40+ Fantastic National Bacon Day Sayings

National Bacon Day may just be the best holiday of the year. National Bacon Day is celebrated on December 30th of every year. If you’re one of those people who have post-Christmas blues when Christmas is over, National Bacon Day will help you through it.

National bacon day sayings

To celebrate National Bacon Day, you’ll need bacon and a great National Bacon Day saying. You can post these National Bacon Day sayings on social media, or you can put them in a card for your favorite bacon-lover in your life.

Here are some sayings and quotes that you should use this upcoming National Bacon Day.

40+ National Bacon Day Sayings

  1. “Are you achin’ for some bacon?” – The Lion King
  2. Don’t go bacon my heart
  3. You’re bacon me crazy
  4. Bacon is my weakness
  5. BAE = Bacon and Eggs
  6. I can’t make everyone happy. I’m not bacon!
  7. “It’s a proven fact that all plans involving bacon have a 90 percent better chance of working out.” – Jeff Gunhus
  8. “Bacon — that perennial favorite, known even to sway hardened vegetarian.” – Jack Campbell
  9. Is there such a thing as too much bacon?
  10. Everything is better with bacon
  11. Bacon is the duct tape of the kitchen
  12. Bacon is the reason I’m not a vegetarian
  13. I’ll have bacon with a side of bacon
  14. If loving bacon is wrong, I don’t want to be right
  15. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy bacon
  16. Keep calm and eat bacon
  17. Give me bacon or give me death
  18. Don’t fry bacon naked, and don’t ask me how I know
  19. “That’s too much bacon!” Said no one ever
  20. Bacon is my spirit animal
  21. Bacon and I have a lot in common. Hot, salty, and satisfying
  22. This post is sponsored by bacon
  23. Bacon goes good with everything
  24. Bacon
  25. Give me bacon, and nobody gets hurt
  26. I want someone to whisper those three magic words to me: “Let’s get bacon.”
  27. Bacon lover
  28. Fueled by bacon
  29. May your bacon never burn
  30. Say no to drugs and say yes to bacon
  31. This guy loves bacon
  32. This girl loves bacon
  33. Peace. Love. Bacon
  34. I’m into fitness. Fitness bacon in my mouth
  35. I wonder if bacon thinks about me too
  36. You had me at bacon.
  37. Thanks a brunch!
  38. “I like waking up to the smell of bacon, sue me.” – Michael Scott
  39. “Bacon’s the best. Even the frying of bacon sounds like applause!” – Jim Gaffigan
  40. “Nothing helps scenery like bacon and eggs.” – Mark Twain
  41. Either you love bacon, or you’re wrong

Hashtags to Use on National Bacon Day

To get more exposure and interaction on your social media posts on National Bacon Day, you should use some of the following hashtags:

  • #baconlover
  • #instabacon
  • #baconbook
  • #bacongram
  • #NationalBaconDay
  • #Bacon
  • #BaconDay
  • #NBD

Facts About Bacon and National Bacon Day

National Bacon Day was invented in 1997 by Danya D Goodman and Meff Leonard, who simply wanted to bring people together through their love of bacon every year. They chose December 30th for the day because they wanted to incorporate the tradition of eating pork at the holidays but in a different way.

Bacon also has different meanings and preparation methods throughout the world.

  • American bacon comes from the pork belly and contains more fat. American bacon is smoked and cured, infusing it with various flavors before it’s cooked, and comes in strips.
  • Canadian bacon is made from the pig’s back and resembles ham. It is thicker pieces and is often in round or half-moon shapes.
  • Irish bacon is similar to Canadian bacon, except it’s often thicker. It comes from the pig’s back, just like Canadian bacon, which makes it so similar.
  • Italian bacon comes in different variations. Prosciutto or speck is uncooked and unsmoked dry ham that is sliced extremely thin, while pancetta is thicker unsmoked meat that comes from the pork belly.
Sizzling hot bacon

Other Holidays Where You Can Celebrate All Things Bacon

National Bacon Day isn’t the only holiday where bacon can be the center of attention. Take a look at some of these other national and international holidays where bacon can be celebrated:

  • International Bacon Day – the Saturday before Labor Day in the United States
  • International Brunch Day – March 14th
  • National Bloody Mary Day – January 1st
  • National Breakfast Day – March 13th
  • National Egg Day – June 3rd
  • National Coffee Day – October 1st
  • National Pancake Day – September 26th

You can enjoy bacon on any (or all!) of these national and international days!

Bacon Jokes You Can Use on National Bacon Day

If jokes are your favorite, we’ve got some bacon jokes and puns that you can use on National Bacon Day!

  • What do you call a bacon-wrapped dinosaur? Jurassic Pork!
  • Which celebrity tastes the best? Kevin Bacon.
  • What did the egg do when bacon told a joke? He cracked up!
  • Why did the pig go to the kitchen? Because he felt like bacon.
  • What play did the bacon go see? Hamlet.
  • What do you get when you play tug-of-war with bacon? Pulled pork!

How to Celebrate National Bacon Day

First, you need to let everyone know it’s National Bacon Day. This means creating a social media post and sharing it with everyone. You can use a fun picture quote, but we recommend actually eating bacon and sharing it on this special day. And if you don’t feel like frying up an entire pack of bacon on this day (although, why wouldn’t you?), there’s plenty of other bacon recipes you can choose from to commemorate this special day!

If you want to celebrate National Bacon Day with the bacon-lover in your life, we recommend using one of these bacon-inspired ideas!

  • Make a BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich)
  • Grill hamburgers with bacon on top
  • Have breakfast for dinner
  • Use bacon bits in your salad
  • Have a baked potato with lots of bacon
  • Bake bacon-wrapped cocktail weenies

Before You Go…

National Bacon Day is on December 30th so make sure you have plenty of bacon in your refrigerator to cook on this day. While every day should be National Bacon Day, in our opinion, you don’t want to forget about bacon’s special day on December 30th every year! And if you’re looking for even more bacony goodness, make sure to check out the amazing Bacon Today website.


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