15 Paragraphs to Send to Your Boyfriend in a Letter (He’ll LOVE it!)

Have you ever thought about writing paragraphs to send to your Boyfriend in a letter? It sounds a little too old school at first, but there’s something timeless and classic about writing paragraphs to send to your Boyfriend in a letter. Even go the extra mile by creating your own DIY card to really show your love!

The lucky person receiving the letter can physically see that you took time, effort, and intention in choosing your words and writing them all out. Think about it, not many people take the time to write stuff down physically; y’all got snap chat streaks to keep! And sometimes it’s easier to write romantic paragraphs to your Boyfriend in a text instead.

So, taking the time and energy to pour your love into paragraphs to send to your Boyfriend in a letter is one of the most romantic, free, and sweet things you can do at the drop of a hat.

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Paragraphs to Send to Your Boyfriend in a Letter

Writing up romantic paragraphs to send to your boyfriend in a letter is a special act of love, and you can even DIY your own envelope to make the sweet and wholesome gesture even grander!

In these cutesy paragraphs to send to your boyfriend in a letter, you’ll notice that there are [brakets] around where you can insert your boyfriend/partner’s name, along with a bracket around [pronouns like he/him] in case you’d like to switch those out for a more appropriate set of pronouns.

Our goal is for these paragraphs to send to your boyfriend in a letter to be lovely for all and that they inspire sparks of love, laughs, and comfort for your loving relationship. We also encourage you to add in your own words alongside the paragraphs to send to your boyfriend in a letter that we’ve written; add that personal touch!

  • My loving [Partner’s Name], no matter how long we’ve been together, I still find myself craving your presence. How my stomach lights up with fireworks when our eyes meet from across the room, or how my heartbeat floods my eardrums when your hand touches mine. No matter how long we’ve been together, a week from now or years later, I’ll always want to be in your company because you’re the best person I’ve ever met.
  • To the most handsome boyfriend ever, I’ve been thinking about you so much I had to pour it into a handwritten letter. Kicking it old school for you, the stamp, the pen, the licking of the envelope, and everything! But, truthfully, there isn’t much I wouldn’t do to show you how much I love you. You’ve filled my life with so many precious and wonderful things. I swear you’ve brought a whole new set of colors to my world’s palate. I’m so thankful for you, and I can’t wait to spend our lives together. I love you!
  • Well, well, well, if it isn’t the fella who won’t get out of my head. So much so, that I just had to write him a letter because when you’ve got a gem this fabulous, why not! All jokes aside, I really did want to write you a letter. You deserve cute things, too, you know. You’ve been nothing but a constant positive in my life, a full rainbow of sunshine and fun, and I will never take that for granted. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and you always will be my love.
  • My dearest [Partner’s Name], meeting you and becoming friends and then to the beautiful relationship we know and love now has been the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed in my life. You fill me up with confidence, love, appreciation, giddiness, joy, and safety. You’re my Superman, my one and only, and I want to be everything and anything for you. Thank you for being such a rock in my life, and I want you to know I’ll always have your back and lift you up.
  • To the love of my life, [Partner’s Name], isn’t it wild everything we’ve been through? Yet, you still always find ways to surprise me. So, I wanted to surprise you with a love letter! Some love letters are sappy and lovey-dovey and … well … yea this one is going to be just that too. Because even though you’re a strong man (my strong man, ow ow!), you deserve to have loving words surrounding you. Babe, you truly are the best thing in my life. You’re so bright, you always make me laugh, and you’re so handsome it’s insane. I feel so lucky every single day to be yours and to call you mine. Let’s keep making memories together!

When to Send Paragraphs to Send to Your Boyfriend in a Letter

Scribing paragraphs to send to your boyfriend in a letter sounds great and all, but when are you supposed to send/give these letters?

When we’re describing and presenting our paragraphs to send to your boyfriend in a letter, it doesn’t always have to mean a letter that gets plopped in the mail.

We’ll show you some examples of when you can utilize these adoring paragraphs to send to your boyfriend in a letter!

  • Surprise your BF/partner by writing them a loving and thoughtful love letter and slipping it in their coat pocket, lunch box, or even just their nightstand.
  • Make your BF/partner’s Birthday even more special with a sweet love letter from your heart.
  • Holidays are a great time to express love, and it doesn’t have to be just Valentine’s Day.
  • Are you and your partner doing long distance? Sending beautiful love letters can bring a wonderful element to your relationship!
  • Did you know that there’s a National Boyfriend Day? What a great time to write him a love letter!
  • Your Anniversary is also a terrific time to boost up your romance game with a romantic and timeless gesture.
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Long Paragraphs for Him Copy and Paste

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with the exact words to write paragraphs to send to your boyfriend in a letter; there’s just so much to say, and it’s difficult to write it all out!
We totally get it, and we know you still want to participate in beautiful paragraphs to send to your boyfriend in a letter, so we’ve written some precious long paragraphs for him copy and paste style. We’ll be putting pronouns and names in [brackets] so you can easily write in your partner’s name and correct pronouns. Time to make him feel like the precious Prince he is, right?!

Remember too, that adding in your own words, memories, and inside jokes will enhance the loveliness of your paragraphs to send to your boyfriend in a letter!

  • My darling [Partner’s Name], you are absolutely the most outstanding, radiant, and handsome person I’ve ever seen in my life. And that I’ll ever see, come on, you’re gorgeous! You make every day feel special just by being yourself, the loving [man] I fell in love with and continue to fall for all the time. Thank you for bringing so much fun and beauty into my life. I just want to make you the happiest you’ve ever been and live an unapologetic, joyful, fun, and fulfilling life with you by my side. I love you so much, and can’t wait to kiss your handsome face.
  • Baby, have I ever expressed how you have the most kissable face like ever? I swear, we’ll be chopping it up, and my brain will be like, “Woah, he looks so good right now; go in for the kiss,” and I’ll be like, “Brain, you’re not wrong, but we’re trying to make a grocery list”. You know, typical brain stuff. Anywho, my point is, you’re the most handsome person in the world in my eyes, and I’m grateful for you every single day. I want to keep living this fun, beautiful, and amazing life with you, always. You’re the only one for me, [Partner’s Name]!
  • Dearest [Partner’s Name], I can’t imagine my life without you, not even for a day. It’s even weird to think about my life before you; it almost seems dull, like not all of the colors are in the rainbow. But now, my life feels like the best movie ever, like a story I never want to end. All because of you and the incredible human being you are. I’ve never met anyone like you, and I know with all my heart that you’re the one for me. I remember seeing RomComs and thinking, “That stuff only happens in movies” I would never have imagined I’d be so lucky to be living a life that is Romance movie worthy. I’m just so lucky, I can’t say that enough. I love you [Partner’s Name], and I’ll never stop being totally, undeniably, and fully in love with you.
  • To my sweet and handsome [Partner’s Name], hi my love! This may be a surprise, but I love surprising you, and you deserve it. I could write a letter every single day about my love for you, and I wouldn’t run out of things to write (but I shall not do that, I won’t subject you to reading that much). You really are the greatest person I’ve ever met, and I not only feel lucky just to know you so well, but also I am the most blessed person ever to call you mine. I get to love you, know the deep and beautiful things about you, and be a source of happiness for you. I literally hit life’s biggest jackpot, and I’ll never let go of that. I love you baby, and I promise always to be there for you no matter what.
  • For the love of my life, I know I could tell you these things in person, but I thought it would be sweet to send you a love letter. That way, you can look back on it and read my words whenever you want to. I hope whenever you read this, it brightens your day because you deserve all the sunshine and loveliness that the world has to offer. Because darling, you’ve made my life such a dream come true. I honestly can’t describe the incredible feelings and butterflies you give me all the time, just by being your true self and us acting silly together and just being two goofs in love. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t want you by my side; you’re my forever [Partner’s Name], and I’ll love every version of you that you grow to be.
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Cute Paragraphs for Him

Everyone needs a lil cuteness in their life, including your Boo! So why not dash in some major cute vibes in your paragraphs to send to your boyfriend in a letter? It just adds to the sweetness of this romantic gesture! You can send these cute paragraphs to send to your boyfriend in a letter for special days like birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays, or you can surprise them and do it just because (we totally suggest this)!

  • Aww, if it isn’t my [Partner’s Name] and all his unbelievable cuteness reading this letter about his sweetness, fancy meeting you here! Honey, you are literally the sweetest soul I’ve ever been touched by, and I’m convinced you are the sweetest thing that’s ever stepped foot on this earth. Seriously, do you know how absolutely amazing you are? Whelp, if not, please start this letter over and run to me because I’m ready to embrace you with a dozen little kisses and cuddles. I love you more than there are stars in space and every detail of your precious face!
  • For the most perfect partner ever from the luckiest person on Earth, I’ll always remember the day we first hung out and how giddy and nervous I was. Looking back on those two little dorks, I can’t believe where we are now. I can’t believe I get to give you kisses, big hugs, and stupid silly laughs. I can’t believe I get to wake up next to you and dream about you. And I can’t believe I had to live all those years without you. But our present and future are really all that matters to me, and I can’t wait to live it out with you [Partner’s Name].
  • Hi my baby! I just wanted to send you a little letter to make your big heart flutter. I love those moments when I can make you blush because you’re always making me blush or busting a gut with your goofy jokes. You’re so funny, kind, and smart, and I love you bunches and bunches. There aren’t enough cutesy words in the dictionary to describe every pulse, butterfly, and love note that radiates off my heart and soul when you walk into the room. You have a place in my heart forever [Partner’s Name]; I love you!
  • Hey hey my boo thang (okay, I promise never to say that again), I want you to know that you’re the most fantastic person, and I love being around you. You’re literally my best friend, and I don’t mean that in a cliche rom-com way, I truly mean it. When something funny or exciting happens, you’re the first person I think of. When I dream about traveling and experiencing wild things, you’re the person I want by my side. And in the past, when I wished for a perfect life, you’re the wish come true. I love you [Partner’s Name], and I’ll be loving you forever and ever!
  • To the most perfect person in the universe (oh yea, I went there) from the giddiest lady in all the land (hey, that’s me!), hello there my [Partner’s Name] I hope when you start reading this that it makes you smile and brightens up your day! You make my day all the time, and I love that we never get bored of each other. You always find a way to sneak into my thoughts, whether it’s something funny you said the other day, or I’m thinking of an amazing memory we have together. I just always find myself thinking about you, and I never run out of things to think about because you’re just the most darling person ever. I love you with everything in me, [Partner’s Name], and I love every single little and big thing about you.
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There’s always a special time to write out paragraphs to send to your boyfriend in a letter, and we hope we’ve inspired you to do just that! Release your inner wordsmith and learn how to write romantic love letters so you can carry on the romance and surprises for years to come!

We hope these original and sweet paragraphs to send to your boyfriend in a letter made you feel excited to get writing and sending out those love letters.


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