60 Heartwarming Quotes for Grandparent’s Day

The love of our grandparents is priceless. The memories that we have of them as kids, being spoiled and eating granny’s home-baked cookies, will delight our hearts forever. And if we’re lucky enough, our own kids can meet them too!

Celebrating Grandparent’s Day honors our amazing elders whom we cherish with love. So, write them a letter or a card with the best Grandparents Day sayings! Any quotes for Grandparent’s Day can give joy to their hearts, for sure!

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Quotes for Grandparents Day

  1. Children lucky enough to spend time with their grandparents grow in age-old wisdom and unconditional love.
  2. No one beats a grandparent when it comes to spoiling the kids. It’s a fact everyone already knows.
  3. A wonderful grandparent is a precious gem.
  4. Kids know that when mom and dad get mad, it’s time to hide behind gran!
  5. The presence of a grandparent makes home better.
  6. There’s no better delight than spending summer breaks in gran’s old cabin in the woods. The serene nature and gran’s old-age wisdom are the most relaxing things in the world.
  7. Grandparents shine brighter than diamonds and are more precious than gold.
  8. We don’t choose our grandparents. They are God’s wonderful gift to children.
  9. Little children learn most mischief from grandparents. (Shhh, don’t tell mommy and daddy!)
  10. Grandparent’s Day is a celebration honoring incredible grandparents who work tirelessly with love and care in support of their families.
  11. Grandparents are like fine wine: better with age.
  12. Grandparents are decked in wisdom, teaching the young and preparing them for the battle called life.
  13. Every child needs the guidance and wisdom of a grandparent. Because there is no other insight better than that which has been honed for years.
  14. Grandparents are like air. You cannot see it, but you know they are always there.
  15. We add the word “grand” in grandparents is they are very much like our own parents… only grander.
  16. There’s a different sense of joy in being a grandparent from the joy of being a parent.
  17. Grandparents are the reason why kids can enjoy sweet snacks secretly.
  18. Though most grandparents are known for silver hairs, it’s their hearts of gold that makes them priceless.
  19. Oh, such immense joy when a grandparent feels the finger of their first grandchild in their palm.
  20. Grandparents have to deal with so much hardship. From raising their own kids to helping raise their grandchildren. But that’s the beauty of it all, isn’t it?
  21. For a grandparent, there’s nothing more precious than the smiles of their little angels.
  22. Grandparents are the best friends that every kid fights to have.
  23. There is nothing more genuine than grandparents adoring their grandchildren.
  24. The blessings of a grandparent play a crucial role in a child’s successful future.
  25. Grandparents always say “yes” to something that mom and dad said “no” to.
  26. The beauty of being a grandparent is when you see your grandchild running to give you a warm hug and a gentle kiss.
  27. There’s nothing a grandparent won’t do for a grandchild in trouble.
  28. God gave us grandparents to make sure we are well-supplied with sweets and love!
  29. The joy of being a grandchild is knowing that you always have your grandparent on your side.
  30. Grandparents are God’s priceless gift for this generation.

Grandparent’s Day Sayings to Write on a Card

  1. I remember the smell of grandma’s home-baked cookies and grandpa’s work garage… but above all, I remember the love they showered me with whenever I came to visit!
  2. I’m blessed to have such loving and supportive parents. Even more so because I have the best grannies in the world!
  3. You took care of me when mom and dad were away. You tucked me into bed with a good night kiss. Gran, I grew up well thanks to you!
  4. Sending my warm hugs and kisses to the best grandparent I can ever ask for! (Just don’t tell my other grandparents I said that! Love you.)
  5. My childhood memories wouldn’t be as fun if I didn’t spend summer and Christmas breaks with you! Thanks for all the wonderful moments, Gran!
  6. A parent, a teacher, a friend, and my favorite comforter! That’s the kind of grandparent you are!
  7. I wish you good health, strong joints, and happiness throughout your life. Happy Grandparents Day!
  8. To one of my most favorite persons in the world, may your light never falter and your love shared in abundance.
  9. Smile even when your face is wrinkled and your hair is gray. Don’t worry, Gran! I find you beautiful all the same.
  10. When mom and dad scolded me as a kid, I ran to you for support. I want you to know that I appreciate everything that you did and still do for me. Sending all my love this Grandparents Day from across the miles!
  11. Wow! I wondered how much patience you had for taking care of a stubborn kid like me! Must be loads!
  12. I never needed toys when I went on vacation with you. Because every moment spent with you has been filled with more joy than any toy could ever give.
  13. If I have grandkids someday, I want to be the kind of grandparent that you are to me!
  14. Whenever I find myself in an unfamiliar place, I calm myself by thinking about the familiar scent of smoky wood and vanilla undertones of gramps and grandma’s mixture of lemon and honey. Oh! How I miss coming to your place, Gramps. I hope to see you soon.
  15. I love how you always tucked me under the blanket before bed, cooked my favorite meals whenever I visited, and spoiled me rotten (even when mom and dad begged you not to!) Thanks for being an amazing grandparent!
  16. Grandparents are a nice promotion from parents! Now, you can take revenge on your kids by spoiling your grandchildren!
  17. To one of the coolest gran I know, may you get your fill of good food and good wine this Grandparent’s Day!
  18. I love you as much as the secret chocolates you gave me when I was a kid. Don’t worry, it’s still our secret from mom and dad!
  19. You’ve given me a different form of love without inhibitions. You make me smile whenever I cry. Then and now, you’re still the best granny in the whole wide world! Happy Grandparent’s Day.
  20. They said that old age sucks the fun out of life. I beg to differ! All of my childhood memories were spent with the coolest person I know! That’s you, Gran!
  21. When dad couldn’t dress as Santa Claus, it was you who always stepped in! Thanks for making our childhood the best!
  22. Gran, sitting on your lap as a kid and hugging you is a memory that I treasure the most. It is, in fact, my favorite part of childhood!
  23. I love mom and dad, but I love you more! Happy Grandparent’s Day!
  24. You make dreary days more fun when you come to visit. We miss you, Gran! Come and see us soon. Happy Grandparent’s Day.
  25. There are things I couldn’t learn from home and school… special things that I can only learn from the wisdom of a grandparent.
  26. The smell of grandpa’s coffee and grandma’s baked muffins still linger! Oh, how I miss such childhood memories. Happy Grandparent’s Day.
  27. Thank you for filling my world with love, then and now.
  28. May the Lord our God bless you with your heart’s desires because you are not only a great parent but the best grandparent anyone can have.
  29. I love the bedtime stories you used to read to me when I was a kid. I now read them to my own children.
  30. Here’s to an exciting celebration of Grandparent’s Day. So, don’t feel guilty – have a piece of cake and a glass of wine or two.

How to Sign Grandparent’s Day Sayings

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Celebrating how magnificent our grandparents are on Grandparent’s Day creates a sense of warmth and love. Sending them a card will brighten their day. But, ending salutations should have that personal touch. If you do not know how to end your Grandparent’s Day sayings, check out some of our recommended signatures below:

  • From your most beautiful (just don’t tell my siblings) grandkid
  • With so much love
  • Praying for your good health
  • Loving you to the moon and back
  • Your favorite grandchild
  • Forever and always
  • Loving you for a lifetime
  • Stay healthy

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