Make it a Furry Howliday with 50 Dog Christmas Puns!

What can make the winter holiday even more enjoyable? Dog Christmas puns, of course! Well, there is joyous memories with loved ones, presents, and delicious passed-down family recipe dishes… but Dog Christmas puns nonetheless!

Having a furry companion in the family makes everyday life light up, and incorporating them into our holiday fun makes everything in the Christmas season that much better!

We’ve got quite the silly and merry list waiting for you to explore, so what’re we waiting for? Snuggle up with your pup, and let’s laugh and giggle at these delightfully funny, adorable, and put your paws together for these cheesy Dog Christmas puns!

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Dog Christmas Puns

Did somebody say, Barkmas? Use these fun Dog Christmas puns on a gift tag, or the inside of a dog lovers card, or even create some DIY Christmas decor! The possibilities are endless, with Dog puns for Christmas! And these punny messages are hound to make your loved one smile, or groan if they’re a scrooge!

  • Merry Woofmas to all, and to all, a good Woof!
  • Turkey bones roasting by an open fire, Santa Paws coming to lick your nose
  • Let’s have a Holly Collie Christmas!
  • Grab your striped Candybones and strap on your Santa Claws hats; it’s officially Barkmas Season!
  • Happy Woof-a-days!
  • Dachshund through the snow, wagging all the way!
  • Unleash the presents from Santa Claws!
  • Now, bring us some Puggy pudding, and bark it out here!
  • All the Fur-mas paw-ckings and up, it’s time to Paw-ty!
  • I Shui Zhu not, I saw Santa Paws last night!
  • You’re the Christmas Bow-tie to my Howl-iday dress!
  • Last Yapp-mas, I gave you my bark, and the furry next day, you gave away
  • Here comes Santa Paws, here comes Santa Paws, right down Bow-Wow lane!
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Classic Holiday Movies Replaced with Dog Christmas Puns

Could you imagine, in an alternate universe where dogs are the superior beings, that all your favorite Christmas movies star howl-lywood actors? Get some laughs and ideas for Christmas movies you and your close ones can watch this holiday season!

Pro Social Media Tip: Bonus points to your posting game if you have this movie on in the background and you snap a picture of your cute pup! Or better yet, have a photo shoot night with your friends and all your pups and take turns dressing your dogs up and posing them in iconic Christmas movie scenes. Or just dressing up is fun too!

  • The Puglar Express (The Polar Express, 2004)
  • The Howl-iday (The Holiday, 2006)
  • Mutts Christmas (Last Christmas, 2019)
  • Yappy the Pawman (Frosty the Snowman, 1969)
  • Love Bark-tually (Love Actually, 2003)
  • The Santa Paw-se (The Santa Clause, 1994)
  • Paw-ffice Barkmas Pawty (Office Christmas Party, 2016)
  • Hound A-Bone (Home Alone, 1990)
  • The Pupper Christmas Carol (The Muppet Christmas Carol, 1992)
  • A Chocolate Lab Christmas (A Charlie Brown Christmas, 1965)
  • Ruff the Halls (Deck the Halls, 2006)
  • It’s a Paw-derful Life (It’s a Wonderful Life, 1946)
  • A Dog Called Barkmas (A Boy Called Christmas, 2021)
  • Yappiest Season (Happiest Season, 2020)
  • [Your pup’s name] Saves Fur-Mas (Ernest Saves Christmas, 1988)
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Dog Sayings for Christmas Cards

Sending out a cute Christmas card is one of the most classic traditions during the holiday season. When you receive a card in the mail, you know it’s been sent with love. Make your card a heartfelt surprise with a silly Dog saying for Christmas cards inside!

You can even go the extra mile and make your own cards this holiday season. The Christmas card can be from your whole family, including your pup with this fun trick. Put a little pet-friendly paint on the bottom of your pup’s paw and press it onto the card! You can use their paw-print as a card decoration and incorporate, or you can use their paw as their signature.

  • Make sure you leave out two treats by the fireplace tonight for Santa Paws, you don’t want him digging in your garbage like last year.
  • This truly is the Furr-iest season of all, and it’s all paw-ssible because I have paw-esome fur-iends like you!
  • Merry Christmutts to all, and to all a good- SQUIRREL!
  • Hope to see you at Christmas this year, we have a neat system for handing out Christmas gifts; [dog’s name] handles it all! [He/She] is quite the Golden Retriever!
  • A Happy pupper Christmas to all, and we all have a good pup!
  • Fleas Naughty Dog!
  • We had our wonderful pup try his paw at decorating some cookies; talk about a pugly batch! Anyway, maybe stay away from that plate of gingerbread men; you’ll know it when you see it.
  • And Santa Paws scratched behind his ear with a deep sigh as he checked over the Bad Boys light again; he let out a low bark, “This is going to be a ruff year.”
  • We sure hope you have a Terri-er-iffic Howl-iday Season!
  • Wishing you a wonderful Christmas season for you and your loved ones. And also a Mastiff appetite for all those Christmas desserts!
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Christmas Dog Puns for Instagram

One of the best things about the holiday season is scrolling through Insta and seeing all the sweet, cheesy, and adorable pictures of dogs in the snow, with mini Santa hats on, or just snuggling up with their favorite toy. Match that cuteness with wittiness by using these Christmas dog puns for Instagram captions!

  • We wish you a Merry Bark-mas!
  • Santa’s little Yelper
  • Wishing you a most happy Collie-days!
  • Dachshund through the snow!
  • Yappy Woofy Christmas, ya Filthy Animal!
  • Somepawdy looks Fetching this Barkmas!
  • Bah Humpug!
  • Santa Paws wishes you cheer & joy this Christmas!
  • Merry Pitmas!
  • Wising you a Yappy Christmas, from our family to yours!
  • Furry Corgmas from us to you!
  • Pugs, kisses, & best holiday wishes!
Dog christmas puns with dog dressed up for christmas.

Now that you have some fur-tastic Dog Christmas puns under your collar, it’s time to enjoy the Howli-day season! Remember that it truly is the little moments during the Holidays that mean the most. Snuggle up with your loved ones, watch Christmas movies you’ve seen dozens of times while everyone shouts out their favorite parts, make too much popcorn, throw wrapping paper in the air, and don’t burn your tongue on the hot chocolate!

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