Special Paragraphs for Him (Over 50 originals!)

It’s the best feeling in the world when someone makes you feel special. Well, your fella deserves that same love and attention through the power of words with loving paragraphs for him to receive and surprise him!

Showering your significant other with gifts is a nice gesture, don’t get us wrong! We all love receiving a surprise gift every now and then. But there’s something about good old-fashioned romantic letters (or texts nowadays!) that can light up someone’s heart with that warm fuzzy feeling and release the butterflies back in their stomach.

Whether you’re in a newly established relationship or you’ve been kickin’ it with your ride-or-die for a hot minute, these paragraphs for him to read and receive will remind him how much you love and care for him.

One quick English lesson note before we get all the feels, a paragraph is typically around, at minimum, 3 sentences long and usually not more than 10. Lesson learned; now let’s go see these adorable paragraphs for him!

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Paragraphs for Him to Make Him Smile and Laugh

What makes a fella smile? Perhaps a joke from Futurama, but let’s get on a passionate level.

Truly, it’s when you give recognition to the hard work he does (Whether that’s personally, career-wise, or a goal he’s been working on), compliment his looks, give a nod to his humor, and who doesn’t like to hear that they’re cute as a button and smart as Einstein not in a sarcastic way?

Those are some key ingredients to formulating paragraphs for him to make him smile if you’d like to try your creative hand at it. But if not, no worries! We’ve got some paragraphs for him ready to go!

  • [Babe] I’ve been thinking about you all day, literally you haven’t left my mind! You’re always making me laugh and feel beautiful, and we have so much fun together. I just wanted to let you know that you’re always in my mind, and you make me so happy.
  • Who’s got a cute [girlfriend], a killer work ethic, smart as hell, and the world’s brightest smile? The handsome man reading this, that’s who! You’re always making me smile and giggle, so I wanted to do the same. Thank you for being the absolute GREATEST!
  • Oh my gosh, [Babe], guess what?! I just got an email that it’s been confirmed. πŸ† YOU’RE THE WORLD’S BEST PARTNER!!! πŸ†Guess what that means? I’m gonna take you out on a date to celebrate the incredible person you are and that I’m so lucky to love. ❀️
  • You pop into my head all the time, but today I thought of something besides your cute face. I was thinking about how hard you work every day and you’re always doing things for others. I admire you so much, and I love you even more. Just wanted to let you know you’re my superhero!
  • Some days really suck, like, super suck. But then I go through my pictures and videos, and just seeing the fun times we’ve had together makes me feel lighter and whole again. Being with your best friend is so underrated; you’re like my live-in comedian! And I’ll be here laughing my butt off at all your comedy specials. Love ya, goofy!
  • [Baby], me and one other thing on this earth is the most blessed because we get to see you, admire you, and be there for you always. Any guesses? It’s not the pizza guy πŸ•πŸ‘¨ It’s the πŸͺž! Get it? Cause mirrors and me check you out πŸ˜‰
  • Do you know how lucky I am? No, seriously [Honey], do you KNOW how LUCKY I AM?! I get to wake up and see your HANDSOME face every morning??? I get to binge-watch TV shows and eat too many Doritos with the FUNNIEST GUY ON THE PLANET??? And I get to kiss, hug, AND cuddle the cutest person??? omfg I’m so lucky to call you mine, [Babe].
  • Right now you’re at work, working hard and making that πŸ’Έ but you never told me that you were such a good multi-tasker. Because while you’re at work all πŸ’ͺ I’m at work all 😍 because I can’t stop thinking about you! Seriously, I can’t stop thinking about how amazing you are at literally everything you pick up, how contagious your laugh is, along with your corny jokes, and absolutely cannot stop thinking about how handsome you are. So like, kudos for the mad multitasking skills, but lemme work [Babe].
  • [Sweetheart], I’m not gonna play it cool or anything; you are the hottest, best, and sweetest person ever. And that doesn’t even cover half of it! You fill me up with so much love, joy, and happiness. Life would be so dull without you.
  • Heeyy booo thaaaangg πŸ‘» Just kidding, but you are boo-dacious 😘 Alright, alright, all jokes aside, you really are the fun ✨spirit✨ in my life. Sorry! Couldn’t help myself!
  • Well, well, well, if it isn’t the coolest, most handsome, most hilarious guy on Earth reading MY text message. Whelp, pal, I’ve got some things to say to you. Like, how much I dig your style, how you make me laugh when I’m being moody, and how every day feels like a gift because you’re in it. So, take that to heart, buddy!
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I Like You Paragraphs for Him

It’s the big one, the mothership, that starts it all. Sending the I like you text. What a nerve-wracking experience! But with our help and our carefully crafted I love you paragraphs for him, we’ll help you take some of the weight off.

  • Soooo let’s say we’re in a Hallmark movie and it’s the part the whole audience has been waiting for. This is that, in text form: I like you. I like the way you think about things, and I like how we can talk forever and we’ll still find something else to discuss and laugh about. I like how you’re unapologetically yourself and you lift me up for who I am. I like everything about you, and everything I’ll continue to learn about you.
  • There’s a handful of things I truly like in this world, as you may know. [Coffee], [pizza], [Nick Miller from New Girl], and more importantly, you. Maybe I’ve known it for awhile now, but I couldn’t find the right words or time to tell you. But why not now, right?
  • I guess there isn’t a non-cheesy way to go about this, so here it goes. Since we’ve started hanging out, I wake up looking forward to the day and I swear my smile feels different. And knowing you has even brought me out of my shell more, and I’ve never felt more like myself. So, without sounding too corny, I like you.
  • Without sounding too much like a little kid with a scrap of notebook paper in their hand with two checkboxes, I like you. I like the way you make me laugh at the most random things. I like how easy it is to be myself around you, and how you help me celebrate that. And I like who you are, and who I’m continuing to get to know. So just like that kid with the paper and two checkboxes, I would check yes, I do like you. *πŸ“*
  • Playing it cool is overrated, I appreciate a kind and straight forward conversation. So, here it goes. I like you. I think you’re extremely funny, I’m always having fun when we hangout even if we’re just sitting around. I like you like SpongeBob loves his job, and like Squidward secretly likes Krabby Patties. I hope you’re having a good day, thanks for reading this.
  • There’s not many times in my life where I felt I could be vulnerable with someone and show my real self. I’ve always had some kind of guard up to protect myself. But since talking with you and getting to know you more and more every day, I can feel my guard naturally coming down and my true self coming out. Spending time with you feels so special, and I just want to tell you that I like you. And I hope we can hangout again soon.
  • This isn’t the easiest text to send, not because it’s a bad thing. But because it’s a new thing, and sometimes new things can be a little freaky at first, especially if you don’t know how it’s going to play out. You’ll never know until you go forth though, and that’s what I really want to send you (Sorry, I’m bad at this πŸ€ͺ). I wanted to share with you that I like you. I like spending time with you, and I think you’re one of the coolest and kindest people I’ve ever met.
  • Hey! Soooo, life is kind of weird, right? And we’re both kind of weird (Proud to be weirdos though), and feelings are definitely weird. But I wanted to tell you that I like you, for all your weird stuff. And I hope that doesn’t make things weird. Okay, weird text, sorry. Hope you’re having a good day!
  • I’ve had a wild life, it’s been odd from the start, and I’ve met some interesting people. But honestly, I’ve never met anyone as incredible as you. It seems like time move at a lightening pace when we’re together, and immediately slows down when we part ways. I don’t say any of this lightly, because I believe in transparency, and just being bold when the moment calls for it. And with that, I like you, and I’m looking forward to hanging out again.
  • Remember being a little kid and feeling all those butterflies in your stomach when you were around your crush? You’d think about telling them, or wait for a friend to dare you to hold their hand. Well, this is my roundabout and awkward way of saying, you make me feel like a little kid; butterflies and all. I like you, I’ve got a big ‘ol crush on you.
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Paragraphs for When He’s Mad

It’s completely natural to get into disagreements, and forging your way through and solving the problem together is a major brick in the foundation of your relationship. But there are some times when you both need to cool down and have some space, which is totally normal as well! These are some paragraphs for when he’s mad, and you’d like to send him a message, sort of in the form of an olive branch. Words mean a great deal, but they should also be backed up with actions for them to live up to their meaning.

  • [Today] we had a challenge; it was a snag in our time together we didn’t expect and it didn’t feel good for either of us. I know that we both need some time to breath, and I’m glad we can both do that. I just wanted to send you a message to let you know that I care very deeply for you, and I’m more than open to talking when we’re both ready to.
  • Hey [Baby], what happened wasn’t a good feeling for either of us and I know we care for one another a lot. I just wanted to reach out and say that I’m still on our team and I want to work through this together once we’ve had our time to chill out. You’re my guy, and I’m sorry we had a rough moment.
  • Sometimes sucky things happen and our reactions aren’t the best, I know I’m guilty of that, we all are from time to time. Whenever we get into a disagreement, I never get angry directly with you. I remember that it’s the situation, not the person I love. I am sorry for any frustration or pain I’ve brought you, and when you’re ready to talk I would love the opportunity. Take care of you.
  • Hi [Honey], I’m sorry we got into an argument today. I hate fighting with you, and seeing you upset. I want to be there for you, and I want to help us both move past this argument feeling heard, respected, and healed. I’ll be here when you’re ready for that, I love you.
  • [Significant Other’s Name] I respect your space and time for healing, in no way do I want to intrude on your process or space. I just have something on my heart, and I wanted to share it with you. I’m so very sorry for any negative emotions I’ve caused you in a result of what happened. It’s never my intention to bring anything negative upon you, but even with that being said I’m still sorry. I’m here if you need anything, and to talk when you feel ready.
  • You have the right to be upset, your feelings are valid and valuable to me. [Sweetheart], you mean the world to me and I am so sorry for the argument we had [earlier]. There are things we’re continuing to work on as individuals and as a couple, and I’m proud of our progress so far, but I know there will be not so bright moments. I’d like to work together to move out of this moment and into a better one, after we’ve had some time to clear our heads.
  • Right now you may have not wanted to see my name pop up on your phone because we had a disagreement, and I understand. If you don’t want to read this all right away and you need some more time to process, I understand that too. With all my heart, I just wanted to send you a message apologizing for any hurt I’ve caused and to let you know that I care for you so much and want to work together to resolve this situation. I love you, I hope you’re doing okay.
  • [Significant Other’s Name] I respect and can see where you’re coming from with being upset right now. It hurts my heart to know that our [argument] caused this pain you’re feeling. When the time is right, I’d really love to sit down and talk with you. A totally judgement-free talk where we both feel heard and we move on together feeling better. You deserve that, and so does our relationship.
  • Our relationship has endured a lot, but that doesn’t minimize the fight we had and how it made you feel. I feel really awful about what happened, I always want to add to your joy and happiness, not your frustration and anger. I know that it takes two to fight, but I’m still sorry for the things I said and the result of our fight. You mean so much to me, and I don’t want this argument to get in the way of you and me. I love you, and I hope we can talk this through together.
  • Hi [Babe], I hope you’re feeling okay. I want to give you your space and time, I respect your feelings and process. You are my #1, and I’m sorry we had that rough moment [today]. Whenever you feel ready to talk, I’ll be here with listening ears and open arms.
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Paragraphs for Your Husband

Whether you’re newlyweds or you’ve been married so long, you’ve both lost count (Psst, we won’t tell!), it’s important to remind your spouse how much they mean to you. For you’d most likely want the same from them. And one way to achieve that romantic gesture is to send paragraphs for your husband to really deliver the love you have for him through the power of words. Who knows! Perhaps it’ll spark the romantic in him as well.

  • When you have the best husband in the world, you know he deserves to be showered with compliments and appreciation; hence this text! [Baby] these words are embraced with all my love and affection. You are my person, my best friend, and true love all wrapped into one handsome, strong, incredible human being. My world would lose its color without you; thank you for making my life so happy and bright. I love you!
  • Even when I’m having a rough day, I know that it won’t be a total sh*t show because I’ve got the greatest partner in the history of partners. Loving you has been the most life-changing and growing experience of my life, and growing old with you is what will continue to be the purest experience of my existence. You are the reason I find good things in the day and in this world; you bring out the wholesomeness around me. I love you so much, my [Baby]!
  • I never ever thought that life would pull me in the direction that it has. And it all started with you; being pulled in your direction, like a magnet that was inevitably coming your way and vice versa. I will never take you for granted my love, for I have never been so lucky in my entire life.
  • Being your partner is a never ending joy, my [love]. Each day is something new, because you’re so goofy, and because you are by far the most interesting person I’ve ever met. And will ever met, let’s be honest. You give me the biggest smile I’ve ever had, and I hope I give you laugh lines you’ll be proud of when we grow old together. You have all my heart [Honey], I love you!
  • Look at you! Giving me the heart-eyes and butterflies when we’re not even in the same room. That’s the kind of love we have, [Babe]! Seriously though, you make every day a blessing because we can just be ourselves with some another and that’s more than enough for us to have a good time. I’ve never loved someone so much, and I’ll never stop.
  • Hey hubby! I hope you’re having a good day so far! You’ve certainly made mine better, without even trying. I was daydreaming about you, and reminiscing some lovely memories of ours. The smile you put on my face and the love that you fill in my heart is unbelievable. Everyday I have to remind myself that I’m not dreaming! Thank you for being my dream come true, [Significant Other’s Name].
  • The life we’ve been building together never fails to amaze me. And the same goes for you, my absolutely out of this world Husband. As far as I’m concerned, you are the most handsome and the best person I’ll ever lay my eyes on. This life we have together is so precious, and I can’t wait to watch it all unfold with you.
  • Hubby you literally put the sweet in sweetheart. You’re going to give my Dentist a new car with all the sweetness you give me everyday! I know I’m one lucky human being to be in love with someone so incredibly kind, handsome, strong, bright, funny, and amazing. I’ve got so much love for you!
  • Hello my wonderful Husband, I love you so much! You deserve the entire world, [baby]. Although I can’t afford to give that to you, everyday I’ll provide a space for you that encompasses joy, peace, laughter, happiness, and above all love. You deserve the absolute best, because that’s what you are! THE BEST!
  • Oh my Husband, my dearest most precious person in my life. I can’t even begin to express how much you mean to me, and how much jubilation you’ve embraced me with from the very first time we hung out together. Spending time with you is a blessing, and loving you is the greatest privilege I’ll be gifted. It excites me every single day that I get to hold and love you for all the years of my life.
  • I sincerely cannot imagine my life without you. In a lot of ways, it feels like my life truly began when we started talking and spending time together. Each memory we made felt better and better, and every decision we made together felt so absolutely right. I’ve never felt that in my entire life. And now, typing this message to you, I think I know why I never felt that before. It’s because my heart was waiting for you. And now, everything is as it should be.
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Paragraphs for Him Long Distance

It’s certainly not impossible, but some days it can be a challenge, especially when you’re missing your significant other. By sending paragraphs for him long distance relationships can greatly benefit from the loving thoughtfulness! Love is the most beautiful thing in this world, and it’s always worth fighting for.

  • Everyone says distance is hard, and we both know it definitely comes with it’s challenging days. But honestly, I’d take whatever amount of time it takes and make the most out of any and all interactions we get to have together because you and our love is more than worth it. Sure there will be some days when I miss you so much it hearts my little heart, but I know the person on the other end who’s receiving this message, and they’re the love of my life. And the love of your life is always worth waiting for.
  • Honestly [babe], distance has got NOTHING on us. Yea, I say that with confidence, I know I’ve got the best partner ever. We both have our days where there’s a miscommunication or we miss each other so much we’ll blow our savings on a one way ticket. But I wouldn’t trade our relationship for anything in this world; nothing could tempt me in the slightest.
  • True love doesn’t know distance, I’ve never felt that so deeply before in my heart and soul. Because with you, I know I have the person I’m meant to be with. We’ll have our in person time together when the stars align and everything will work out just fine; I know it will. For now, we’ll have our video calls and our snapchat streaks. They’ll be nostalgic memories for our future, together.
  • I’ve got some good blessings in my life. I mean, how can I not be with beautiful things like pizza floating about in existence. But truly the very best blessing I have in my life is you, hands down. Yes, I dare say, you are 10000000000000000% more amazing than pizza. And I don’t say that lightly!
  • I love seeing your cute face on [FaceTime], and I’m counting down the days until I get to hug you and hold you close. But receiving your words everyday makes my heart sing in ways I can’t properly articulate. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me; and I won’t let a day go by where you don’t feel loved and appreciated.
  • My [love], although distance is an obstacle of ours we overcome it everyday. And we deserve a pat on the back for that! *pat pat pat* If there was a prize for the best long-distance partner, you’d win it everyday. I’m so thankful for you!
  • You know, I think our relationship is really unique and adorable. We have our online and texting memories that we’ve created rather beautifully and in our own fun way. And we also have our in-person memories, though not as many as we’d like right now, the rareity makes it special for this season of our lives. We’ll have a big ‘ol collection of memories of all varieties throughout our wild lives together!
  • Even though you aren’t physically here with me you are in other ways. Not to get all Hallmark on you (brace yourself), but you show up everyday in front of me. Whether it’s observing the sky’s cool color, seeing something funny on TV, or seeing happy dogs going for a walk. You are in all of the good things I see around me, because you have brought the beauty out in the world for me to see.
  • Loving you will always be the most precious thing to my heart, no matter where you are or how much distance is between us. You have my whole heart and your soul fits snug next to mine. This life will have lots of twists and turns, but you’re my #1 through it all.
  • Before we started talking I thought I understood the world (for the most part) and I understood myself and what was around me. But as we started to get to know each other more, I swear you brought a whole new set of colors into my existence that I didn’t even know about. And you’ve shown me a love that overwhelms me everyday in the best possible way. And you have also, whether you realize it or not, have shown me parts of myself that I always wanted to be and have encouraged and celebrated who I am. I love you, and that will never ever change.
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Get the heart-eyes for each other over and over again by keeping the romance alive and sending paragraphs for him to make your guy feel loved and special. You can never remind the person you love too often just how crazy you are about them. Watch their heart fill up with all the lovely, cozy, romantic feels!

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