50 Thoughtful Birthday Wishes for Coworker

It makes someone feel special when their birthday is remembered, and it means even more when someone they work with remembers and celebrates their big day! You can be that awesome colleague, boss, or employee for someone in your workplace when a birthday comes around by sending them awesome and thoughtful birthday wishes for coworker that will make them smile and feel appreciated.

Get those thumbs ready to text, or fingers ready to write or type for these terrific birthday wishes for your coworker, boss, or employee!

Colleague sending fun birthday wishes for coworker on her computer.

Birthday Wishes, Coworker

Bring on the ice cream cake and birthday wishes, coworkers deserve to have their day brightened up too, and especially so on their birthday! Wish happy birthday to a colleague with these wonderful and thoughtful happy birthday wishes, colleague messages!

  1. Happy birthday to my favorite coworker! (Pst. Don’t tell the others)
  2. I swear this place wouldn’t run without ya, but take a load off and enjoy your birthday!
  3. Hey, happy birthday slacker! Maybe you should have taken the day off so we could get some work done around here!
  4. Truly you are one of the most hardworking people I know, you deserve to have a relaxing birthday!
  5. Happy Birthday to one super cool coworker from another, we sure know how to keep a ship running!
  6. If I had a dollar for every time you went above and beyond, we could both quit! Happy Birthday, hard worker!
  7. You’re more of a friend than a coworker, but goodness am I glad you’re here every day of this circus with me. Happy Birthday!
  8. Let’s celebrate your birthday in true workplace fashion. Whatever you want from the vending machine, it’s on me.
  9. If anyone deserves a break and a grand birthday, it’s you! Happy Birthday buddy!
  10. Happy Birthday to a hardworking, awesome, and kind coworker I’m lucky to have around!
Coworkers, employees, and boss celebrating birthday in the workplace with party hats and cake.

Birthday Wishes, Boss

Birthday wishes for coworkers are a fantastic gesture, and stepping the birthday game up is birthday wishes, boss style. When the boss’s birthday comes around send them a nice card, ecard, or email with a great birthday wish!

  1. Happy Birthday to the best boss I could have ever asked for, hope you have a good birthday!
  2. Cheers to you boss, hope you have a birthday as awesome as you!
  3. Some people just say they have the best boss for brownie points. But I say I have the best boss for cake points, there will be cake right? All jokes aside, happy birthday!
  4. Happy Birthday to the hardworking, dedicated, and awesome boss who keeps this tidy ship running smoothly!
  5. Today let’s celebrate you as a whole, not just the you version of you that we all see at work. Although, that part of you should be celebrated too because man do you do a great job. Happy Birthday!
  6. A big happy birthday to a huge reason why this company is so great!
  7. Wishing you the happiest birthday, because you truly deserve it.
  8. Happy birthday, Boss! Here’s to many more years of health, happiness, and memories for you!
  9. You’re one hardworking boss, and although I speak for all of us when I say we appreciate it, take a day off! Enjoy your birthday!
  10. Happy birthday to the funniest boss in the world! Now, on an unrelated note, did we land on a time for cake yet, or are we still thinking on that?
Cheerful businessman having fun while receiving birthday presents from colleagues at office party.

Birthday Wishes to Employee

The atmosphere of a workplace can really depend on the boss and how their employees view them. So be the cool boss and remember your employees’ birthdays! Give a little cheer and celebration with these kind birthday wishes to employee and watch the smile paint across their face.

  1. It’s part of my job to recognize the potential in people, and I noticed yours from the very beginning. Happy birthday, thank you for all your hard work!
  2. Happy Birthday to a terrific person I’m happy to have on board!
  3. Today may you be reminded of the awesome person you are, and how much you mean to the people in your life. Even your boss! Happy birthday!
  4. I’ll know why you called in sick tomorrow, we’ll let this one slide because it’s your birthday. Have a good one!
  5. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day, and thank you for all the dedication and focus you’ve poured into your position, your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.
  6. It’s not every day a boss gets to wish happy birthday to a top-notch employee, but today’s the day! Happy birthday!
  7. You’ll get plenty of happy birthday wishes today, and I’m thankful I get to be one of them. Happy birthday, I truly hope you have a wonderful day.
  8. Happy Birthday to one of the most positive and hardworking people I know, you’re amazing!
  9. You’ve brought so much good to this workplace, hiring you is the gift that keeps on giving. Happy Birthday!
  10. Wishing you the happiest happy birthday there is because you’re one outstanding person to work with!
Woman receiving birthday wishes for coworker on her birthday at the workplace from coworkers.

Happy Birthday Coworker Messages

Having a good relationship with your coworkers is like developing a second family, it’s the best! Get your celebration on and make your coworker’s birthday even better with some thoughtful happy birthday coworker messages. A kind birthday wish can go a long way!

  1. Happy birthday to the greatest coworker I could have asked for. You seriously make the workdays more enjoyable, and we both know that’s saying a lot! Have a great day, I can’t wait to hear all about it!
  2. Work would be the worst without you there, I’m so thankful to have met you. Now you go have the best birthday, you deserve it! Have as much cake as you want!
  3. You grab the champagne, I’ll get the cake, we meet in the break room at noon! All jokes aside, I hope you have a lovely birthday you’ve more than earned it. I do expect a party hat at least though!
  4. Happy Birthday to my working partner in crime! What would this place do without us, huh? More like what would I do without you!
  5. Thank you for being a coworker I can count on, and don’t worry I won’t return the favor when we put the candles on your cake. Happy Birthday!
  6. I know technically you’re my coworker, but let’s be real you’re more like my super-duper best friend. So let’s start over. Happy Birthday Super-Duper-Awesome-Out-Of-This-World best friend!!!
  7. Happy Birthday! Work isn’t everything, be sure to take some time for yourself and just relax, you deserve it. And eat cake. Lots and lots of cake.
  8. Through every meeting, email, and unnecessary conference you’ve been there ready to pull out a timely joke or sarcastic eye roll. Man work wouldn’t be the same without you! Happy Birthday!
  9. In the past, it was hard for me to think of who was my favorite coworker. But it’s not ever since you started working here! Happy birthday, pal!
  10. Happy birthday to a coworker I’m happy and blessed to call my friend. You’ve always got my back, and you work so hard every single day. I hope you take today to do something for yourself, have an amazing day!
Business team celebrating a birthday of collegue in the modern office.

Coworker Birthday Quotes

Are you signing a birthday card or wanting to inscribe something non-generic in your coworker’s card? Get inspired by these coworker birthday quotes and give your coworker the best on their birthday!

  1. “I always say I’m not going to work; I’m going to play with my friends.” -Brian Tyree Henry
  2. “Less of a coworker, more of a friend, you are the reason why I love coming to work every day.” -Unknown
  3. “It is rare to find a business partner who is selfless. If you are lucky, it happens once in a lifetime.” -Michael Eisner
  4. “Coworkers are like Christmas lights. They all hang together, but half of them don’t work and the other half aren’t so bright. But you’re the best working blub of all!” -Unknown
  5. “It is a very special thing when you go and get to work with your best friends every day.” -Nick Frost
  6. “Happiness is having a coworker who becomes a friend.” -Unknown
  7. “You can’t change the world alone- you will need some help – and to truly get from your starting point to your destination takes friends, colleagues, and the goodwill of strangers, and a strong coxswain to guide them.” -William H. McRaven
  8. “You’re the only coworker I don’t complain about to my other coworkers.” -Unknown
  9. “When you’re working with your friends, it doesn’t feel like it’s work.” -Ken Jeong
  10. “Chance made us colleagues. Fun and laughter made us friends.” -Unknown
Coworkers throwing their coworker a happy birthday party at the workplace.

What a lovely and selfless deed to wish someone a happy birthday, and even more so to brighten your workspace with birthday cheer. Enjoy the smile that you put on your colleague’s face, and get a nice slice of cake!

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