78 Labrador-able Dog Valentine Puns!

Elevate the day of love with dog Valentine puns! Tails will be wagging at the sight of these pawesome Valentine’s wishes; come join in on the fun.

Dogs are, without question, one of the most wholesome balls of fur in our day-to-day life. So, what better way to kick the cuteness of Valentines’ Day up a notch than by sprinkling in a dash of dog Valentine puns!

Brace yourself for some absolutely barking adorableness!

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Dog Valentine Puns

Your Valentine deserves the best, wouldn’t you agree? Whether you purchase a Valentine’s Day card or you make your own, it’s incredibly important what you decide to write down inside!

If your Valentine is a dog lover or finds dogs cute (Who doesn’t is our question!), these Dog Valentine Puns will be absolutely perfect for the inside of your card. Or even a cutely decorated tag attached to your V-Day gift.

Want to make your sweet Valentine’s Day gesture even more special? Take some time to make a homemade Valentine’s Day card. Even if you think you aren’t the craftiest person, we guarantee you’ll make your partner’s heart glow when they realize you took the time, energy, and love to make a card just for them.

So, what’re we waiting for? Let’s take a look at these a-bark-able dog Valentine puns!

  • My Labrador-able Valentine, you’re the barking best!
  • I’m most pawsitive you’re the woof of my life
  • You make me want to bark my love for you from the wooftops!
  • You’re the best adventure I’ll ever em-bark on
  • Fur your In-fur-mation, you’re simply paw best!
  • The leashed I can say on this Valentine’s day is I can’t wag-magine my woof without you
  • I woof you furry much
  • I’m so Yappy to be in love with Somepawdy like you!
  • Paw-don, may I Collie you some time?
  • I need a Dog-tor, be-paws you have my heart
  • You make my heart melt into a Poodle you’re so Corgeous
  • You’re my fur-ever love
  • You give the best pugs, I woof you!
  • Let’s take a paws today and enjoy each other’s company with some pup-eroni pizza!
  • Life’s the best Pawty, with you
  • You’re the best pawtner I could have asked fur
  • I’m mutts about you!
  • You’re the spice to my Pugkin
  • I love my wuff with all my bark
  • My hus-bone is Pawtastic
  • You’re the best Fur-friend ever, you’re pur-fect!
  • My Paw-friend is so pawsome, it’s mutts!
  • I sure am Fur-tunate to have a bark-ner like you
  • Paw-don me, but you’re so Labrador-able you’ve got me wagging!
  • We make a pawesome team
  • Never Fur-get, you have the Corg-Key to my Bark
  • P’aww you make me so Yappy!
  • I woof you so Mastiffly
  • I Mutt ask you a question, may I have your ruff-ber?
  • Even when life is Ruff, I’m the Furriest I’ve ever been; you make that all Pawssible
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Cute Instagram Captions Dog Valentine Puns

We’ve all been caught in the rabbit hole, or shall we saw dug, of cute aesthetically pleasing Instagram photo dumps and photoshoots. And we’re all suckers for a clever and cutesy caption.

Are you taking a cute picture of you and your dog, or just spotlight on pups, for V-Day? You’ve got to try one of our paw-dorably cute Instagram captions! You’ll have your followers, or future followers after they see your caption game, blushing from the cuteness.

Trying to up your caption game? Think short, sweet, and witty; that always gets the job done!

  • A little pup-cation for V-Day (Staying inside for Valentines Day? That doesn’t mean you can’t have a cute caption! And staying home is slept one; get cozy!)
  • Pup-eroni pizza with my Valentine! (Order some pizza and sneak your pup a pepperoni, there’s nothing like celebrating with a nice slice!)
  • A big pumpkin & a little Pugkin (This is a double whammy if you have a Pug, but even if you don’t it’s still an adorable caption.)
  • You’re my pup of tea! (Bonus if you can get your pup to sit nicely with you in a tea party setting!)
  • Happy Doggone Valentines Day (A caption for you rebels out there.)
  • Best Fur-iends Fur-ever (Dogs really are a human’s best friend; this caption says it all!)
  • Raisin’ the woof this Valentines’! (Where are the party animals at, here’s a caption for you!)
  • You’re the butter to my pup-corn (A perfect caption for a movie night photo dump!)
  • Round of ap-paws for this Corgeous creature! (Everyone needs a confidence boost, even our pups.)
  • Life is ruff, but I’ve got you (Whether you’re taking a picture with just your pup, or you have your partner in there with you, this is a heartfelt caption for all seasons!)
  • The Corg-Key to my heart fur-ever bone-longs to you (Careful after you use this caption, you’ll be hearing distant awwwww’s for a long time!)
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Dog Words like Pawsome

Are you itching to get creative on your own? Got some ideas up your sleeve for a good Dog Valentine pun but you need some help getting started? Check out our Dog Pun wordbank and get inspired!

You can pick out a few words and create your very own custom Valentine’s day card for your loved one. Make it sentimental with a hint of humor, or go all out punny; the chose is up to you!

  • Labrador-able = Adorable
  • Pawsitive = Postive
  • Pawesome = Awesome
  • Leashed = Least
  • Corgeous = Gorgeous
  • Paws = Pause
  • P’aww = Aww
  • Somepawdy = Somebody
  • Pawty = Party
  • Fur-get = Forget
  • Dog-tor = Doctor
  • Mastiff = Massive
  • Fur = For
  • Paw-ffice = Office
  • Furry = Very
  • Pug = Hug
  • Mutts = Nuts
  • Ruff = Rough
  • Yappy = Happy
  • Furriest = Happiest
  • Pawssible = Possible
  • In-paw-ssible = Impossible
  • Mutt = Must
  • Paw-don = Pardon
  • Woof = Love
  • Fur-tunate = Fortunate
  • In-fur-mation = Information
  • Pawtastic = Fantastic
  • Collie = Call
  • Fur-iends = Friends
  • Pugkin = Pumpkin
  • Corg-Key = Key
  • Bark-ner = Partner
  • Fur-friend = Girlfriend
  • Paw-friend = Boyfriend
  • Hus-bone = Husband
  • Wuff = Wife
Dog valentine puns for dog owners and dog lovers. Adorable dog with rose in its mouth.

Valentines’ Day is a time to celebrate the people and pets you love. If you’re making a card, buying one, or posting a cute picture on Instagram, these Dog Valentine puns are just paw-fect! We hope you have a yappy day, and fur-member you deserve a woofly day!

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