35 Hilarious Happy Birthday Puns to Write in a Card

Birthday messages can be serious, loving, or downright funny. We’re always fans of the funniest birthday card sayings we can find. These happy birthday puns are some of our favorites.

Funny birthday messages for your birthday pun loving friends and family

  1. I was going to tell you a pizza joke for your birthday but it was too cheesy, so I got you this card instead.
  2. I smell old people. Oh wait, that’s you! Happy birthday!
  3. If you were a triangle, you’d be acute one. Happy birthday, cutie!
  4. You’re so old the candles outgrew your cake.
  5. Deciding to spend your birthday with you is a piece of cake. Now, can I have one?
  6. We guarantee you an amazing gift on your birthday. It’s another year…older.
  7. Lovely, smart, good looking…but enough about me, it’s your birthday!
  8. An owl told me it’s your birthday, but he doesn’t give a hoot.
  9. They had to Force me to say it, but Yoda one I’m wishing a happy birthday.
  10. I was in a real pickle trying to decide what to write for your birthday, because you’re such a big dill.
  11. My cat told me to wish you a purr-fect birthday from meow to you.
  12. This whole birthday thing is getting old. Let’s party!
  13. Getting older isn’t that bad. I mean, if you were a car you’d be a classic!
  14. Have all the ice cream you want. It’s sher-bert day!
  15. You can eat all the shrimp at your birthday party. After all, on your birthday it’s okay to be a little shellfish.
  16. They say age is relative. Maybe that’s why your family keeps reminding you how old you are.
  17. Don’t clam up when it’s time to make your birthday speech. Remember, it’s time to shellebrate!
  18. Have a drink or two Thor your birthday, but don’t get too Hammered. You need to keep things Loki.
  19. Don’t be shocked when you go home tonight and find all your friends in your bathroom. They’re throwing you a surprise potty!
  20. Just remember, everyone’s birthday ends with the same thing. The letter “y”.
  21. Never swap the birthday cake with a bean pie. You don’t want to have a birthday farty.
  22. Just remember, age only matters if you’re wine or cheese.
  23. It’s you’re birthday so dress to impress. And don’t forget to accessorize your birthday suit.
  24. Sing it with me: Hip-po Bird-y to Ewe! Hip-po Bird-y to Ewe!
  25. You did a grape job raisin me mom/dad. Happy Birthday!

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Happy birthday puns: "sher-bert day"

Punny Birthday Jokes

  1. What did one hunting dog say to the other hunting dog on her birthday?
    Happy birthday! I got you this fantastic birthday pheasant!
  2. What did the thirsty elephant want as a birthday present?
    A full trunk!
  3. Why did the teddy bear tell everyone he didn’t want more birthday cake?
    He was already stuffed!
  4. How do bakers celebrate birthdays in heaven?
    With angel food cake!
  5. How did the cheese maker great his friends on their special day?
    He said, “have a gouda birthday!”
  6. Why do birthday candles not like to exercise?
    They get burned out too quickly.
  7. What are birthday balloons least favorite type of music?
    Pop music, of course.
  8. What kind of cake did the elf request from Santa every year?
  9. What do you say to your friends during happy hour on their big day?
    Happy beer-thday!
  10. When the pirate captain had his 80th birthday, what did he say?
    Aye, maytey!

How to sign a funny birthday puns card message

When it’s time to sign a birthday card with happy birthday puns, a funny saying or silly birthday quote, there are about a million ways you can approach it. These are a handful of funny birthday card signatures that we love to use.

  • Have a spectacular day!
  • Another one bites the dust,
  • Make a wish!
  • Have a good one!
  • Here’s to you!
  • May all your wishes come true,
  • Cheers, my friend!

We hope you enjoy these punny messages for happy birthday cards. Birthday cards are always fun to give and writing funny birthday card pun messages really takes the cake. 🙂

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