National Siblings Day | Fun & Joy on April 10!

Siblings of all ages and stories gather around for National Siblings Day on April 10th! It is a day dedicated to the unique and precious relationship that bonds between siblings and celebrates all of the memories, trials, inside jokes, and future moments you’ll get to experience with one another.

We’ll be answering your National Siblings Day questions such as, Is National Siblings Day the same every year? and Who Invented National Sibling Day?

Plus, there is some bonus content of lovely and funny National Siblings Day messages you can write on a DIY card and the perfect National Siblings Day quotes you can use for your Facebook and Instagram captions.

Grab your siblings, and let’s celebrate the awesomeness of National Siblings Day!

National siblings day celebration brothers day celebration minimalist modern design 10 april

Is National Siblings Day the same every year?

So you want to know is National Siblings Day the same every year? Terrific question! Because some Obscure Holidays land on the 2nd week of that particular month, or how Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday in November.

Well, National Siblings Day is firm in its date of April 10th every single year. And to know the background on why National Siblings Day is on April 10th, you’ll need to know who invented National Siblings Day! Luckily for you, we’ve done our research, and you can find that info in the section below.

Who Invented National Sibling Day?

Aren’t we lucky to live in a World with so much to celebrate? Let’s see who we have to thank for the invention of this wholesome holiday; who invented National Siblings Day?

National Siblings Day, according to our sources, was created by Claudia Evart in 1995, and the non-profit The Siblings Day Foundation is soon to follow in 1997.

Claudia Evart was inspired to create this beautiful holiday of National Siblings Day in honor of her own siblings, who passed away far too soon. Her brother Alan, who sadly passed at the age of 36, and her sister Lisette, who also unfortunately passed away at the age of 19. Claudia Evart created National Siblings Day to honor her relationship and love for her siblings and to encourage others to hold their siblings close, make memories together, and be there for one another.

National Siblings Day is celebrated on April 10th, Claudia Evart’s sister Lisette’s Birthday.

National siblings day celebration brothers day celebration minimalist modern design 10 april

What is the difference between National Siblings Day and Brothers and Sisters Day?

So, there’s National Siblings Day, and there’s also Brothers and Sisters Day…so we wanted to know what is the difference between Siblings Day and Brothers and Sisters Day?

Although they do fall under the same holiday umbrella of loving your siblings and appreciating them/letting them know how much they mean to you, there is a smidge of a difference between the two.

National Siblings Day is a day for all siblings, whether it’s brother and brother or sister and sister, or a combination. Brothers and Sisters Day is reserved for siblings of brothers and sisters to celebrate the bond that’s created in a brother and sister friendship.

The more you know!

National siblings day celebration brothers day celebration minimalist modern design 10 april sib

National Siblings Day Messages for Cards

A card is always a sweet gesture when delivered to someone you love, especially a homemade card!

Not sure what to write? No worries! We’ve got the ball rolling on writing the perfect Happy National Siblings Day message for your special sibling(s).

We’ve also added [INSERT SIBLING(S) NAME(S)] brackets so you can customize these National Siblings Day messages easily and copy and paste them without a headache. We hope you find inspiration, love, and giggles as you read through!

  • Guess what today is? It’s National Siblings Day! So I thought, even though you can be really annoying sometimes, I’ll annoy you with a heartfelt card about how much I love you. [INSERT SIBLING(S) NAME(S)], there isn’t anything on this Earth I wouldn’t do for you (besides putting away the dishes or laundry, you’re on your own there), and I want you to know I’ll always be there for you. I love you, I’m so happy we get to annoy each other forever.
  • Happy Siblings Day, [INSERT SIBLING(S) NAME(S)]! I’m always thinking about you, but today my mind has been racing with little and big moments we’ve shared together and I just feel welled up with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and happiness. You really are the best sibling a dork could ask for. I love you so much!
  • [INSERT SIBLING(S) NAME(S)]! It’s Siblings Day! A perfect day to celebrate my perfectly imperfect [sibling(s)]. Every day I’m so thankful that I have you, even when we’re not in the same room or city, just knowing you’re out there and I know you’ll always be there for me or you’ll understand my stupid jokes, makes me feel safe, loved, and on top of the world. There isn’t a day where I don’t love being your [Sister/Brother], I love you so much!
  • Well, well, well, lookie what we’ve got here, it’s National Siblings Day, better give a card to the best [sibling(s)] around! [INSERT SIBLING(S) NAME(S)], thank you for having my back through it all, and you can always count on me having yours. I love all of our goofy and dumb memories together; there isn’t a pair like us anywhere else in this world. And for that, I’ll be grateful for the rest of my life.
  • Every day is a day to celebrate the incredible [sibling(s)] I have, but it’s amplified even more on National Siblings Day. My life wouldn’t be nearly as colorful and wonderful without you, and I’ll never take our relationship for granted. I’m always here if you need anything, and we need to plan a fun sibling’s day SOON! I love you so much, [INSERT SIBLING(S) NAME(S)]!

“Siblings: children of the same parents, each of whom is perfectly normal until they get together.”

– Sam Levenson

National Siblings Day Quotes for Facebook and Instagram Posts

We all love to show off our precious moments on social media, and celebrating your siblings on National Siblings Day is a pretty awesome excuse for a grand Facebook/Instagram post! But, what kind of caption are you going to use?

Allow us to bring in some iconic, heartwarming, goofy, and funny National Siblings Day quotes for captions to help you narrow it down. From movies to books, we’ve got all kinds of quotes ready for you to use!

  • “Brothers don’t shake hands. Brothers gotta hug!” – Tommy Boy, 1995
  • “The most important thing is family.” – Walt Disney
  • “Sibling love is simple. At home, we fight for everything, from water bottle to TV remote. Outside home, you trouble one, and the other will rip you into pieces. My human, my property, I can shout, I can disrespect, and I can even hit. But you can’t mess with my human.” – Rahul Kaushik
  • “You’ll always be my little brother” – Brother Bear, 2003
  • “Growing apart doesn’t change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I’m glad for that.” – Ally Condie
  • “For everything you are to me, and all you’ve been through, I”m making today a perfect day for you.” – Frozen Fever, 2015
  • “Siblings are supposed to be there for you from cradle to grave. Relationships with them are the most prolific and enduring. Estrangment from siblings is a powerful ache.” – Unknown
  • “Being a part of this family means you are here for this family.” – CoCo, 2017
  • ‘We didn’t even realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.” – Winnie the Pooh
  • “You rotten sister, your butt is crushing me! Why do you act so weird?” – Lilo and Stitch, 2002
  • “Nothing beats that sibling love.” – Will Smith
  • “That’s my brother. He’s strong.” – The Tex Avery Show, 1997-2002
  • “You are not just my sister. You are my best friend, for forever and always.” – Unknown
  • “My kid brother looked like a tick about to pop.” – A Christmas Story, 1983
  • “Having siblings is weird because like one minute you want to strange them, and then later you’re singing dramatic duets together.” – Unknown
  • “He’s my brother, my blood. He annoys the hell out of me most of the time, but when it comes right down to it I want to see him graduate from college and have little annoying mini-Alexes and mini-Brittanys running around in the future.” – Simone Elkeles, Rules of Attraction
  • “Always together, never apart. Maybe in distance, but never in heart.” – Unknown
  • “There comes a day when you’re gonna look around and realize happiness is where you are.” – Moana, 2016
  • “Together, they fight. Apart, they love. Ah, siblings.” – Siree Lakshman
  • “Nani: I shouldn’t have yelled at you. Lilo: We’re sisters, it’s our job.” – Lilo and Stitch, 2002
  • “You may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. You need her, as she needs you.” – George R.R. Martin
  • “Some people are worth melting for.” – Frozen, 2013
  • “Being sisters means you’ll peel the rinds of your oranges and while the smell of citrus saturates the air, you’ll find yourself handing over half for an equal share. Because being siblings is willingly going half hungry to share in life’s sweetness.” – Lyra
  • “You and I are more than friends… we’re like a really small gang.” – Unknown
  • “Like, my brother can tell the difference between beers by what his burps taste like.” – Strange Brew, 1983
  • “The greatest gift our parents ever gave us was each other.” – Unknown
  • “We may have our differences, but nothing’s more important than family.” – CoCo, 2017
National siblings day celebration brothers day celebration minimalist modern design 10 april

Happy National Siblings Day! Remember to talk to your siblings and remind them how much they mean to you. Spend the day together, or plan an annual trip to cater to the unique relationship that only siblings can understand.

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