The Best 7 Second Riddles to Keep You Guessing

7 Second Riddles is a Youtube channel that produces videos where riddles are given, and viewers have 7 seconds to answer. The 7 second riddles are often asked in the form of a phrase, question, photo, etc., that may have double meanings. The correct answer is revealed after the 7 second time limit has expired.

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The Youtube channel has more than 4 million subscribers (and fans), mostly school children. The channel is a wonderful avenue for those who want to challenge their brains while cracking the right answer for the given puzzle. Try your knowledge with some of these 7 second riddles we’ve transcribed from the channel’s videos!

12 Best 7 Second Riddles

1. After Jackson was shipwrecked, he found himself on a deserted island. Luckily, he still had his pills with him. There are two blue pills and two red ones. He needs to take exactly one red pill and one blue pill. But Jackson is blind and doesn’t which one is which. There’s not a soul around to help him.

How can he manage it?

Answer: Jackson should break each of the four pills into halves, and he’d have four halves of each. This way, he’ll exactly need one red and one blue.

2. Jane studies law in college and lives with her roommate Sam. Jane has bad eyes and has to wear glasses all the time. Without her glasses she can’t see more than 5M away from her. One day, her glasses cracked. So, she had to go to the salon to fix them. She asked her boyfriend, Steve, to drive her as she couldn’t drive without her glasses. On their way, they suddenly found her roommate Sam’s body in the bushes 20M away from the road. He was dead! Steve immediately called the police. Officer Kranston interrogated the witnesses and Sam’s friends.

JANE: “We were on the way to the salon, Steve driving. I saw Sam’s body and immediately asked Steve to stop.”

STEVE: “Yes, I stopped and called the police.”

GUY: “I saw a man walking on the road towards the market. I offered him a lift, but he refused.”

GIRL: “We had a fight in the morning, and he went away. I saw him walking by the road, but I didn’t talk to him.”

Who seems suspicious?

Answer: Jane can’t see more than 5M ahead without glasses. How could she see Sam’s body 20M away from the road?

3. This takes place 3/9 of Greenland, 2/7 of Ecuador, and 1/5 of Egypt. What is this place?

Answer: Greece

4. There is a 20km long bridge which can only support up to 2000kg. A car weighing exactly 2000kg is crossing the bridge. Halfway across the bridge, a bird weighing 200g lands on top of it. Will the bridge collapse?

Answer: No. While traveling slow over half of the bridge, which is 10km, the car definitely would have used more than 200g of fuel. Therefore, the bird’s weight will not have any impact on the total weight.

5. A lady was shopping and left the store right after paying. A couple of minutes later, she returned. She had forgotten her wallet in the checkout counter, but the wallet was already gone. She called the police and reported the robbery. A detective interrogated the people who are in the store at that time.

Sophia, the cashier, said she didn’t see the wallet after the lady paid.

Robert, a pilot who happened to be shopping there, said he didn’t even see the wallet. He didn’t even have his glasses on.

Mark, a landscaper, said he was in a different part of the store. So, he didn’t see anything.

Who stole the wallet?

Answer: It was Robert the pilot. He looks pretty blind without his glasses. So, he’s definitely not a pilot. Why would he lie about that?

6. Mrs. Anderson came home from work in the middle of the day because she forgot some important documents. When she went to the bedroom, she saw her husband lying on the bed. There was a paramedic beside him. Mr. Anderson was unconscious, and the doctor explained that he had been poisoned. Luckily, he had time to call the paramedic before passing out.

Mrs. Anderson immediately blocked off the door and called the police.  She said there was a fake paramedic in her house who had poisoned her husband. How did she know?

Answer: Mrs. Anderson saw that there was no ambulance in the driveway when she arrived.

7. An old king had no children but had to choose an heir. He gave a seed to every child in the kingdom. “The child who would grow the largest plant would earn the throne,” the king said. Three months later, all of the children came to the palace with their plants. After he looked at all the plants, he chose one girl with an empty pot to be the next queen. Why did he choose her?

Answer: The king gave them fake seeds. The little girl was the only honest child who didn’t switch seeds.

8. Steven just got a new car he’s been dreaming about his whole life. He was planning to go for a ride in the evening. But first, he had to go to work. He locked the car at the garage and left. When he came back home, he opened the garage and found that his car was missing. He called the police. The officer interrogated three of his neighbors.

Samantha said when she was walking the dog, the car had still been there.

Ryan said he’d been away the whole day and hadn’t seen anything.

Theodore said he had come to Steven’s house to ask for some garden tools. But he hadn’t been there, so he left.

This information was enough for the police officer to arrest the robber. Who was it and how did he figure it out?

Answer: It was Samantha. She said she’d seen the car had still been there. However, the garage door was closed, and she couldn’t possibly see it.

9. A mother of four returned home from work and found all of her daughters busy. Serena was playing chess, Catherine was reading, Hannah was watching cartoons. What was Delaney doing?

Answer: Delaney was playing chess with Serena.     

10. A student was having an exam and he was about to fail his chemistry exam. The professor decided to give him one more chance and asked the last question. It was, “What was my oldest daughter’s name?” The student was puzzled. The professor decided the question was too hard and gave the guy a hint. He wrote down three numbers: 58, 3 and 11. Can you help the student answer the question?

Answer: It’s a chemistry class. The riddle must be related to the subject. Take a look at the Periodic Table. 58 is Cerium or “Ce,” 3 is Lithium or “Li,” and 11 is Sodium or “Na.” Putting all letters together will give the student the answer, Celina.

11. On a rainy summer night, Mrs. Miller came home after work. Her neighbor, Mrs. Smith, visited her. The women wanted to have some tea together. Mrs. Smith said her daughter was in a party. She met one of Mrs. Miller’s triplet sons there. Mrs. Miller asked which one it was, but her friend didn’t know. Her daughter could never tell the guys apart. The problem was all three of them were grounded and were not allowed to go out until the next week. Mrs. Miller wanted to find out who had broken the rules. She called the boys and asked how they spent the day.

Keagan, the artist, said, “In the evening, I was outside drawing.”

Ryan, the musician, said, “I spent the whole day inside writing a new song.”

Bog, who like sports, said, “I did a workout and spent the rest of the day reading.”

Mrs. Miller understood which of her sons was lying and grounded him for another month. Who was the liar and how did she know?

Answer: Keagan lied. He said he’d been drawing outside. But it was raining.

12. The first lunar base was completed last year. Travel companies offer everyone who wishes one-week tours to the moon. Alex has just returned from the moon and tells about his experience to his schoolmates.

Alex: It was amazing! Wait till I show you the moon rocks I brought back!

Schoolmate 1: What’s going on here?

Schoolmate 2: Alex is telling us about his journey to the moon!

Alex: I was able to jump up more than 4 feet! There are no clouds, and the air is so fresh!

Schoolmate 3: Why should we believe you actually was there?

Alex: I knew there would be doubters. So, I have a few moon rocks.

Schoolmate 4: I heard quite enough. Alex! Your story is insane!

How did she guess the story was not true?

Answer: He couldn’t smell the air as it’s impossible to breathe without a spacesuit on the moon.

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