Sweet & Tasty National Watermelon Day! | Aug. 3rd

We’re losing our rinds over National Watermelon Day!

That refreshingly awesome feeling of holding that triangular piece of watermelon in your hand and sinking your teeth into a one-in-a-melon texture. As your mouth pools with a delicious watery flavor of sweetness that tastes like sunshine and chillaxing. That’s the watermelon for ya!

There’s more that you can do with your obscure holiday of National Watermelon Day aside from eating delicious pieces of watermelon. We have National Watermelon Day stories, Watermelon puns and quotes, and recipes.

Let’s take a dive into this watermelon journey and discover the fun that’s embedded in National Watermelon Day!

National watermelon day, a postcard poster for the holiday with a cheerful watermelon. Use for a postcard, background, application on a fabric

Is There a National Watermelon Day?

The answer to Is There a National Watermelon Day is an outstanding YES!

National Watermelon Day is celebrated annually on August 3rd! This bright summer day is full of watermelon (of course!), fun in the sun, and togetherness.

With busy schedules, it can be easy to let fun and obscure holidays like National Watermelon Day go under the radar without a second thought. But, with our lovely National Watermelon Day ideas and activities, it’s incredibly easy to implement them into your fun little holiday.

So, mark your calendar, because August 3rd is National Watermelon Day!

Why do we Celebrate Watermelon Day?

Why do we Celebrate Watermelon Day? The fast answer may be “Why NOT?!” but that’s not a very satisfying answer, is it?

Although, to our knowledge, there isn’t a specific reason that August 3rd is deemed National Watermelon Day, we have a few hunches and interesting watermelon facts.

  • Our biggest guess about National Watermelon Day’s date is that it’s a wonderful summer day to enjoy watermelon
  • Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct source as to who proclaimed National Watermelon Day, but that just means watermelon for all!
  • Did you know that watermelon goes way back? We’re talking thousands of years ago in Egypt! According to Mint, this fruit was highly enjoyed, and there have even been findings of drawings of Watermelon in a variety of variations, found amongst other Egyptian writings and drawings. We encourage you to read more about this rich history!

Let’s explore more of how you can celebrate National Watermelon Day with yourself, and with family and friends.

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Watermelons are funny on a white background set. National watermelon day. Use for a postcard, background, application on a fabric

How Do People Celebrate National Watermelon Day?

How do people celebrate National Watermelon Day? Everyone can get in on the deliciously sweet holiday, and there isn’t a wrong answer to how to celebrate as long as you’ve got some watermelon!

We’ve jotted down some fun ideas on how you and your family/friends or even coworkers can get in on the National Watermelon Day fun.

  • Minute to Win It Games: Have you heard of these fun little challenges? They’re perfect for the summertime, and they’re also easy to incorporate watermelon into! A few examples could be: who can eat a watermelon slice the fastest, who can stack the highest tower of watermelon cubes– you can get really creative with this fun activity.
  • Watermelon Surprise: Who doesn’t love watermelon? Give your friend, loved one, or coworker a watermelon surprise! You can do this by purchasing a watermelon, tying a bow to it, and safely placing it on your recipient’s desk, doorstep, or car! We do NOT condone breaking an entry; be sure to be respectful.
  • Watermelon Beach Day: With National Watermelon Day landing on August 3rd, it’s a perfect time to declare a beach day. Get your watermelon beach towels and a container full of cut-up watermelon, and spend a day outside on a sandy beach.
  • Watermelon Playlist: You know what would go perfectly with a watermelon beach day or a minute-to-win party? A watermelon-themed playlist!
  • Summer Movies: Have watermelon as a tasty-themed snack during a classic summer movie! From Dirty Dancing to Grease, there are plenty of summer flicks to choose from.
  • Watermelon Coloring Sheets: Get the kiddos snacking on some healthy and tasty watermelon snacks while they color some cutesy Watermelon Coloring Sheets. You can even get in on the coloring fun as well!
  • Summer Crafts: On that same wave of Watermelon Coloring Sheets, you can also incorporate watermelon-themed summer crafts that you can repurpose as summer decor around the house. Think of the sweet and fond memories they’ll bring in the future!
  • Eat a Piece of Watermelon If, Game: You may have heard of the adult version, “Take a drink if” but now you can make it healthy and or kid-friendly with a twist of ‘Eat a piece of watermelon if’! How the game works is everyone has a bowl of watermelon cubes (the same amount), and everyone goes around the circle saying phrases like, “Eat a piece of watermelon if you’ve been to Disneyland,” and everyone who has must eat a piece of watermelon. Whoever is left with the last piece, wins!
  • Watermelon Recipes: Whether you’re having guests over or you want to try out something new, whipping up a watermelon recipe is a fantastic way to embrace National Watermelon Day!

Watermelon Recipes

As we mentioned above in our ideas of how do people celebrate National Watermelon Day, trying out a neat and tasty watermelon recipe is an easy (and delicious) go-to!

Here are a handful of watermelon recipes you can give a whirl; we hope you find one that speaks to your tastebuds.

Get a taste of veggie refreshment with a delectable sprinkle of watermelon goodness from Love & Lemons!
Have you heard of Watermelon bread before? Neither had we, but we can’t wait to try it out this National Watermelon Day! Thank you, Melaine Cooks!
Now here’s a delicious summer recipe from Watermelon.org— Watermelon Gelato! Can you imagine the delicious goodness in every scoop? YUM!
Another Love & Lemons recipe incorporating Watermelon is Watermelon Juice! You’ve heard of Apple and Orange Juice, get ready for a big swig of summer!
Watermelon is fun and funny with hands and feet and a fork and knife. Vector illustration in a flat style. It can be used for websites, mobile apps, stickers, prints on clothing and fabric.

Watermelon Puns/Quotes

Want to make a sweet and clever post for your National Watermelon Day? Try out one of our Watermelon Puns and Watermelon Quotes for your Insta Caption!

These can even get cutesy quotes for a watermelon-themed craft, a sweet text to a loved one, or even a short message for your letter board.

The sweet possibilities are endless on National Watermelon Day!

  • “When do you go on red and stop on green? When you’re enjoying a watermelon!”
  • “Enjoy Watermelon Day one seed at a time”
  • “It’s summer; stay as hydrated as a melon!”
  • “Watermelon Sugar” – Harry Styles
  • “There’s no time for melon-choly on Watermelon Day!”
  • “You’re 1 in a melon”
  • “Never let the seeds stop you from enjoying the watermelon.”
  • “When life gives you melons, you make melonade!”
  • “Be like a watermelon, sweet with seeds. It’s the seeds that make the sweet worthwhile.” – Unknown
  • “Grab a slice of summer!”
  • “When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what the angels eat.” – Mark Twain
  • “Be as cool as watermelon”
  • “Watermelons are the smiles of the summer”
  • “Watermelon season is a state of mind.”
  • “Life is a watermelon. Pull the seeds of woe to taste the pulp of joy.” – Unknown
  • “You complete me in a melon ways”
  • “Y’all gonna make me lose my rind!”
“I don’t know if I could ever go without — Watermelon sugar” – Harry Styles
National watermelon day, banner postcard poster for the holiday with a cheerful watermelon in the form of ice cream on a stick. Use for a postcard, background, application on a fabric

There are LOTS of obscure holidays to mark on your calendar, and we hope after reading this fun-packed article that National Watermelon Day makes the cut!

National Watermelon Day is all about getting together with the people you love and care about and appreciating a pretty remarkable food we’re lucky to enjoy. So water you waiting for? Go and enjoy some watermelon!

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