10 Inspiring Paragraphs to Write to Your Boyfriend in a Text +More!

Have you been dying to send paragraphs to write to your boyfriend in a text, but it literally feels impossible to find the right words? How did the great romantics like Emily Dickinson, Noah Calhoun, and Bruno Mars do it?!
Well, we may not be on the wordsmith level as the fabulous renowned poet Emily Dickinson, but we do have some pipping hot, cozy, dreamy, and lovely paragraphs to write to your boyfriend in a text that is ready to be claimed.
We aren’t going to leave you high and dry, though, so before you copy, paste, and send, stick around and learn how you can write your own paragraphs to write to your boyfriend in a text. It’s a lot more simple than intimidating; we’ve got you covered!

Ready to make your BF feel lovey-dovey? Take a walk on the romantic side, and let’s get this love boat going into the waters of paragraphs to write to your boyfriend in a text!

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Paragraphs to Write to Your Boyfriend in a Text

You must think the world of your BF; that’s why you’re here, right? You want to send him bunches of romantic paragraphs to write to your boyfriend in a text because he deserves to feel that cage full of butterflies flutter in his stomach like he’s done for you in the past. It doesn’t have to be National Boyfriend Day or the highly anticipated Valentine’s Day to send paragraphs to your boyfriend in a text. That’s the beauty in these thought-out and loving paragraphs; they’re perfect for any time of year and at any time.

Our adoring and dreamy paragraphs to write to your boyfriend in a text are perfect for those devoted and darling long-distance couples as well. Love conquers all!

We encourage you to change up some words if you see fit, and there are places [in brackets] where you can insert your boyfriend’s name. Gotta make it personal!

  • I’ve experienced weird days, excruciatingly long days, sunny days, and sad days, but out of all the days I’ve ever lived through, [Boyfriend’s Name], the best ones have been with you. It’s hard to explain it exactly, but you fill me up with this warm sunshine feeling, and it makes me feel safe and loved and that I can be myself around you. You’re the most incredible person who’s ever touched my heart.
  • Alright, buckle up; I’m about to get cheesy. When my week has a rough patch, or I’m having a tough moment in the day, you’re my little haven. I’ll think about fun memories we’ve had together or of us cuddling up on the couch. We could really be in a tent in the middle of the forest, and I’d be content just making silly jokes and deep conversations, getting to know you even more. [Boyfriend’s Name] I guess this is a long way of saying I’ll never get tired or bored of you. You’re the most interesting and handsome person I’ll ever lay eyes on.
  • My darling [Boyfriend’s Name], you’re seriously the sweetest, most kind, bravest, most handsome, and funniest person I’ve ever met. And I get to date YOU?! I won’t be able to buy any lottery tickets for the rest of my life because it looks like I used up all my luck! Babe, you really do light up my world like no other. I’m incredibly grateful for you, and I can’t wait to make some more fun memories together.
  • Good [morning/afternoon/evening] sweetheart, I was just thinking about you, and I wanted to send you a message. I was thinking about how much my life has changed since you and I started talking. It’s like you brought a whole new palate of color to my world! I [love/like] you so much, [Boyfriend’s Name], and I’m so thankful we met.
  • Do you know what I was catching myself thinking today? We have so many awesome memories together; I don’t think I’ll ever necessarily get bored or run out of things to think about when I’m chillin’ by myself because I can just reach into the [Your Name & Boyfriend’s Name] memory vault and be like, ‘oh yea, check that out, we’re so cool’. Even with that said, I can’t wait to make some more with you!
  • Hello, my darling [Boyfriend’s Name]; I’ll never need a special occasion to tell you how much I admire and care about you. I could write journals and journals full of the feelings and words your delicate actions and thoughtfulness has etched into my heart. But, I’ll tell you this, since I don’t have a bunch of journals. You make me feel so happy and totally myself, and I hope I do the same for you because it’s the best feeling. You’re the best!
  • Hi babe! Today I’ve been feeling so giddy, probably because I’ve been thinking of you a lot. You just make me feel so happy [Boyfriend’s Name], like the happiest I’ve ever experienced in my life. I didn’t even know a happy like this existed! Thank you for being the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.
  • Well, well, well, if it isn’t the hottest fella on Earth reading a message from the luckiest girl on Earth — what’re the odds?! [Boyfriend’s Name], I love making you smile and laugh, and it makes my heart so warm and happy that I have someone in my life who cares about me and wants to make me happy too. I’ll always be wanting to make new memories with you, try new things, and go on fun adventures together. You’re my BF and my BFF!
  • Hey my handsome [Boyfriend’s Name], I can’t wait to see you later! Just relaxing and chilling makes my heart so happy when it’s with you. Although, we do have some pretty fun adventures when the two of us go out. Anywho, just wanted to pop in and say that you’re my favorite person in the whole world, and I [love/like] you very much. You’re pretty cool too, just saying.
  • My love, what a beautiful and solid foundation we’ve built together for our relationship so far. I’m really proud of us, and I’m really smitten by you. Even [Amount of time you’ve been together] and you still make me feel all those giddy butterflies when I see you, and when your name pops up on my phone, I can’t help but smile super wide. [Boyfriend’s Name], I’ll always cherish you, thank you for making me so happy.

How Do You Make a Guy Feel Special in a Text Paragraph?

When it comes down to it, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re wondering how to make a guy feel special in paragraphs to write to your boyfriend in a text. We’ve listed them out here for you, and we’re sure you’ll see some similarities of the heart. After all, we all just want to be loved and appreciated, right?

  • Tell him, in your own words, how he’s positively impacted your life
  • Remind him of the inner qualities you love that make him special to you
  • It doesn’t hurt to let your man know that you find him handsome
  • Bring up a fond memory you have with him, even if it’s small
  • Explain, short and sweet, how he makes you feel safe and loved

If you do your best and try to incorporate most of these bullet points, we’re sure you’ll accomplish making a guy feel special over text. Be honest and heartfelt, and write from a place of remembering all your happy, loving, and best times together.

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5 Steps How To Write Love Paragraphs to Write to Your Boyfriend in a Text

Copy and paste is easy, and the words are nice, but you want to take a crack at the ol romanticness, don’t you? We’ve laid out some easy-to-follow tips on how to write love paragraphs to write to your boyfriend in a text that he’s sure to love. Give yourself some patients and grace, and most importantly, leave the door to your heart open, and don’t be afraid to let the lovey-dovey doves out!

  1. Step 1: Shake out those nerves as best you can and remember that you’re writing to someone you love (or like very much), and they care very much about you in return. So, they’ll most likely be filled with butterflies and gratitude that you took the time to write paragraphs to write to your boyfriend in a text. Keeping that in mind that you’re simply talking to someone who knows you well and who you know inside and out should help you be able to write from the heart.
  2. Step 2: It can feel intimidating to write a love paragraph, a tip to help ease the anxiety is to ask yourself why you want to send it. Is there something, in particular, you want to express or mention? Make a short bullet point list of what you want to covey in your message (A paragraph is 3 sentences, so you could have 3 bullet points). Having a list, you can refer to during the writing process can help it go more smoothly and confidently.
  3. Step 3: Sprinkling in romantic and fluffy words is cute, but keeping it more simple than frilly may help the meaning of your paragraph blossom more!
  4. Step 4: After you’ve written your message, read it over to see if you accidentally have any typos. You may also come across a few spots where you want to switch up the wording. It’s a good precaution to read your paragraphs to write to your boyfriend in a text and clean it up if necessary.
  5. Step 5: Here’s a little extra bonus (if your love paragraph calls for it); did you mention a special memory in your message? After sending the romantic paragraph, send a picture of the two of you! Seeing an old picture can spark lovely and comforting memories. How romantic!

Pft and you thought you couldn’t jot up sweet paragraphs to write to your boyfriend in a text. You’re practically a romance pro now!

What Do You Say In A Love Paragraph?

What should you say in paragraphs to write to your boyfriend in a text? Are there rules and no-nos to go by? Well, as long as you’re not roasting him and you’re being loving, you can’t go wrong!
But have no fear; we’ve got a list of 5 tips on what you can include in your paragraphs to write to your boyfriend in a text.

  1. Why you love him: This seems like an obvious one, but don’t you get all sorts of giddy when he tells you all the reasons why he loves you? Give some specifics and non-cliches of why you love him so much!
  2. How you see him: Sometimes we get this perception of ourselves, and it can be hard to shake off if it’s negative. That’s why it’s so nice when the people that love us remind us what they see in us. Explain to your BF what you see in his soul and why you care for it so tenderly.
  3. Who he is to you: This goes along with the point above, but giving your partner the reassurance of the place they hold in your heart is a very sweet gesture. Is he your superman? Explain why! Does he make you feel like the only girl in the world? Give him the dets!
  4. Cherished memories: We all have those certain feel-good memories that our brain retreats to when we’re daydreaming or we need a safe escape from a stressful reality. Share one of those memories with your BF; take him on a trip down memory lane that will spark some darling sparks.
  5. Express your true feelings: Honesty is the hottest trait; when you open up your true self and give your partner words that come from a truth-stricken place, those words hit 10x deeper.

See! You totally got this; next stop on the romance express is paragraphs to write to your boyfriend in a text boulevard!

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We’re so happy you came across this walk-through of gorgeous paragraphs to write to your boyfriend in a text and also how you can start writing your own well-worded and lovely texts. Are you looking for a little more assistance? We’d love to help!
Take a look at 95 Romantic Paragraphs About Love: Adorable Quotes & Tips, and you’ll be a love writing expert in no time. Enjoy sending those adoring paragraphs to write to your boyfriend in a text; we just know he’ll love em!


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