Anniversary Puns to Write in a Card

Anniversaries are special days to celebrate relationship milestones. Exchanging sweet messages is a charming way of letting your significant other know how much you care. But why not bring a little humor by adding some anniversary puns to your greeting card? Hilarious wordplay is a fun way of spicing up the day.

We make a great pear anniversary puns

Here are some of our favorite anniversary puns and funny anniversary quotes to write in a card.

What Anniversary Puns to Write in a Card

  1. We should stick together like glue.
  2. I have a high-fidelity phone. It only calls my wife’s number.
  3. A husband who thinks he’s as solid as a rock may have a wife who wishes he were a little boulder.
  4. I glove you and I am smitten.
  5. Life means squat if you aren’t here.
  6. My wife likes it when I blow air on her hair, but honestly, I’m not a fan.
  7. I like your sweater. It must be made out of husband material.
  8.  I lava you so much that my heart erupts like a volcano.
  9. The two pianists had a good marriage. They were always in a chord.
  10. When I’m with you, my heart is always ready for takeoff.
  11. What did the electric socket say to his spouse? “I love you a watt!”
  12. I can never stay mad at you – but I will always stay mad about you.
  13. What did zero say to the one? “Without you, I’m nothing.”
  14. I could TSA pre-check you out all day long.
  15. You’re my tweetheart.
  16. Your love is like a light bulb cause it lights up my life.
  17. Your love is a dictionary… It gives meaning to my life.
  18. On the sea of love, you’re my soul-matey!
  19. We’re such a fastidious couple: You’re fast, and I’m tedious.
  20. You are brighter than all the stars in the Milky Way combined.
  21. You light my fire, probably because you’re my perfect match.
  22. I’m addicted to you, even if I’m sometimes a dick to you.
  23. What kind of architecture do people in love prefer? Heart deco.
  24. I love you so much that even when you’re sour, you’re sweet.
  25. You auto-complete me.
  26. You are the most perfect arrangement of atoms.
  27. Been thinking of U periodically.
  28. Sweet as Pi.
  29. We’ve got great chemistry.
  30. Even without gravity, I’d still have fallen for you.

Anniversary Puns with Food

  1. Love you very matcha.
  2. I am a Munster, hungry for your love.
  3. If you ever feel bleu, I will do my best to make everything gouda for you.
  4. I love you because you are brie-lliant.
  5. Un-beer-lievable that you’re mine.
  6. Lime so glad you’re mine.
  7. There are a million Reese-ons why I love you.
  8. You are my butter half.
  9. You will always have a peas of my heart with you forever.
  10. I doughnut want to glaze over the fact that I love you a hole lot.
  11. You are the raisin why I smile.
  12. I am the biggest flan you will ever have.
  13. I soy love it when you take me out.
  14. You are the pineapple of my eye.
  15. Like, pho real, you make me so joyful.
  16. You make me hap-pea.
  17. I got the hots pho you.
  18. Muffin can come close to the warm love I have for you.
  19. You are the coffee to my espresso. And I love you a latte.
  20. You perfectly fit me to a tea.
  21. You always will and always have mint everything to me.
  22. Trust me. I only have pies for you.
  23. You make my heart melt. I am never letting you slip away from my Butterfinger.
  24. We’re like hot cocoa and marshmallows. You’re hot, and I wanna be on you!
  25. The time we spend together is like a hotdog: I relish it.
  26. I wanna gar-lick you all over.
  27. You bake me crazy.
  28. You crock my world.
  29. I love you whey too much.
  30. I cannoli be happy when I’m with you.
  31. I cannot help being fondue of you.
  32. Our love is a fruit salad! You and I make a great pear. I cherry-ish you.
  33. Ricotta let you know that you are cheddar than every other lover out there.
  34. We make the most egg-cellent pair.
  35. When you’re away from your wife, send her some love, hugs, and Hershey kisses.
  36. I know I’m kind of a hopeless romantic, but just wanted to say I love you – like, pho real.
  37. I love you s’more and s’more every day.
  38. You’re the loaf of my life.
  39. Sorry if this is extra cheesy, but you have a pizza my heart.

Anniversary Puns about Animals

  1. There might be another fish in the sea, but you’re my sole mate.
  2. I’d be lion if I said that I wasn’t attracted to you when I first met you.
  3. Your love doesn’t give me butterflies in the tummy, it gives me the whole zoo!
  4. Honey, you are un-bee-lievable.
  5. I’ll owl-ways love you forever.
  6. Happy Ant-iversary!
  7. I ruff you.
  8. Life without you would be un-bearable.
  9. You’re mine furever.
  10. Let’s spend some koala-ty time together.
  11. I dolphinately love you. You’re my porpoise in life.
  12. Owl always love you.
  13. No bunny compares to you.
  14. We bee-long together.
  15. Just thought I otter tell you how much I care about you.
  16. I love having you as a snuggle bunny.
  17. I’m turtle-ly in love with you every day.
  18. I’m one lucky dog to have someone like you.
  19. You octopi my heart.
  20. Seal-ed with a kiss.
  21. You’re one in a chameleon.
  22. I whale always love you.
  23. Life without you would be doggone ruff.
  24. The cat’s out of the bag – I love you purry much.
  25. You’re my significant otter!

Gardening Puns for Anniversaries and Love

  1. We went from “cacti” to “cact-us”.
  2. My life would succ without you.
  3. Instead of engaging in my own hobbies, my wife has me constantly helping in her garden. I guess you could say I’m pistil whipped.
  4. I want you to know that aloe you vera much.
  5. I’m so glad I pricked you.
  6. I’ll never leaf you.
  7. Love you so moss.
  8. Aloe, is it me you’re looking for?
  9. Thistle is the best day ever!
  10. I’m so grapeful for you.
  11. Are you a succulent? Because aloe you vera much.
  12. You’re my bam-boo.
  13. If you do not want to go out, we can stay home and avo-cuddle.

How to Sign Cards and Messages with Anniversary Puns

Cute fruits cartoon illustration with text i love you berry much

Keep the puns rolling by adding a unique and personalized message to your anniversary card. You can experiment with ways to play with words so you can leave a comedic lining to the occasion.

Here is a tip. Anniversary puns make more sense and are funnier if you add a doodle or two. Add some doodles or graphics and make your card more personal for your l.

Here are some pun-sy signatures you can use:

  • From the kleptomaniac who stole your heart
  • Keeping the envelope stationery
  • Acute-y angle
  • Your sugar rush
  • Loving you so moose
  • Nuts about your allergies
  • Aisle love you
  • Your anniversary mate
  • For reel and real
  • From the light to your prism
  • Your superfan
  • Your beach bod-dy
  • The bankrupt banker
  • Your perfect pear

Anniversary Puns, Quotes, Sayings, and More

An anniversary is a milestone marking another year of togetherness, whether it’s a wedding anniversary or marking another special occasion. It is something to celebrate with a loved one, and what couple doesn’t like to laugh? While celebrating your happy marriage, make your card extra special by adding a funny quote, joke, or food pun.

You can find a whole lot more ideas at Card Sayings. From funny to uplifting to inspirational quotes, there is something for any occasion. Or, add some Heartwarming Valentine’s messages to your punny anniversary card to make it more special. Get your card ready and check our list for inspiration.


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