50+ Funniest Chicken Jokes and Riddles

So why did the chicken cross the road? Well, we can’t answer that with a straight face, but we can ask: Why did the chicken read until the end of the article? Because a chicken loves some classic, hilarious yokes!

Get a carton load of these egg-cellent funniest chicken jokes and riddles, we guarantee you’ll crack a smile!

Kid helping feed chickens in the chicken coop and laughing at the funniest chicken jokes and riddles.

Chicken Jokes for Kids

You might remember chicken jokes being all the rave when you were a kid, and guess what, they still are! These chicken jokes for kids are stock full of silly giggles.

  • Why did Beethoven get rid of all his chickens?
    Because all they said was “Bach, Bach, Bach.”
  • What’s the scariest chicken movie of all time?
  • Why did the chicken cross the playground?
    To get to the other slide!
  • Why did the chicken decide to join a band?
    It already had drumsticks!
  • What do you call it when a chicken lays an egg on a hillside?
    An eggroll!
  • What do you call chickens who open up their own comedy club?
  • A chicken was caught ditching school, I heard he got eggspelled!
  • What did the chick and the rooster order to drink?
    A peepsi and a cockle-cola!
  • How do chickens learn best?
    By egg-sample!
  • What do you call a chicken who lays an egg by a four-leaf clover?
    Must be the cluck o’ the Irish!


Bad Chicken Jokes

Ever hear of the phrase so ugly it’s kind of cute? Well, these bad chicken jokes are so bad they’re pretty hilarious! Put your wings up if you can’t resist a bad chicken joke!

  • What do you call a person who takes care of chickens?
    A chicken tender!
  • Why were the 2 chickens separated?
    They were constantly egging each other on!
  • Was why the hen disappointed by the rooster?
    Turns out he wasn’t all that he was cracked up to be.
  • There’s a technical term for the door of a chicken coop, do you know what it is?
    A hen-trance.
  • Why did the roosters form a union?
    Because they’ve been working for chicken scratch!
  • What did the rooster say to the other rooster before things got heated?
    Let’s not get cocky.
  • What was the chicken’s major in college?
  • What did the leader of the chicken gang say when their rivals showed up?
    Let’s scramble!
  • Why does the hen lay eggs?
    Because if she dropped them they would crack!
  • Tragic what happened when the chicken caught a glimpse of the KFC meal.
    He kicked the bucket.


Stupid Chicken Jokes

Sometimes it’s the dumbest jokes that get the loudest cackles out of us; the dumber the better! These stupid chicken jokes will make you shake your head and hide your smile, enjoy!

  • What did the office chicken say to the other office chicken?
    Happy clucking Fry-day!
  • What’s it called when a chicken is caught staring at a lettuce?
    Chicken sees-a salad.
  • When is a chicken’s bedtime?
  • The rooster is showing off his new car, it’s an egg-onomic vehicle.
  • Why did the hen leave the rooster?
    He had a bad scrambling problem.
  • What kind of concert did the chicken have tickets for?
    A hensemble!
  • How does a chicken get through a big crowd?
    It clucks “eggscuse me”!
  • What did the rooster say to the duck after they finished eating at the restaurant?
    I’ll get the bill this time.
  • What did the hen say to the chicks having a sleepover?
    It’s already egg-o’clock, not another peep!
  • Where did the chicken wander off to?
    He went eggsploring!
Rooster graving in the green grass.

Spring Chicken Jokes

We’re all spring chickens at heart, check out these silly lighthearted spring chicken jokes that will make you feel like a kid again!

  • What dance did the rooster ask the hen to?
    The spring formal.
  • There’s a legend of particular chickens who only lay eggs in the winter.
    They’re certainly no spring chickens.
  • What do you call a chicken walking around happy and carefree?
    A chicken with a spring in its step!
  • What do they call a chick that’s not considered a spring chicken anymore?
    A seasoned hen.
  • Why did the farmer clear all of the chicken’s schedules for the day?
    It was time for spring cleaning.
  • What do you call a chicken who can’t stop clucking around?
    A spring chicken.
  • Why did the hen and the rooster call it quits?
    It was just a spring fling.
  • What’s the young chick’s favorite dance move?
    The spring-kler!
  • Why didn’t the rooster take the chick’s opinion seriously?
    He thought it was just a spring chicken.
  • Who are all the chicks in the coop peeping about these days?
    Bruce Spring-Steen!
Three brown chickens near a bowl of water.

Cute Chicken Jokes

These cute chicken jokes you can’t help but give a little grin and giggle too, they’re just so gosh darn cluckin’ adorable!

  • My role model is Yolk-o Ono, I’m a free-range chicken.
  • What does a passive chicken say to itself in an argument?
    Turn the other chick.
  • What does a baby chick call its friends?
    It’s peeps.
  • Why did the chicken win the baking contest?
    She made her dessert from scratch!
  • What did the rooster and the hen do for their first date?
    They went on a peck-nic.
  • Do you know where a chicken’s favorite place to vacation is?
  • What kind of car did the chicken get?
    A Mini Coop-er!
  • What did Gordan Ramsey say when he finished eating the chicken’s homecooked meal?
    This dish is im-peck-able!
  • Do you know who’s one of the greatest authors of all time?
    Charles Chickens.
  • What’s the chicken’s favorite song to dance to?
    Rock Around the Cluck!


Halloween Chicken Jokes

Who said chickens aren’t scary? Okay, perhaps they’re right. But who said these Halloween chicken jokes aren’t funny? No one, because these spooky-chicky jokes will have you cracking up!

  • There are some chickens that hang out around the cemetery, rumor has it they only lay deviled eggs.
  • Why didn’t the rooster want to watch a scary movie on Halloween?
    Because he was a chicken!
  • That chicken is obsessed with horror films, it’s a henthusiast!
  • Why did the rooster come to the party dressed as a chick?
    It was the cheep-est costume he could find!
  • What did the ghost chick say after they knocked on the door?
    Chick or peep!
  • Who’s the scariest horror movie character of all time?
    Freddy Clucker.
  • Why did the rooster leave the horror film marathon?
    He got chickened out.
  • Why was the rooster’s costume too scary for the party?
    He came as a bucket of fried chicken!
  • What happens when you cross a chicken with a ghost?
    You’ll have a poultry-geist on your hands.
  • What was the farmer’s last result when the chicken coop became haunted?
    He called for an eggs-orcist.

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