72 Best Halloween Riddles for the Spooky Season

The Halloween season brings a chilling and spine-tingling sensation to life. Why not spark a little creativity and lace the spooky season not just with Halloween candy, costumes, and scary stories, but with Halloween riddles for people to enjoy?

Halloween pumpkin

After all, we need something to keep our minds busy while all the thoughts of ghosts and creepy crawlies build up our fears! Check out these Halloween riddles perfect for both kids and adults to create a more exciting season.

72 of Our Favorite Halloween Riddles for the Spooky Season

  1. This place has hardly any lights, but a lot of creaking floors. There are all kinds of strange noises and some random slamming doors. What is it?
    Answer: A haunted house
  2. What’s big, scary and has three wheels?
    Answer: A monster riding a tricycle
  3. What do birds give out on Halloween night?
    Answer: Tweets
  4. What do you get when you cross Tinkerbell with a werewolf?
    Answer: A hairy fairy
  5. One day a year I am decorated in style and am the center of attention even when you make me into a pie. What am I?
    Answer: Pumpkin
  6. What do you call a ghost with a broken leg?
    Answer: A hobblin’ goblin
  7. What do you call a witch that lives on the beach?
    Answer: Sandwitch
  8. When is it bad luck to see a black cat?
    Answer: When you’re a mouse
  9. What did the ghost say to the other ghost?
    Answer: “Do you believe in humans?”
  10. Dracula loves to draw this, as well as put it in the bank. What is it?
    Answer: Blood
  11. Why can’t a man living in California be buried in Canada?
    Answer: You don’t bury the living.
  12. What is a mummy’s favorite type of music?
    Answer: (W)rap music
  13. What do you call a goblin who gets too close to a bonfire?
    Answer: A toasty ghosty
  14. I can be green, pink, red or even yellow, and the evil Queen used me as a poison. What am I?
    Answer: Apple
  15. Why are graveyards noisy?
    Answer: Because of all the coffin (coughing)
  16. What do witches ask for when they stop at a hotel?
    Answer: A broom with a view and Broom Service
  17. What types of roads do ghosts like to drive on?
    Answer: Dead ends
  18. Why do ghosts make good cheerleaders?
    Answer: Because they have a lot of spirit
  19. If the witch has a broom and the jack o’lantern has a candle, then what does a vampire have?
    Answer: A bloodhound
  20. A man was shot in the heart. Nobody tries to save him and it doesn’t kill him. What happened?
    Answer: He was already dead
  21. What did the ghost teacher say to her class?
    Answer: “Watch the board and I’ll go through it again.”
  22. How did the bat learn to fly?
    Answer: He took batting lessons
  23. On what day do you carve out a jack o’lantern?
    Answer: Hollow-ween
  24. What did the pumpkin need for its wound?
    Answer: A pumpkin patch
  25. Why do witches buy magazines?
    Answer: They like to read horrorscopes
  26. A zombie, a mummy, and a ghost bought a house. It has all of the usual rooms except for one. What room won’t you find them in?
    Answer: A living room
  27. What is a ghost’s favorite fruit?
    Answer: Booberries
  28. You can find me from head to toe, I am a liquid. I make some people faint and I am in every living being you know. What am I?
    Answer: Blood
  29. Two men in the graveyard. A man points to the grave and asks whose it is. The second man looks at him and says, “Sisters and brothers, I have none. But, this man’s father is my father’s son.” Who is in the grave?
    Answer: It is his son. Since he does not have any brothers or sisters, the statement “my father’s son” is referring to himself. So, he is the father of the man in the grave (this man’s father.)
  30. What do you get if you divide the circumference of a jack o’lantern by its diameter?
    Answer: Pumpkin pi
  31. Why did the vampire eat a light bulb?
    Answer: He wanted a light snack
  32. He is big, green, has a scar on his head, and he likes to trick, prank and scare kids on Halloween. Who is he?
    Answer: Prank-kenstein
  33. What happens when a ghost gets lost in the fog?
    Answer: He is mist
  34. Who do witches stop for on the highway?
    Answer: Witch-hikers
  35. I’m tall when I’m young, I’m short when I’m old. And every Halloween, I bring a jack o’lantern to life. What am I?
    Answer: A candle
  36. What is a ghost’s nose full of?
    Answer: Booooooogers
  37. Some people believe in me and others don’t. At night I roam around, and sometimes, I float. If you hear a troubled noise coming from the ground, go run and hide from my creepy sound. What am I?
    Answer: Ghosts
  38. Pearly and white, spooky alright, playing with children every night. Who am I?
    Answer: Casper the Friendly Ghost
  39. When do werewolves go trick or treating?
    Answer: Howl-oween
  40. What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?
    Answer: Frostbite
  41. Ghosts and vampires will come looking for me on a dark autumn night and, with a ding and a buzz, will eagerly wait with open arms for me. What am I?
    Answer: Treats
  42. Why didn’t the zombie go trick or treating?
    Answer: He felt rotten
  43. Why did the game warden arrest the ghost?
    Answer: he did not have a current haunting license
  44. What’s the problem with twin witches?
    Answer: You never know which witch is which
  45. What’s a ghost’s favorite dessert?
    Answer: Ice scream
  46. What do you call a skeleton that makes you laugh and giggle when you’re sad?
    Answer: A funny bone
  47. I am scary, and when you have more of me, you will see only less. What am I?
    Answer: Darkness
  48. What do you call a nervous witch?
    Answer: A twitch
  49. A house of yore, a house by the street, a house of gore, riddled with elm trees. What am I?
    Answer: The House on Elm Street
  50. A vampire’s biggest fear, but a chef’s favorite ingredient. What is it?
    Answer: Garlic
  51. What was the witch’s favorite subject in school?
    Answer: Spelling
  52. How can you tell when a vampire has been in a bakery?
    Answer: All the jelly has been sucked out of the jelly donuts
  53. What is small and blind, brown and creepy, and they come out at night from a damp, dark place?
    Answer: Bats
  54. Why don’t angry witches ride their brooms?
    Answer: They’re afraid of flying off the handle
  55. What do ghosts like to do on a Saturday night?
    Answer: Boogie
  56. You’re in a room and there is a ghost in the room, but you’re the only one in the room. How is this possible?
    Answer: You’re the ghost
  57. Why are some ghosts so happy?
    Answer: Every shroud has a silver lining
  58. I am wrapped but I am not a gift. I am kept neatly in a chamber and archeologists find me as a great treasure. What am I?
    Answer: A mummy
  59. I am home to one, enemy to another. I am silky smooth, but I am never desired. What am I?
    Answer: A spider-web
  60. Why did the witch refuse to wear a flat hat?
    Answer: Because there wasn’t any point to it
  61. Why do witches fly on brooms?
    Answer: Because vacuum cleaners are too heavy
  62. How can you tell that a vampire likes baseball?
    Answer: He turns into a bat every night
  63. What do mummies, zombies, vampires, goblins and witches all have in common?
    Answer: The letter “i”
  64. Why don’t ghosts like rain?
    Answer: Because it dampens their spirits.
  65. What do you call an out of work ghost?
    Answer: Lazy bones
  66. Two vampires ran a race and crossed the finish line at almost the same time. How did the race end?
    Answer: Neck and neck
  67. Why wouldn’t the ghost eat liver?
    Answer: He didn’t have the stomach for it
  68. I have no feet to dance. I have no eyes to see. I have no life to live or die, but yet I do all three. What am I?
    Answer: Fire
  69. Read me or write me, I’m good for a fright. I can be spooky, but I’m best told at night. What am I?
    Answer: A scary story
  70. How are vampires like false teeth?
    Answer: They both come out at night
  71. When a witch lands, where does she park?
    Answer: In a broom closet
  72. Where do the spirits and souls go to drop off their letters and packages?
    Answer: At a Ghost Office

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