Mothers Day When? 32 Great Ideas for Mom’s Day

Aw, Mother’s Day when life feels full of precious memories, full hearts, and the potential to make the moms in your life feel like a million dollars. 

You’re wondering about Mothers Day when is it? Mother’s Day is always the 2nd Sunday in May! Sunshine, picnics, thoughtful convos on the porch, the cheery possibilities are endless.

Doesn’t the sunshine feel even brighter on Mothers Day when everyone is gathered together and lifting up moms from all different walks of life? Of course, we think of our own moms on Mothers day when the holiday comes about. Sadly, not everyone can celebrate with their mom. 

So, who can celebrate Mothers Day when their mom has unfortunately passed away, or perhaps they aren’t speaking? The truth is Mother’s Day is about celebrating the miracle, hard work, dedication, and love that a mother’s job entails. Here are a few alternative perspectives you can take with you before we dive into these fabulous ideas for Mothers Day when that 2nd Sunday of May comes up on the calendar. 

  • Celebrate Mother’s Day with a sibling, cousin, Aunt, or Grandmother who’s experienced motherhood, and you want to make them feel special and celebrated. 
  • Gather a group of friends who may be in a similar situation as you, and fill the day with good memories. Make a meal together, and remind each other why they’re loved.
  • Do you have a friend who’s a mom? We’re positive that it would make her smile incredibly big if you helped to lift her up and celebrate her on Mother’s Day.

This holiday doesn’t have to exclusively be Mothers Day when you’re with your biological mom; it’s when you’re with a person who’s in the Motherhood experience or who’s been like a mom to you, and you’re celebrating the amazing person they are.

With that, let’s get into these awesome ideas for Mother’s Day!

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It’s Mothers Day When You Surprise Your Mom

Who doesn’t love a sweet and wholesome surprise? Of course, this is the day, Mothers Day when the mom in your life is hopeful she’ll get some special treatment, but you can still surprise her with what you’re doing! We’ve got some wonderful little surprises that you can incorporate into your Mothers Day when your mom or the surrounding moms in your life deserve to feel like a Queen.

  • Write her a Mothers Day When memory poem: This is an adorable and thoughtful way to show the mom in your life how much you care about her. This poem can be made of all the beautiful or favorite memories you have with her! Not only will she feel all those cherished memories come rushing back, but she’ll also see how much time and energy you took to create something original and beautiful for her. Not sure how to write a poem? Learn how to write a poem in 6 easy steps!
  • Funny sticky note surprise: This is a great surprise for those of you who live with your mom or have access to their home/place of work (be respectful, of course!). Purchase a pack of sticky notes and get a writing utensil, it’s time to write some loving notes full of compliments, or you can tickle her funny bone with some hilarious Mother’s Day puns! Once you’ve got your messages are written, the day before Mother’s Day, you can stick them in places she’ll see in the morning and throughout the day. For example, her bathroom mirror, the fridge door, her favorite reading spot, etc.
  • A new vase full of flowers: Bonus points if you can get her favorite flowers! This may come off as a cliche, but we’ve got an added bonus. You can attach this timeless gesture with an extra gift that comes with it. We love flowers, but it’s sad when they start to dry out. Well, now you can save them and even frame them! Let the mom in your life know that you want to frame this bouquet of flowers once it starts drying out, and you can even add a picture in the frame with the flowers.
  • Classic breakfast gesture: Cooking a meal for someone is one of the most priceless things you can do for them, especially for a mom who’s taking care of everyone all the time. Although we see it in movies a lot, there’s a reason for it; who wouldn’t love having breakfast cooked for them? Wake up early and take the time to whip up a breakfast that’ll start her day off on the perfect foot.
  • Treat her out of the house: Getting a mom out of the house is an awesome thing to do because their identity extends way past being a mom; that’s just one part of it! Remind the mom in your life that she’s fun, awesome, and cool by taking her out to do things she loves.
  • Time to babysit: Want to give the mom in your life a really amazing surprise? Offer your babysitting services so she can have some time to herself! Jazz up this offer by getting her a Mother’s Day card (Bonus: make your own!) with a gift card that she can use while she’s out having her own little night.
  • Surprise party: You may be thinking, ‘Duh, that’s the first thing I thought of when I read surprise‘, and yep, that’s fair! But hear us out. If you have several moms in your life, friends, parents, aunts, and siblings, you can work together with some other pals to plan a surprise mother’s day party! Complete with some games, food, and maybe even an open mic so people can share what they admire and love about the momma in the room. This day, Mothers Day when you get to shower moms with compliments and confidence!
  • Clean-up time: This surprise can correspond with the babysitting gift or treating her out of the house; either way, while the mom of the day is out of the house, clean it for her! Being a mom is a full time job, so on Mothers Day when she’s out and about enjoying her day, you can take some weight off her shoulders by cleaning up.
  • Get your bake on: Isn’t it amazing when someone bakes something for you? You can just taste the love! Show your love and appreciation by baking it into a delicious patch of cookies, or a yummy pie, or go the extra mile and bake her favorite treat!
  • Write her a touching letter: Kick it old school and write her a loving and thoughtful letter. Sometimes we need reminders from the people in our lives of what they think of us and reassurance that we’re doing a good job. This Mothers Day when the week has been crazy, and it’s finally Sunday, you can help slow down time and bring warmth to her heart by writing her a letter of all the amazing things about her.
  • Dinner is served: Not big into breakfast food? No worries, you can serve up a lovely dinner for the special momma instead! Rather you make her favorite meal or something that will be good for leftovers, taking the time to cook a nice sit-down dinner for her will be a weight off her shoulders and make her feel loved.
  • Give her a performance: You know what would really make your mom’s day? If you and your siblings put on a little skit just for her. Be bold, silly, and sentimental! It’ll be a Mothers Day when she saw her kiddos put on a fun skit that made me laugh, cry, and give a standing ovation!
  • Picnic at the park: Picnics aren’t just for cutesy couples; they’re for everyone! Prepare a light and tasty meal, bring a blanket and some throw pillows, a speaker, and maybe even some cards or a board game, and bring the mom in your life out to a beautiful park. If the weather ends up being rainy, no worries; you can set it up in the living room! Put on a park-like ambiance on the TV, and you’re practically there!
  • Create a special playlist: Perhaps this sounds too simple, but if you put real effort and time into it, this can be an amazing surprise. Music is so personal and touches the heart, and creating a playlist of songs that remind you of them or songs you think they’d enjoy can make them feel like the most special and loved person in the world. In the description of the playlist, you can get even more creative and write something like, “A playlist for you on the Mothers Day when I made you happy cry because of my awesome music skills” or something silly and light-hearted like that.
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It’s Mothers Day When You Give Her a Gift

Of course, material things aren’t everything. But, when you’re a mom, you’re usually buying things for others and the home, so you don’t get to spend money on yourself. That’s why the day of Mothers Day when it’s time for celebration, is the perfect day to splurge and get the moms in your life a gift that will elevate their day.

From homemade gifts to physical items she’ll adore, we’ve got some grand ideas for gifts. Simply because, it’s Mothers day when you give her a gift she’ll love and appreciate.

  • Pro Tip- Attentive listener: Have you ever heard someone you’re close to saying, “Aw man, I really would love [this specific item] someday” or, you know, something like that? Keep a listening ear and a running memo pad in your phone, year-round, for gift ideas! You’ll be thankful you have it handy for Mothers Day when it rolls around.
  • A homemade card & envelope: Of course, it’s a classic move to get a card for Mothers Day when it’s tradition, but how about crafting a beautiful or funny Mother’s Day card and a cute DIY envelope, especially for her? Giving the gift of something homemade is extremely special because it’s one-of-a-kind, and it shows you took your own time and energy to create it.
  • The gift of a fun experience: Get your mom, or a mom in your life, out of the house and go out and do something fun! Physical gifts are great, but how amazing is it to go and experience something with someone that you can later cherish as a fun memory?
  • Mom appreciation scrapbook: Mothers Day when moms deserve all the love and attention (really, every day, but today is when you kick it up a notch), and you can knock it out of the sentimental park by creating an adorable scrapbook full of photos, mementos, and memories! You can print pictures off for a fairly cheap price and get creative with captions and decorations on each scrapbook page!
  • Theme gift basket: A classic choice; pick a theme (Ex: At Home Spa, Date Night, or Staycation), purchase a lovely basket/bin, and fill it with items that correspond with the theme you’ve chosen!
  • Coffee Lover: Does the mom in your life love a good cup of joe? Get her a gift card to her favorite coffee shop, buy her some coffee grounds with a cute mug, or set up a coffee date for just the two of you.
  • Shopping Time: This may take a bit of saving (nothing like a tax return savings, right?), but you can plan ahead of time by setting aside some specific money to take your mom or mom in your life to a store they love and let them run wild. Even with a set limit, because we know money doesn’t grow on trees, this can be a really fun and delightful experience for you both.
  • Tea Enthusiast: Cuppa tea for your mum? Make it a classy and enjoyable, and memorable Mothers Day when you bring her to a local tea shop to sample a variety of teas (You can even buy some of her favorites for her), or you can bring the tea sampling experience to her!
  • Bookworm Momma: You know what every bookworm dreams of? Being brought to a bookshop and getting whatever books you want. Make your mom’s bookish dreams come true by making it a Mothers Day when you buy her books, bookmarks, and more! Plus, you can even have some reading time together. How cute would that be? Who knows, you might be on the brink of starting a mom book club!
  • Get Your Tickets: Local theater, sporting events, art shows; the list goes on and on! Purchasing a pair of tickets for you and the special mom in your life is a super fun and loving gesture. It’s showing them that you want to spend quality time with them that’s exciting, fun, and it may make them feel spoiled!
  • Buy her something nice: The ‘something nice’ depends on each mom’s personality and what they like, but the gist is all the same! Show her that she’s valuable, loved, and important by gifting her a lovely piece of jewelry, a customized item, or a stylish outfit. Remember, it’s Mothers Day when you do something very nice for your mom!
  • Photo slideshow video: This may sound a little cheesy, and perhaps it is but isn’t Mothers day when cheesy is actually brilliant and welcomed? It’s love in its purest form! You can create a photo slideshow through an app on your phone or on your computer. Put some nice loving songs in the background and caption some photos, and you’ve got yourself a gift that’ll pull on the heartstrings!
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It’s Mothers Day When You Shower Her With Love & Appreciation

It really is Mothers Day when you give the mothers in your life all the attention, acts of service, gifts, and above-and-beyond actions they deserve. One powerful and meaningful way to do this is by matching up your actions with words.

You can make a card or purchase one, or write a lovely Mother’s Day message on her Facebook wall; those are all wonderful and dandy! Or, you can make it a Mothers Day when you showered her how much you care by writing her a thoughtful and endearing paragraph about how much she means to you.

We’ve written a few examples here that you can use, and we highly encourage you to switch up some words to make it more personable to the mom you’re sending it to. Because on Mothers Day when you send or say these words, you want to make sure it’s coming from your heart because she deserves that.

  • Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Or, in my case, I should say – HAPPY BEST MOM EVERY DAY! Really though, every day feels like Mothers Day when you have the greatest, brightest, and coolest mom you could ever imagine. I love you mom; thank you for always being there for me. I don’t know what I’d do without you.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to an amazing soul who’s always been like a mother to me. Every year, Mothers Day when it came around was made special because I had someone so wonderful to celebrate it with. I can’t thank you enough for being the mom you didn’t have to be, for being there for me, and for looking out for my best interest. I’ll never be able to thank you enough, and I thank you for helping me be the person I am today.
  • A big ol Happy Mother’s Day to one classy, sassy, lovely momma! This time of year on Mothers day when everyone and their mother *pause for laughter* is thinking of their moms, I actually think of how amazing of a mom you are. I admire you and your journey of motherhood. It’s been a blessing to see you grow into a beautiful mom; heck, I wish you were my mom! All jokes aside, here’s a cheers to you for being one heck of a mom!
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Life is full of so many moments, and some of the most wholesome ones come from Mothers Day when you get those warm feelings of being around your mom or someone who’s being the best mom they can be. 

On Mothers Day when we celebrate moms from all walks of life, but what about single mothers? Is there someone in your life who has been playing the role of mom and dad, who works unbelievably hard and deserves recognition? You’ll want to check out our article on Mather’s Day and see what it’s all about.

Remember, it’s Mothers Day when you’re celebrating the hard work and pure love that’s embedded in moms. She’s one-of-a-kind, a walking miracle, and she deserves to be treated as such. Happy Mother’s Day!

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