87 Pun-fect Birthday Puns to Pump Up the Party!

Make your birthday greeting the pun of the party with these Birthday puns that are irresistible! They’ll make you laugh, and they’ll give your eyes a workout with all the rolls they’ll be doing, but who can turn away a good old-fashioned pun?

If you’re trying to think of something witty and silly to write down on a card, on a birthday tag, or even a Happy Birthday Facebook post, these goofy birthday puns are pun-fect!

Smiling birthday girl holding a balloon, a birthday cake, and wearing a birthday sash. Birthday girl receives hilarious birthday puns for her birthday.

Birthday Puns to Write in a Card

Give the gift of cheesy smirks in all the celebration chaos with these pun-derful Birthday Puns that you can write in someone’s birthday card! There’s nothing like seeing that playful glare from the birthday gal or fella after they’re read a pretty clever pun.

  • No corny jokes on your birthday, not on my watch; they will be pun-ished!
  • Life is what you bake it, and you really take the cake! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday, pal! Coincidentally, there’s a big sale on candles. It’s a big blowout!
  • Do you know what the Pirate said when they turned 80? Aye, matey!
  • I thought about jotting down a goofy chemistry joke, but to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I’d get a reaction.
  • I got you a gift card so you can pick out your own clothes, I know you don’t want a card-again.
  • Happy birthday! I hope you like your present, I scent you a new perfume.
  • I could have sworn your text said presence, not presents…
  • So, I was going to bring a present. But then I thought, this piece of paper deeply illustrates the card I have for you.
  • You haven’t aged a day since we met; that’s why I got you a shortcake! Happy Birthday!
  • You’re the kernel to my corn; now let’s get popping and celebrate your birthday!
  • The birthday gal/pal is lookin’ pine; let’s not get sappy!
  • Your B-day cake brings all the boys to the yard.
  • Happy Birthday! Hey, sorry about the decorations; I tried blowing up and hanging balloons but someone kept playing pop music.
  • You’re simply glowing today, I can’t cake my eyes off of you.
  • Life is what you cake it, so let’s kick it up a tier.
Cute and adorable group of dogs celerbating a happy birthday and laughing at their owners' birthday puns.

Animal Birthday Puns

Is the birthday person an animal lover? These animal Birthday puns will be otter-ly pur-fect! Bonus if you have animal themed wrapping paper or card to go along with these cute and funny animal birthday puns!

  • Cow-abunga! Have a legend-dairy birthday!
  • Ha-Bee Birthday!
  • Hope you have an otter-ly terrific birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to Ewe!
  • Owl wanted me to tell you to have a hoot on your special day!
  • Hoppy Birthday to my bunniest friend!
  • I was flipping through a cat-alogue and I found you the pur-fect gift!
  • You’re one owl-some person, have a hoot of a birthday!
  • Whale, whale, whale, looks like it’s somebody’s birthday!
  • Time to celebrate YOU! Yeti or not, here we come!
  • Alpaca the snacks, let’s throw you the best birthday ever!
  • So the bird on the street is, it’s your tweet-day. Well, happy flappin’ day to you!

Food Birthday Puns

Everyone loves birthday parties, because there’s free food! Not only can food bring people together, but they make for some hilariously corny food birthday puns. Okay, so maybe the puns can actually drive people away. But you’ll see a grin somewhere in there!

  • I swiss you a gouda birthday!
  • I would never ever baguette your special day, Happy Birthday!
  • What an apple-lutely pear-fect day to celebrate you!
  • Wishing you a spec-taco-ular birthday for one dyna-guac gal/fella!
  • It’s your birthday; go fig or go home!
  • Today is a big bill; it’s your birthday!
  • Go shawty, it’s sherbert-day!
  • Roman calm and lettuce celebrate!
  • Today is all about celebrating mango-nificent you!
  • Let’s go make some birthday memories; grape minds think alike!
  • No need to get melon-choly or seedy; let’s take it easy and celebrate!
  • Time to go bananas and celebrate you; you’re a big peel!
  • No cheesiness, just have a grate birthday!
  • Get your dancing shoes; time for a little birthday mango!
  • Water we waiting for; You’re one in a melon, let’s celebrate!
  • We’re peeling great, and it’s a day to celebrate; let’s go bananas!
  • It’s your birthday so let’s lose our rinds tonight!
  • Let’s make the man-go crazy tonight and hype up your B-day!
  • You’re the figgin’ best; let’s live it up!
  • Cake it easy, it’s your time to have some piece!
  • I’m grape-ful to be celebrating your birthday with you!
  • The kiwi to a wonderful birthday is not taking the day for pomegranate!
  • You deserve a grape birthday and a bunch of presents!
  • Wishing you a berry fun birthday; let’s go jam!
  • Here’s a toast to you on your birthday!
  • You batter believe we’re gonna cake it up a notch for your birthday!
Delicious birthday cake decorated with sprinkles and surrounded by presents and party hats.

21st Birthday Sayings with Puns

Turning 21 is quite the milestone in someone’s life, but it doesn’t make them too old for some silly jokes. Try out these 21st birthday puns and watch the laughs roll in! Or, you may be watching people roll out… either way, there will be cake!

  • Don’t forget to invite the candles; they know how to get lit!
  • You’re older now, Bud Wiser. Time to celebrate!
  • Happy 21st! Let’s make like a caveman and go clubbing!
  • Let’s embrace our inner raccoons and get trashed!
  • It’s not a bright idea to drink an entire bottle of vodka on your b-day, but I guess you can give it a shot.
  • Happy Beer-thday!
  • Drink some water before bed, don’t make it a happy barf-day!
  • Another year older, but nothing to wine about! Happy 21st!
  • You have no ID-ea how happy I am for you! Happy 21st birthday!
  • Time to party it up, but don’t rum and coke!

50th Birthday Sayings with Puns

Laughter is the best medicine, and the best side to have with dessert! These 50th birthday puns will truly tickle the funnybone, and give a lighthearted chuckle to the 50th birthday boy or girl. You’re never too old for a good ol’ laugh!

  • You’re getting closer to being invited to the Granny Awards!
  • You’re old enough to hear this fact of life now; birthdays are fun and all, but too many of them can kill ya.
  • Hey now, let’s not let age get us down. Because it’s really a pain to get back up.
  • Next year let’s do something else; this whole annual birthday thingy is getting kind of old, huh?
  • Happy oldieth birthday!
  • For the record, you are not “old”, you’re a classic!
  • Just because you’re 50, doesn’t mean you’re not attractive anymore. You’re still hot! It may come in flashes, but still!
  • Who said being 50 isn’t what it cracks up to be? Every time you get up I hear a crack!
  • Those aren’t gray hairs, I see. Oh no, those are what we call wise highlights!
  • Celebrating you will never get old!
  • Happy 50th nap-day! I hope you have a dreamy time!
Birthday girl wearing a party hat and grinning at the birthday puns she received on her birthday card.

Birthday Puns for Facebook Post

We all get the notification when it’s someone’s birthday, and thank goodness right! Sometimes we’d forget! Shake things up from the traditional “Happy Birthday!” post with these silly Birthday Puns for Facebook birthday posts! You’re bound to get some laugh reactions, and send a smile to the birthday boy or girl!

  • There’s no need to rush, take life one year at a time!
  • You make life so fun-fetti! Happy Birthday!
  • Time to celebrate! But, you’re not 21 yet, so have a tea-riffic party!
  • There’s so mushroom in my heart for you fungi, happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday my gnomie!
  • Hippy Birthday, eternal flower-child!
  • A day to celebrate you is a piece of cake; there’s so much to say!
  • Happy anni-birth-sary!
  • Llama just wish you a quick Happy Birthday!
  • Oh deer, I doe it’s your birthday; have a great time!
  • Holy guacamole, it’s your birthday!
  • Time to say, “Cashew later!”, “I’m doing nuts!” Enjoy your birthday!
Happy birthday message with confetti and paper crowns.

Give the gift of playful laughter with silly and goofy birthday puns that are bound to make anyone giggle even if it’s just a little!

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