Party on Pi Day! | 14 Fun Ways to Celebrate

Let’s give a cheers for Pi Day! Lift up those calculators and pie slices and celebrate the wonderous mathematical constant that has given us this awesome day of celebration.

In this article, we’re showing you, fellow pi/pie lover, 14 ways that you can get your celebration on with Pi Day, along with some interesting facts about how Pi Day came to be the Obscure Holiday we celebrate today!

Isn’t it cool that we live in a time where we can take time out from our busy schedules and get together to celebrate interesting holidays like this? Well, let’s not waste any more precious moments– it’s pi time!

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14 Fun Ways to Celebrate Pi Day

As we mentioned before, we’ll be showing you 14 fun ways that you can celebrate Pi Day. See what we did there with the 14? Because… because 14 is one of the 1st few numbers in Pi… because Pi Day is celebrated on– okay, alright, let’s move past our goofy pun and get into the good stuff.

What the Heck is Pi Day?

Pi Day is annually celebrated on March 14th! This is because when it is written out like this, 3/14, these are the first figures of Pi. How neat is that?

Pi was believed to have first been used and created by Archimedes of Syracuse, who lived during 287-212 BC. He is renowned for being one of the most brilliant mathematicians in human history. And for all you movie buffs and film lovers out there, he also makes quite the appearance in the newest Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, 2023.

We wonder how Archimedes of Syracuse would react to Pi being celebrated with its very own day, and he’d have to tip his relic hat to the founder of Pi Day, Larry Shaw. Mr. Shaw, an employee at the San Francisco Science Museum, founded Pi Day in 1988.

Mr. Shaw was lovingly known as the Prince of Pi and loved the mysteriousness of Pi and other mathematical equations. During a staff retreat in the year Pi Day was founded, 1988, the idea was hatched in Larry Shaw’s whimsical brain to connect the first few digits of Pi, 3.14, to the date of March 14th. In 2009, the US House of Representatives granted Pi Day to be an officially recognized minor holiday.

So what exactly is Pi? Here’s a simple definition, but we encourage you to explore further if it piques your interest!
“The number π (/paɪ/; spelled out as “pi”) is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, approximately equal to 3.14159.”

Now that we have more of an understanding of Pi Day let’s make our way into the 14 celebration ideas we have waiting for you to explore!

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Archimedes of Syracuse Documentary

We briefly mentioned the brilliant trailblazer Archimedes of Syracuse above when talking about the origins of Pi, but this fella has A LOT on his genius resume.
Take a look into the life of inventions and stories that surround Archimedes of Syracuse and see for yourself why he is so widely celebrated amongst mathematicians and scientists alike. We’ve even provided an interesting video for you to explore!

Archimedes: The Greatest Mind in Ancient History

Learn More About Pi

Just as you can dig into some documentaries about the mathematicians who made Pi possible, you can also learn more about Pi itself!
Whether you take a trip to your local library, watch some clever videos, or even see if you can sit in on a math class at your local University, there’s a lot you can learn about Pi and the ways that it intertwines in other matters. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new fascinating interest.

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Watch Pi Videos

Everyone learns in different ways; some like to read, others like to listen, and some like to watch! That’s why we’ve linked a pretty snazzy and interesting video all about Pi to get you leveled up in your Pi Knowledge for Pi Day. The video is by the totally awesome Hank Green, and we think you’ll discover some very interesting things from it!

3 Ways Pi Can Explain Almost Everything

Eat Pie

Now that we’ve covered our academic bases, let’s get into the yummy stuff. Pi, that is!
You can’t spell Pie without Pi, and that’s why we loved to eat it on Pi Day!

There are so many different types of pie; it’s crazy. On Pi Day, it’s fairly common for diners, bakeries, and restaurants to participate and have extra pies to go around. But we suggest getting in early start on your pie eating because, in our personal experience, we’ve seen diners and bakeries sold out by the afternoon! What can they say, people love their pie on Pi Day.

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Attend a Baking Class/YouTube Tutorial

Instead of going out for a slice of pie, why not try to make one of your own?

You can sign yourself and a friend/loved one up for a fun baking class, or you can kick it with Professor YouTube and learn how to bake a pie in the comfort of your own kitchen. We’ve linked an easy-to-follow pie tutorial down below to help you get started. So grab that apron and bake yourself a yummy pie this Pi Day!

Pies | Basics with Babish

See How Many Pi Digits You Can Memorize

Here’s a fun challenge for yourself, see how many numbers you can memorize of Pi’s constant! You and your friends can see who can memorize the most numbers or create a game out of it. Simple fun can lead to some pretty funny memories, and who doesn’t want to make some memories on Pi Day?

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Deliver Pies to Loved Ones/Those in Need

This Pi Day activitiy is one of our favorite suggestions. Whether you bake or buy, deliver some Pies on Pi Day to your family/friends or connect with a local shelter or nursing home to deliver some pies there.

Spread some generosity and sugary goodness on Pi Day with a Random Act of Kindness.

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Have a Pizza Night (Alternative to Pie)

There aren’t just the sweet pies we eat on Thanksgiving and Christmas, don’t forget the pizza!

You can use pizza as an alternative to pie on Pi Day by going out for a good ol slice, ordering in, or even making your own pizza from scratch.

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Play Math Games

This one can be for the kiddos or adults; play some math games!

A simple Google Search can lead you to tons of free online Math Games that you can get into, or you can put your thinking cap on and come up with your own game that combines the powers of Pi and the fun of games.

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Challenge Yourself With Math Problems

Loud and clear, you’re looking for your own Math Challenge this Pi Day. We like your style.

You can crack out an old text book, or you can use a Math Worksheet Generator and test yourself on how much you remember from the classic days in the classroom.

Gradient pi day illustration with cherry pie and pi day celebration confetti.

Watch the Movie Pi (1998, Rated R)

Due to the rating of this movie, R, this one is for the older folks who are celebrating Pi Day.

After you’ve got your slices of pie, or pizza is on its way, and you’re looking for a way to chill out and celebrate Pi Day, we’ve got the activity for you. Try watching Pi (1998), a film encompassing mathematics, thrills, mystery, and more!

Pi (1998) Official Trailer #1 – Darren Aronofsky Movie HD

Throw a Pi Day Party

Something great that Pi Day can provide is bringing people together; it’s a perfect Obscrure Holiday to celerbate with a group of people you love!

Throw a Pi Day party by hosting a pot luck of pies and pizza, decorate with the classic Pi symbol, and play some party games. If you can incorporate Pi into any of the party games, that’s an added bonus. Even if it’s just taping the symbol onto solo cups, that counts!

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Go to a Local Pi Day Event

Check out your city’s event calendar, usually it can be found on the city’s website, and see if there are any Pi Day events in your area. Your local library and coffee shops are also great places to check for flyers of upcoming events in your area!

Don’t see a Pi Day event going down? Maybe it’s your sign to create one of your own; you’d make Larry Shaw proud!

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Make Arts & Crafts Inspired by Pi Day

Creativity also uses brainpower and it’s also a great way to celebrate Pi Day!

You can break out the craft box and make your own Pi Day decorations you can then pull out year after year, or craft your own poster of the numbers of Pi and see how far you can go. There are lots of ways you can repurpose items into crafts and make it a fun and creative craft session on your Pi Day. It’s also a great activity to do with the kiddos!

Gradient pi day illustration with pi equations and slices of cherry pie.

A big and happy mathmatical Pi Day to you and all of your Pi/Pie loving pals! We hope these Pi Day celebration ideas brought you lots of party inspiration and that you have a wonderful Pi Day.

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