the heat of summer, the fleeting fall, and the coldness of winter. May you find your garden of life teeming with the Easter eggs of surprises.
  23. You might be too old for Easter Eggs, but you’ll never outgrow Sunday morning brunch.
  24. Well-behaved kids get their treats on Easter, and every one of us has a more profound present, regardless of behavior.
  25. May your Easter Sunday be as colorful as the pysanky.
  26. Easter is the defeat of death and the renewal of salvation. We need sacrifices before we can fully embrace our inner peace!
  27. We were blessed to come this far in life. May we have more Easters to be shared and blessings to behold.
  28. Have you ever contemplated the thought of the Easter bunny laying eggs? Me neither.
  29. One of the most beautiful things in the world is realizing that, through Easter, we are already healed in our salvation.
  30. Spring always feels like the earth is opening another door, reintroducing to us the point of our existence with the benign motive of Easter.
  31. The power that comes with Easter will stay with your family the whole year.
  32. Humanity has never received a greater gift than the glory of resurrection and hope of salvation.
  33. May your Easter morning be full of blessings. This is the way of life that comes without us knowing.
  34. The traditional Easter feast is lamb, eggs, sweet bread, chocolate, and ham. Just in case you need a shopping list.
  35. Fill the table with eggs and floral accessories, dress the living room with the burst of spring colors.
  36. You are one egg-ceptional bunny! Happy Easter!
  37. Prayer strengthens our soul for Jesus and is the sinew that rebuilds life when all else is falling.
  38. Easter is a celebration that reaches us with self-control over the temptation of sugar dilemma.
  39. Things are now slowly coming back to life. So is the sprouting of renewed hope that lingers in every heart.
  40. From the bareness and gloom comes the sprouting of new life. That’s how Easter relates to spring.
  41. Easter jokes have got us cracking up like crazy. We’re hoping you could make it home for the day.
  42. Every day may seem like a sacrifice, but it is the way of life. God never promised an easy one on earth but on what lies beyond it in time.
  43. They say everything happens for a reason. Indeed, our existence is never an accident.  We exist for greater glory in different stories. Christ lived, suffered, died, and will rejoin us in our journey.
  44. There is a greater love more powerful than anything that breathes life into each of us. It is all wrapped up in the miracles of Easter.
  45. The earth created another spring and another chance to change our ways. Abandon the bad and embrace the good.
  46. Easter beckons us to believe in miracles, realize the impermanence of life, and strive for our salvation.
  47. Bare trees will grow new leaves and the ground will be green again. That’s how life always starts its new beginning. Happy Easter!
  48. Faith and hope lighten the load when our days are dreary and our arms are weary. Jesus is our refuge through all the fright and hesitation on life’s roads.

How to Sign Easter Cards

Easter eggs and empty card

Giving out Easter quotes is a more personal and thoughtful way of sending words and thoughts to the people you love. Writing these Easter sayings in a card is a special way to share your love.  Here are some of the salutations you can add to sign your letter for a special Easter.

  • With hope, love, and joy
  • With joy in the resurrection
  • Hoping and hopping
  • Hanging with hope
  • Rejoicing with you this Easter
  • In God’s full promises
  • With renewed hope
  • Love and blessings

More Sayings for Cards

Easter is a beautiful celebration that brings renewed joy and hope for humankind. It’s a great time to spread positivity, love, and happiness, just how Christmas has always been to us. Nothing beats personal and thoughtful Easter quotes to make the celebration a little bit more extra. Thoughtful words guarantee more smiles and touch more hearts.

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