50 Religious Thanksgiving Messages to Write in a Card

Thanksgiving is a time to commemorate the good fortune that we have received year round. It is also a time to thank people who have been with us through ups and downs for an entire year.

But most importantly, it is a time to reflect on God’s gracious goodness for blessing us with so much love. Sending religious Thanksgiving messages to friends and families is one way to honor this celebration.

Don’t know what to write on your Thanksgiving card? Check our list of religious Thanksgiving messages to convey the real essence of the holiday!

Thanksgiving greetings

Spread the Appreciation with these Religious Thanksgiving Messages

  1. Whatever we do, we should do it in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. For all that we have received, let’s give thanks to Him.
  2. Don’t forget to offer an appreciation prayer to thank God for all the wonderful things that happened to you and your family this year.
  3. Your safety, good health, and well-being are things you have to be thankful for, especially in the middle of this pandemic. Indeed, God loves you because He is keeping you safe every day.
  4. May you and your family gather in unity under God’s abundant grace as we all celebrate Thanksgiving Day.
  5. I pray that God grants you your heart’s desires and protects you and your family from harm.
  6. God has granted you so much in the past year. Don’t forget to thank Him this Thanksgiving!
  7. Sending Thanksgiving wishes of love and abundant grace for being one of the best people I know this year.
  8. With love in my heart, I pray that you will have a joyful celebration of Thanksgiving with you and your family. Happy Thanksgiving!
  9. If there’s one thing we have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, it should be the gift of life that God has bestowed upon us. So, live your life in His path and light.
  10. Share your blessings because that’s how we should practice Thanksgiving.
  11. The gratitude we have in our hearts is the main reason why God continues to bless us with more. So, do not get tired of praising and giving Him thanks for the bountiful blessings you are receiving all year.
  12. A simple act of kindness makes Thanksgiving a more memorable experience. Lend a hand today and see how it can affect another person’s life positively.
  13. May the festival of Thanksgiving provide you with positive changes and the best of everything!
  14. Live, love, and hope – Thanksgiving is for those people who never forget these three!
  15. The generosity of your heart has grown and your presence in my life is one of the things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving!
  16. I thank God for a person like you who brings a smile to my face on dreadful days. May His blessings shine upon you as your kindness shines on mine.
  17. Be passionate about what you do, especially when you’re doing it for the greater glory of God’s kingdom. Happy Thanksgiving.
  18. Sending you and your family wonderful things this Thanksgiving, including God’s love and grace.
  19. When Jesus sacrificed His life to save mankind from sins, He gave us the greatest gift. Let’s reflect on His sacrifice and thank God for it.
  20. With God’s love, I hope that you can enjoy the festival of Thanksgiving.
  21. Cheers to good health and God’s unending love for us all! Happy Thanksgiving.
  22. As we indulge in turkey and wine, let’s not forget the true essence of Thanksgiving. It is all about appreciating the marvelous works and wonders that God provided us with all year.
  23. May the Lord’s light guide you amid the darkness. Be thankful for such light! Be thankful for His guiding hands.
  24. Never fail to say a prayer of thanks to show how much you appreciate the gift called life. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
  25. In celebration of Thanksgiving, never forget the people who helped you through bad times and good times. They are angels on earth sent by God to brighten up your darkest days.
  26. When you do good things, they come back to you a hundredfold. Happy Thanksgiving!
  27. This Thanksgiving, share your blessings to the poor and the needy. They will thank you for it!
  28. May God’s gracious love be with you and your family this Thanksgiving and in all the days to come.
  29. Thank the Lord for every morning you wake up and for every night you sleep. Happy Thanksgiving.
  30. When in doubt, always remember that Jesus has your back. So, do not give up on your dreams and follow your heart. You will reach your goal in God’s perfect time. Have a fun-filled Thanksgiving celebration!
  31. God will always be your support in times of distress. Love Him, glorify Him, sing praises to Him, especially this Thanksgiving.
  32. Falling on your knees does not mean you’re weak. Sometimes, it is a reminder of humility. Be humble in front of your God who always gives you what you need for success. Thank Him and appreciate His wondrous deeds for you on Thanksgiving.
  33. Thank the Lord for the food on the table and all of His abundant blessings to you and your family.
  34. You are clothed in God’s love and protection. Be grateful for what you are given and give thanks to the Lord our God.
  35. Thanksgiving gives us the chance to reflect on the past, appreciate the present, and hope for the future. I pray that God will bless you with wonderful Thanksgiving memories!
  36. Always be thankful to the Lord for the things you have in life, no matter how small or big. Remember, some have less than what you have. So, be content and be grateful!
  37. We are often laden with challenges that we sometimes forget to thank the Lord for the good stuff. Take a moment to contemplate what you have and be thankful. God, after all, never abandons His children, especially in hard times. Always thank the Lord and be cheerful!
  38. Wishing you all the love that the world can give this Thanksgiving and in the days to come! As Jesus loves me, so I love you.
  39. May you fulfill your dreams in the name of Christ our Lord. I hope that you and your family have a Thanksgiving full of happy memories!
  40. Close your eyes and feel how gracious and merciful the Lord is! Be glad and rejoice for He makes the world beautiful for you and me.
  41. The generosity of God is immeasurable. Enjoy it and share with others His plentiful blessings!
  42. Thanksgiving is not only a season to appreciate the good things, but also a moment to share love, peace, and prosperity. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving celebration!
  43. May the presence of the Holy Spirit lead you to a path of light. Never stray, never sway. Happy Thanksgiving!
  44. May the divine be with you and your family as you celebrate the season of Thanksgiving!
  45. Cheers not only to good wine but also to the blissful moments we have shared under God’s loving grace.
  46. A heart in constant gratitude experiences more blessings and happiness. Double your appreciation because God always looks out for people with grateful hearts.
  47. I hope that this Thanksgiving opens up a successful path for you in all aspects of life. God will provide, and He will deliver! Just keep the faith and believe.
  48. If there’s one thing I wish for you this Thanksgiving, my good friend, it’s for God to be by your side all the time. To keep you safe from harm, to protect you from sickness, and to comfort you when trouble knocks.
  49. Your family is blessed enough to have you. Be glad for them too! Because a family is God’s precious gift to mankind, and we need to treasure all the days of our lives.
  50. Enjoy the festivities of the Thanksgiving season to your heart’s content. But never forget why it is celebrated in the first place: to give thanks for all the blessings that you have received from God Almighty and a chance to share your blessings with others too!

How to Sign Cards with Religious Thanksgiving Messages?

Happy thanksgiving day card in hand with defocused lights background

Religious Thanksgiving messages have a profound effect on people, giving comfort to a wounded heart and healing a broken soul or just brightening someone’s day with hope and optimism. To ensure that the person receiving your card loves it, end your religious Thanksgiving card messages with these signature salutations:

  • May God be with you
  • Stay safe and healthy
  • With a grateful heart
  • Thank you
  • God bless you more
  • Keep the spirit of Thanksgiving alive

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