62 Fun Christmas Sayings for Signs

Christmas sayings for signs bring a more personal and upbeat touch to this magical holiday. Hanging signs on the walls brings a cozy feeling as the season rolls out, and using funky or inspiring sayings spreads the positivity and joy of the occasion.

From simple heartwarming messages to funky quotes, there are endless Christmas sayings for signs perfect for any home.

If you are stressed during the Christmas season, here are some lighthearted Christmas sayings for signs that can help you get in the spirit. Print them and hang them on your walls or scribble them down in your holiday cards! Here is a new list of tidings you have never heard before.

Christmas magic note

Christmas Sayings for Signs

  1. Filling this home with a holiday full of cheers and love. (Presents, too, nothing beats presents.)
  2. Out for vacation under the flickers of the backyard lantern. Merry Christmas wherever the quarantine may take us.
  3. It was just me and Christmas last year. Same this year, but older and maybe wiser, unless I burn the turkey.
  4. Gifts are one thing we did not let go of. I am still receiving thoughtful presents, store-bought or not.
  5. The rhythm may have changed, but the lyrics still hold the same massage. And I wish for it to reach your side of the world, these wondrous Christmas melodies.
  6. Live, love, give, repeat. Amplify this way of life, especially during the holidays.
  7. Christmas gifts are always wrapped with love, no matter what they cost.
  8. The holiday season lights up a world that has been the same the whole year-round.
  9. Christmas reignites our passion for food and wine. For me, it lasts the whole year.
  10. It is about time for celebration and decoration. Find me in the kitchen baking cookies.
  11. The holiday is knocking on my doorstep, gotta get up and work the shovel.
  12. I will never outgrow the thoughts of Santa Claus by the chimney. I wonder what I’m getting myself this holiday.  
  13. Let the season encapsulate our love and commitment for the circle we call family.
  14. I deserve a little for being nice some days of the year. Doing it again next time, only better.
  15. If you can smell the Christmas spirit, you are home.
  16. A toast to an eventful year! Through distance, vaccines, and fear, we are still here standing together.
  17. A Christmas tree in the living room and it just feels so good to be here.
  18. Wherever may we wander, Facetime will bring us all together.
  19. If we let the light of love shine from every home, even the dullest corner makes a cozy room.
  20. Of all the wonders this time of the year, I look back and thank God for bringing us here.
  21. A sip of eggnog and dense blinking lights in the snow. It’s Christmas everywhere and my thoughts are with you.
  22. God’s love is so great. It shines through the winter with radiant heat. May the Christmas warmth remain all year and live through our every heartbeat.
  23. Hear all the singing? Christmas is already in town.
  24. The yuletide season brings laughter and love, warmer than the fire in the heart, brighter than the lights around the tree.
  25. Christmas has birthed all the sentiments and bred them in this home in the heart of the family.
  26. Nothing gives me the same comfort at Christmases as being home with you.
  27. The holiday season transforms the simple into special, animosity into love, and nothingness into hope.
  28. Hope that you get all the love you deserve this season of joy.
  29. Christmas makes even the thrifty go a little short on budgeting.
  30. Smiles are the comfort that Christmas sparks in every face. It’s a wonder how we all feel the same and connected.
  31. Linking love and rekindling friendship are the best things that happen when trees are up and full and blinking.
  32. Presence is worth more than presents.
  33. It is funny how Christmas seems to draw everyone in the world together, like an interconnected family of strangers.    
  34. The breeze gets cold around Christmas, so we can find warmth and comfort from the presence of those we love.
  35. Everything will be better, and every day will be Christmas.
  36. You are never alone. For every Christmas is a chance you live in someone’s thoughts and heart. May you feel that thought and reach for that heart.
  37. If you believe, everything will turn out better. Christmas never fails.
  38. We wait for the snow until the sun rises and melts it again. Until the jingle dies in our ears, and Christmas comes again.
  39. Christmas makes me wanna break out in a snappy dance.
  40. Christmas gives me the chills, like walking inside a cathedral. It is solemn but joyful, mellow and sacred, hopeful and vindicated.
  41. Tomorrow is Christmas, and it will live here in this house, somewhere, forever.
  42. If every day is Christmas, the gift of love that you give will never leave you. Let it grow and flourish, and it will fill you up with goodwill.
  43. What does Christmas mean to me? It is simply the presence of friends and family hiding boxes by the tree.
  44. Every Christmas reminds me that it’s another year of being away. But we always bridge the time with vivid memories.
  45. Miracles happen on Christmas. I miss you all year, but then at Christmas, you’re back.
  46. Cancel culture has got me canceling our indifferences. It may resume next year, who knows?
  47. All the things that we cannot see gather themselves around the Christmas tree.
  48. What a wonderful feeling it is to realize that we are loved beyond measure. That is how Christmas comes to life and what keeps us alive.
  49. As stealth as the clock, the season changes. But the love in Christmas never fades as the hours click by.
  50. Christmas means homemade shortcake wallowing in whipping cream and sugar crusting. I mean it feels like sweet comfort, but I also mean food.
  51. Why does the year go so fast then stop short at Christmas, going in a slow-motion and bringing a whirlwind of unsolicited emotions?
  52. Christmas is all about the unseen things that wrap us in warm feelings. As long as we recognize its presence, we will also realize the season’s essence.
  53. I decided I should live every day like Christmas – broke yet happy, kind, and a little carefree.
  54. This little home is enough refuge from the cold. Together, we fill the space with the warmth that kept us in harmony all year.
  55. When our hearts sing with wonders we don’t even know, it’s probably because we have come to the holiday season.
  56. Christmas is all about memories. It is the day we remember the bygone times but forget about the deadlines.
  57. Snow is such a beautiful and enchanted thing, like all the gifts I get when I spend Christmas with you.
  58. It is not about presents, it’s about people. That’s what I learn as Christmas flies by and I age like a fine wine. Merry Christmas!
  59. Wishing that the spirit of the season stays with this family always – without the dirty dishes and piling mess.
  60. Christmas is that season when blessings are abundant, but you still end up broke from blessing others.
  61. Sending people gifts, hoping to make it out of the naughty list.
  62. The outside is too cold with all the falling snow. Inside is just as bad as I am desperately wishing for you.

How to Sign a Fun Christmas Card

Christmas wishing card

Many of these Christmas sayings for signs also make great sayings for holiday cards, but you may wish to add an upbeat signature to make them more personal. Here are a few you can add:

  • Decking the halls
  • With thoughts and afterthoughts
  • Lots of love and affection
  • Hoping for presents
  • With futile wishes of togetherness
  • Sending some love and gifts
  • Xoxo
  • With peace and warm wishes

Christmas is a fun and serene celebration that everyone looks forward to every year. With all the challenges that the world is facing, this is an occasion that is worth celebrating. The joy and good tidings are endless, like this list and our list of 25 Thoughtful Christmas Card Messages and Sayings

Hoping that you get the Christmas you deserve wherever you are, especially when you use these Christmas sayings for signs. Happy holidays!


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