54 Happy Mother’s Day Messages to Friends

Motherhood is blissful, though it can be very challenging. It is important to commemorate and honor mothers on their special day.

Sending Happy Mother’s Day messages to friends and family will surely light up their moods and make everything feel extra special. So, grab your favorite pen and write a heartfelt letter to your friends who are moms and grandmas.

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Happy Mother’s Day Messages to Friends

  1. My mom raised me with so much love and care. I know you’re doing the same for your children too! Happy Mother’s Day!
  2. Mothers are the most underappreciated people, but I want you to know that your greatness is remembered not only this Mother’s Day but all the days of the year.
  3. Wishing you a lovely day to celebrate with your kids and families. You are one wonderful and amazing mom! Happy Mother’s Day.
  4. Sending well wishes to one of the best mothers I know! Enjoy the celebration with your family, my dear friend. Happy Mother’s Day!
  5. Love, compassion, and strength. These are your greatest attributes that make you the best mother in the world. Enjoy this special day meant for mothers like you!
  6. Your children are extremely lucky to have such an amazing woman as their mother! Happy Mother’s Day.
  7. Take time for yourself today! It should be all about you! Happy Mother’s Day.
  8. Being a mother is one heck of a job! But you’re pulling through! Keep it up.
  9. I often wonder how you can do all the work of being a mom. Then, I remember that you are stronger and better than Super Woman! Happy Mother’s Day.
  10. You cannot compare the love of a mother to anything. It is as unconditional as breathing. Happy Mother’s Day.
  11. Mothers spend sleepless nights taking care of their newborns and caring for their kids when they get sick. They spend sleepless nights thinking about whether their grown-up children are doing well. Being a mother is, indeed, difficult. But, it is also the most rewarding and satisfying thing in the world. Happy Mother’s Day!
  12. This day is all about celebrating how a magnificent mother you are! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy what your family has planned for you!
  13. Surprises are in store for the best mother! (Just act surprised even if you already know about the cake and wine.) Happy Mother’s Day.
  14. A mother’s heart is so deep that it never runs out of love for all her children. You are such an incredible person – both as a mother and a friend! Happy Mother’s Day to you.
  15. Take time to relax because this day is meant for amazing mothers like you!
  16. A super cool mama like you needs an extraordinary celebration this Mother’s Day!
  17. I’m always inspired by moms like you. How do you make everything about motherhood look like a breeze? Happy Mom’s Day.
  18. Wishing a dear friend and a superb mom a very Happy Mother’s Day!
  19. Being a mom is no easy task, but somehow, you make it look easy! Have a lovely celebration this Mother’s Day.
  20. Moms are always busy, and it’s no wonder why. But I hope that you’ll take it easy today. After all, it’s Mother’s Day!
  21. I’m quite privileged to have a wonderful friend like you who inspires me to become a great mom too! Enjoy this Mother’s Day.
  22. It’s quite lovely to see the kids growing up, isn’t it? What makes it even better is having a mother to guide them to become the best versions of themselves while growing up. Happy Mother’s Day!
  23. Celebrating Mother’s Day is one way for moms and mamas to feel extra special! I hope that you’ll celebrate this year’s celebration with brightness and vibrant colors.
  24. Just dropping by to say how great of an amazing woman and mama you are. Happy Mother’s Day, my dearest friend.
  25. I hope that this Mother’s Day gives you more great memories to cherish for a lifetime.
  26. A wonderful friend like you deserves the best Mother’s Day wishes of good health, more patience, and a good ME time! Happy Mother’s Day.
  27. Tell me, what’s the secret to being the best mama in town? Enjoy the festivities of the day.
  28. Live life to the fullest, especially if you’re a mom!
  29. Sending all the best to the best mom in the world. Happy Mother’s Day to you, awesome mama!
  30. There’s a sweet and gentle soul that I know. It’s the mother in you! Happy Mother’s Day.
  31. Raising kids is one heck of a job! How did you manage? Happy Mother’s Day!
  32. Did you know that I happen to be friends with a fantastic momma? That’s you!
  33. To a wonderful mom and wife, wishing you a lovely celebration this Mother’s Day.
  34. I am so blessed to have a friend as nice and thoughtful as you! I hope that you’ll have fun this Mother’s Day.
  35. Friend, you are such an amazing woman and mother. You inspire not only your kids but also me! Enjoy the celebration because today is all about you! Happy Mother’s Day!
  36. Sending you thousands of well-thought wishes this Mother’s Day.
  37. I may be far away, but I always think of how great of a mom you are. May God bless your motherly heart with blessings and warmth.
  38. Keep the warmth and the love in your heart, especially this Mother’s Day.
  39. May you receive gifts of affection and admiration from the people around you this Mother’s Day. It’s your day, after all!
  40. Be blessed with all the love and care that every best mother deserves! Happy Mother’s Day, my friend.
  41. To a wonderful and loving friend, may your day be filled with fun, love, and wonderful memories this Mother’s Day.
  42. I hope that you have a blast celebrating Mother’s Day with your children and family. Have a wonderful day!
  43. I remembered how happy you were when you found out you were pregnant! I hope that the happiness (and challenges) of motherhood make you into a more amazing woman than you already are. Happy Mother’s Day.
  44. They say that motherhood brings you more wrinkles and stress. But, darling, you look as young and stress-free as ever. It’s time for you to spill your secret! Happy Mother’s Day.
  45. Have you ever wondered how many people you inspire for being the great mom that you are? Happy Mother’s Day.
  46. Dear friend, sending well wishes of good health and great fortune your way on Mother’s Day.
  47. Thoughts and prayers to a wonderful and amazing woman whose best strength is being a mother. Happy Mother’s Day.
  48. Your unconditional and selfless love for your children inspires me to do the same for my kids. All the best to you for Mother’s Day.
  49. A woman like you is priceless! I hope that you’ll have more blessings to come this year. Happy Mother’s Day, friend!
  50. Words are not enough to express how extraordinary you are as a mom. Dear, you’re even stronger than Wonder Woman! Happy Mother’s Day.
  51. A lovely woman becoming an amazing mother is priceless. I hope that you know how great your worth is.
  52. Moms can either be strict or cool. But whatever kind of mom that you are, one thing is for sure: You’re one of the best.
  53. Caring for a child is an arduous task, but you do it so easily. Enjoy this day because an awesome mom deserves a break too!
  54. No one knows the struggles of a mom better than another mom. So, talk to me whenever you need to. What are friends for? Happy Mom’s Day to us!

How to Sign Happy Mother’s Day Messages to Friends

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Writing and sending Happy Mother’s Day messages to friends will surely warm every woman’s heart. Being a mother is a tough job, and many people underestimate how challenging it is. So, this Mother’s Day, take a little time off by writing thoughtful Happy Mother’s Day messages to friends. Sign off the letter with these amazing endings:

  • Wishing all the best
  • From another mom
  • Inspired by you
  • Cheers to you
  • From mother to mother
  • With motherly love
  • All the best
  • Mommy’s friend
  • Your pal
  • From across the miles

Happy Mother’s Day messages to friends develop a strong bond for the both of you. Appreciating mothers for their hard work is a great way to uplift their spirits and give them more energy to face all of motherhood’s challenges.

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