How to Sign a Wedding Card With A Genuine Touch

Do you always cry at weddings? Come on, who doesn’t get choked up when they witness the Bride and Groom lock eyes as she’s walking down the aisle? The real question is, how can you encapsulate such a beautiful day full of precious moments into one card?

If you’re wondering how to sign a wedding card with a loving touch, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect place. Not only will we show you how to sign a wedding card, but we’ll also show you some original examples you can either use yourself or take as inspiration for how to sign a wedding card for your friend or family member who’s getting hitched!

Save your happy tears for the big and beautiful day; let’s learn how to sign a wedding card, and you’ll be a wedding card expert by the end!

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How Do You Sign a Wedding Card

The big question you’re after, how do you sign a wedding card? Let’s tackle it.

Signing a wedding card can feel intimidating. You want it to be perfect after the couple has just experienced the best day of their lives! But there are a few little secrets about wedding cards that come in handy when you’re trying to figure out what you want to write down.

Things to Keep In Mind When Signing a Wedding Card

  • Whether the couple chooses to read their cards the very next day or in a week’s time, chances are they’ll still be buzzing from the big day and a bit tired from the extravagance of it. What does this mean for you? You can take some pressure off of yourself. You don’t have to write a Shakesperean sonnet, simply writing a paragraph (3 sentences) describing the love you have for the couple and the journey they have ahead of them will be more than enough to make the newlyweds smile.
  • When couples read their wedding cards, they look forward to hearing what each person says. Transport them to the day of their wedding by writing to the couple about how you’ve witnessed their love story flourish and how they complement one another. You want to make them feel loved and happy; they just got married!
  • Allow the couple to soak in their own story and wedding day; don’t overload them with advice. Of course, giving advice can be a nice gesture, but you can probably imagine that they’ve received every piece of advice under the sun at this point. Instead of jotting down a word of advice, take a moment to share a favorite memory you share with them and how lovely it is to see how far they’ve come as a couple.

These tips are the perfect tokens to keep in mind while you’re brainstorming how to sign a wedding card for the newlyweds. Keep reading to get more tips and examples!

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How to Sign a Wedding Card For a Friend

Friends are like chosen family, so you want this card to be heartfelt and amazing. For some pals, you may have been giggling and daydreaming about this day through childhood sleepovers and adult wine sessions for so long that you can hardly believe the day is here! But now that the time has come, you’re wondering how to sign a wedding card for a friend. Let’s break it down into some easy-to-follow steps that you can customize and fill in with your own special friendship details.

Easy How-To Steps on How to Sign a Wedding Card for a Friend

  1. Addressing: Beginning your card, you can either dive straight into the mushy stuff, or you can address the happy couple. You can either do this by writing: “The cutest newlyweds ever,” or “Mr. & Mrs. [Last Name]“. Another option is to write two separate messages on the card. One for your friend, and one for the newlywed’s partner. This works if you’re closer with one of the newlyweds than the other, but it’s very important you address both parties in the wedding card. Don’t make a newly married person feel left out of their own wedding card!
  2. Complimenting: It takes a huge amount of effort to plan and set up a whole wedding day; give them some props! Although at the time, you may not know what the venue looks like as you’re signing the card, you can still admire their hard work to make this day happen. You can also add that you knew the day was going to be beautiful because they’re such a beautiful couple.
  3. Reminiscing: Slip in a fun little trip down memory lane with a fun or lovely memory you share with the couple. It doesn’t have to be a big memory, and you don’t have to go into extreme detail. But who knows the kind of smile or happy feeling you could bring to the couple as they reminisce the memory you shared with them?
  4. Thanking: Being invited to a wedding, whether 20 people or 200, is no small gesture. Weddings are pretty pricey! That’s why it’s a sweet expression of gratitude to thank the couple for including you on their big day. This portion of the card goes a long way!
  5. Signing: Last but not least, how to sign a wedding card. This depends a lot on your relationship with the couple. If you’re very close you may feel comfortable with signing something along the lines of: “With much love,” or “Sending my love and best wishes,” and adding your name at the bottom. If you’re not on that level, no worries! You can sign with something elegant such as: “Cheers to the best Newlyweds,” or “Sending you all the happiness in the world,“.
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How to Sign a Wedding Card Without Saying Love

We love love, but we don’t want to overuse the word love on a day all about love. Let’s give the other lovely words a chance! Avoiding using the word love in a wedding card isn’t impossible. We’ll show you how to sign a wedding card without saying love. Check out this awesome list you can pick and choose from, or totally make your own!

Alternative Ways to Sign a Wedding Card Without Saying Love

  • Wishing you both the best,
  • Here’s to many years of happiness,
  • A couple like you is once in a thousand lifetimes,
  • To the greatest couple I know,
  • Blessings to you and your beautiful future,
  • To the most adorable couple ever,
  • Here’s to the greatest Newlyweds around,
  • Cherish one another as we all cherish your big day,
  • With tenderness and the most wonderful wishes,
  • All the best and even more,
  • The [Newlyweds’ last name] has a ring to it,
  • Thank you for letting me be a part of your amazing day,

As long as you’re signing the wedding card with a thoughtful, positive, and happy vibe the receiving couple is going to be thrilled!

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How to Sign a Wedding Thank You Card

It’s a nice gesture to send thank you cards to your awesome guests that made your day even more special. Simply just receiving a card from the newlyweds would make any guest feel special and warm inside!

But thinking of how to sign a wedding thank you card after all the time and energy you just poured into the biggest day of your life is a lot of work to ask of any newlywed. Let us help you out!

Here are some tips on how to sign a wedding thank you card, along with some examples of how to sign a wedding thank you card.

Tips on How to Sign a Wedding Thank You Card

  • Addressing your guest by their name will be the perfect start to making them feel seen and special. It’s a genuine sign that you’re taking the time to write to each of your happy guests!
  • If you have a list of the gifts you received from your guests handy, you can write down in your thank you card that you love what you got from the guest. Or if you don’t, that’s no trouble; you can always express your gratitude for their generosity.
  • Add somewhere in your thank you card that you’re blessed and grateful that the said guest could attend and be there for such a beautiful and special day. Who doesn’t love to hear that their presence made a difference?

Examples of How to Sign a Wedding Thank You Card

  • [Guest’s name], I am so incredibly grateful that you could be a part of our wedding day. Making some new memories with you on such an important day made it all the more special. We’re both so thankful for your generosity, both with your time and the thoughtful wedding gift. Hope to see you again soon, [Newlyweds names]
  • [Guest’s name], what a remarkable day, we can’t believe how fast it went! And we are so beyond happy that you could be a part of the best day of our lives. It wouldn’t have been nearly the same without those we love, and you made us smile with your awesomeness present. Speaking of presents, thank you so much for your generous and lovely gift! With love, the [Newlywed’s last name]
  • [Guest’s name], we had so many cherishable moments on our wedding day. And it only made them even more special to have the people we love there to embrace those moments with us. Thank you for being there for us not only on our wedding day but throughout our whole love story. We’re so thankful to have someone like you in our life! An abundance of love from, the [Newlywed’s last name]

Feel free to customize these wedding thank you card examples to fit you and your lovely guests!

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How to Sign a Wedding Shower Card

A wedding shower is a giddy and wonderful time to get excited about the big day! It’s also a perfect time to get a lovely card and write down some nice thoughts and messages for the happy couple. If you’re curious about how to sign a wedding shower card, here are some quick tips so you can get rockin’ and rollin’.

Quick Tips on How to Sign a Wedding Shower Card

  • Get excited: It’s most likely only a few months until the couple’s big day, so be their hypeman! The couple would love to hear that their future guests are looking forward to the wedding, especially after all the planning and potential stress they’re experiencing.
  • Compliment their relationship: Hearing positive words about something you’ve worked hard on, like a relationship, is always lovely to receive. Let the couple know if you admire them and the qualities you’ve noticed in their relationship. These endearing words can go a long way!
  • Extend your help: Although most of their plans may be set in motion, it’s always nice to let the couple know that you’re available if they need any extra help. It’s a huge day they’re planning!

Using these tokens of wedding shower card knowledge, you’ll be signing a terrific wedding shower card in no time at all!

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Now you can get your handkerchief ready for those happy tears. You’re ready to sign that wedding card with elegance, class, and loveliness, and don’t forget those cutesy wedding words!

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