55 Easy Questions for Speed Dating

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Speed Dating is a fun and exciting way to meet new people and get out of your comfort zone, and we’ve got the best set of 50 Easy Questions for Speed Dating as well as the 5 BEST Speed Dating Tips!

International GF Day | Best Friends Forever! Aug 1st

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Gather your best friends and prepare to have an absolutely fun day on August 1st, because it’s International GF Day! A day to be with your gals, tell them how much you love them, and make some new memories. Check out our fun ideas, movies, songs, and quotes list!

236 Perfect Questions to Ask to Get to Know Someone

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There are a lot of questions out there, but we’ve got the perfect set of unique questions to ask to get to know someone in multiple situations. Whether for romantic reasons, bored, or you’re getting to know a friend on a deeper level over text, we’ve got over 200 questions ready to go!