30 Memorable Chicken Names – Hilarious Names For Your Chicken Flock and Roosters Too!

No, the sky isn’t falling, but believe it or not, chicken names—that is, the act of naming chickens—can be serious business because, as it turns out, chickens are capable of learning their names. So don’t fly the coop when it comes to naming your favorite fowl friends. Instead, check out some of our favorite funny, punny, celebrity and, yes, even Star Wars pet chicken names.

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Female Names for Chickens

Pluma – Pluma, in Latin, means “feather,” but besides for that, it’s just a cute name.

Henrietta – In addition to being a fitting chicken name, Henrietta is also a fairly common people name, which begs the question: Which came first? The chicken or the name?

Dawn – The early bird may get the worm, but Dawn beats even the sun. Save this name for your earliest riser.

Spring – While we’re certainly no spring chickens, that doesn’t mean that our youngest and springiest chicken isn’t. Give this name to a young, energetic friend.

Punny Names for Chickens and Roosters

Coop – Simple and punny, Coop is a great name for any member of your flock. Perhaps best for the one who doesn’t like to stray too far from the actual coop.

Clawdia – Okay, so this one might be a bit much, but this is definitely a funny chicken name definitely worth considering, as it is a perfect pun name.

Layla – A little fun fact about this one: when Eric Clapton was in the studio writing his hit song “Layla,” he wasn’t talking about a woman.

Pop Culture Chicken Names

Foghorn Leghorn – A Looney Tunes icon, Foghorn Leghorn is a bulky rooster with a iconic hankering for mischief. Maybe you’ve got a troublemaker in your own flock?

Heihei – HeiHei stumbles into this list from the animated Disney movie Moana (2016). In the movie, Heihei is known for being bumbling and finding himself in precarious positions. Sound familiar?

Chicken Little – The sky might not be falling, but if you’ve got an overly dramatic member of your flock that tends to rile up the rest, consider this astute moniker.

Rocky – In every coop there is an escape artist, a feathery friend who somehow always manages to escape the confines of the coop. Taken from the claymation movie Chicken Run (2000).

Celebrity Chicken Names

Amelia Egghart – While your feathery friend may never take to the sky, they can at least strive with a name that honors Amelia Earhart, the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean.

Anderson Coop-er – Not every chicken is hip to the news, but if you’ve got a chicken who always seems to have a knack for following the action, you’ll want to consider this chicken name!

Hilary Fluff – Shy and somewhat awkward, Hilary Fluff is a chicken name for that wallflower in your coop who sees and hears everything.

Lindsey LoHen – Reserved for the wild child of your flock, Lindsey LoHen might be somewhat reckless, but one thing’s for sure: you can’t help but be intrigued.

Josh Peck – Curating a memorable list of chicken names can be tough work, but sometimes a fitting one just fall into your lap. Take, for instance, Josh Peck, the loveable dweeb from the Nickelodeon series Drake and Josh. With a name like that, chicken names come easy.

Colonel Sanders – With unparalleled manners and an esteemed air of elegance, Colonel Sanders is the name for any fowl who exalts a southern gentlemanly presence. Forget the fried chicken.

Meryl Cheep – Like Meryl Streep, Mery Cheep is loved by all and has the respect of every member of her coop. She is the mother hen, the chicken who others go to for comfort.

Cluck Norris – If every coop has an enforcer, look no further than Cluck Norris, the chicken who can’t help but get involved in physical altercations.

David Beakham – As far as chicken names go, this one should be reserved for your most athletic chicken.

Yolko Ono – Where there’s a John Hennon, there’s a Yolko Ono. Consider this name for a chicken who enjoys having all eyes on her.

Chick Jagger – Got a chicken with the moves like Jagger? Well, here’s a name to draw crowds and shake tail feathers.

Hennifer Aniston – This chicken name is the one where you cave into your Friends obsession and name a chicken after your favorite Friends character.

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Star Wars Chicken Names

Jabba the Hen – A crime lord and ultra villain, we hope that none of your chickens match this description. But if you’ve got yourself a puppet master of sorts, who orchestrates chaos behind the closed doors, then this name might just be for you.

Hen Solo – Cunning and cool, Hen Solo is the type of chicken to get himself into some sticky situations before swiftly making his exit. If you’ve got a chicken like this in your flock, keep a close eye on him, as he’s usually the catalyst for mayhem.

Kylo Hen – Sometimes even villains have softspots within them. Consider this name if you’ve got a kind-hearted troublemaker in your life, a “problem child,” if you will.

Princess Laya – A heroic and a natural-born leader, Princess Laya is the type of chicken who is calling the shots and leading the charge, whether that’s the first out of of the coop or the first in.


In the end, don’t let chicken names ruffle your feathers. While we believe that it can foster a more meaningful relationship with your feathery friends—and hopefully get them to respond to it overtime—it’s supposed to be a fun, light-hearted process. So don’t sweat it and have fun because, while sometimes a name might describe a personality just right, sometimes a name just feels right. Listen to that and you can’t go wrong.

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