Free Printable Wordsearch for Adults (272 Words!)

Hey, smarty pants, looking for a challenge? How about in the form of a free printable wordsearch for adults?

Free AND brain stimulating? Now that’s what we’re talkin’ about. 

We know that free and quality don’t always go hand in hand, but we assure you time, effort, and research went into these printable wordsearch for adults puzzles. 

Each printable wordsearch for adults is incredibly easy to download; one click and the PDF is yours! No email addresses necessary, no hoops to jump through, because you’ve got some words to find!

Come on, enough jabber; time to check out these free printable wordsearch for adults puzzles.

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Challenging Printable Wordsearch for Adults

What makes these printable wordsearch for adults puzzles a challenge? We’ve collected English words that are not only difficult to spell, but also to pronounce. 

English has all sorts of weird words like Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and although that’s hard to spell and say, there are also shorter more commonly used words that you may have not even thought would make an appearance on this list. 

Don’t worry, we didn’t put Marry Poppin’s fav word in these printable wordsearch for adults (it was hard, but we resisted!), you’ve got plenty of other words to discover and search for!

These printable wordsearch for adults are a terrific way to work on your spelling, spend time off screens, stimulate your mind, and improve your word recognition

For each category, by alphabet, we’ll also list the words used within those puzzles so you know what to expect. We’re all on the same page here (no pun intended)!

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A-C Printable Wordsearch for Adults

A … B .. C … one of the very first songs we all memorized as children, our ABCs!

When we think of those letters, we probably don’t think of necessarily “challenging” words. We probably think of words like Apple, Bat, Cow, you know, the basics.

Well, well, well, it’s time for these letters to get their fire back and show you that they’ve got a trick or two up their sleeve. Try to find these challenging words in our free printable wordsearch for adults!

  1. Aberrant
  2. Abject
  3. Abnegation
  4. Abscond
  5. Accede
  6. Accessory
  7. Accommodate
  8. Acquiesce
  9. Adamant
  10. Adumbrate
  11. Aggrandize
  12. Agoraphobia
  13. Alacrity
  14. Albeit
  15. Anachronistic
  16. Anemone
  17. Anesthetist
  18. Aneurysm
  19. Antidisestablishmentarianism
  20. Archetypal
  21. Archipelago
  22. Ascetic
  23. Asterisk
  24. Bacteriology
  25. Balmoral
  26. Beguile
  27. Bereft
  28. Blandishment
  29. Blasphemy
  30. Bologna
  31. Bouquet
  32. Bourbon
  33. Brewery
  34. Broccoli
  35. Buoy
  36. Bureaucracy
  37. Cacciatore
  38. Cache
  39. Cacophony
  40. Cajole
  41. Callous
  42. Calumny
  43. Camaraderie
  44. Capitulate
  45. Caramel
  46. Cavalry
  47. Charcuterie
  48. Chimpanzee
  49. Chipotle
  50. Circumlocution
  51. Clamor
  52. Cognizant
  53. Colonel
  54. Connoisseur
  55. Conscientious
  56. Construe
  57. Convivial
  58. Coup
  59. Cryptography
  60. Curmudgeon

D-F Printable Wordsearch for Adults

Dog, Eat, Far, just like the ABC’s these letters too can be underestimated. Prepare yourself to be challenged as you journey into the printable wordsearch for adults letters D, E, and don’t forget F! You may even find some words that will make you curious enough to look up their meaning or origin or place a word into your vocab. The wordsmith world is yours to explore!

  1. Debauch
  2. Debris
  3. Debut
  4. Decrepit
  5. Defibrillator
  6. Demagogue
  7. Denigrate
  8. Diaphanous
  9. Diaphragm
  10. Didactic
  11. Dilate
  12. Dirge
  13. Disparate
  14. Dispel
  15. Draught
  16. Drawer
  17. Eclectic
  18. Egregious
  19. Embezzlement
  20. Emollient
  21. Enervate
  22. Entrepreneur
  23. Ephemeral
  24. Epistolary
  25. Epitome
  26. Equanimity
  27. Espresso
  28. Etcetera
  29. Euthanasia
  30. Exacerbate
  31. Fatuous
  32. February
  33. Fiscal
  34. Floccinaucinihilipilification
  35. Foliage
  36. Forbearance
  37. Foyer
  38. Fuchsia

G-I Printable Wordsearch for Adults

Letters G, H, I, home to some lovely words such as gorgeous, home, and ice cream (the last one is the best, we can all agree). Who woulda thought that there’d be some real brain-stretcher words tucked into this side of the alphabet? Time for you to put on your thinking cap and circle those words for yourself in the G, H, and I printable wordsearch for adults; you’re bound to find at least one word you may not know!

  1. Gauge
  2. Gibberish
  3. Gibraltar
  4. Gourmand
  5. Gourmet
  6. Grandiloquent
  7. Gratuitous
  8. Gubernatorial
  9. Hegemony
  10. Heinous
  11. Heir
  12. Herb
  13. Heresy
  14. Hernia
  15. Heterogeneous
  16. Hierarchy
  17. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia
  18. Hyperbole
  19. Iconoclast
  20. Idiosyncratic
  21. Ignominious
  22. Illinois
  23. Inchoate
  24. Incumbent
  25. Indict
  26. Infamous
  27. Ingenious
  28. Ingenuity
  29. Interpret
  30. Inveterate
  31. Irregardless
  32. Ischaemia
  33. Island
  34. Isthmus
  35. Itinerary

J-L Printable Wordsearch for Adults

J, K, and L is one of the more fun spots in the printable wordsearch for adults puzzles, because there’s a quirky mix of words you already know and others that may drive you a bit crazy. Isn’t language fun?!

  1. Jaunty
  2. Jaded
  3. Jalapeño
  4. Jargon
  5. Jaundice
  6. Jewelry
  7. Jubilation
  8. Juggernaut
  9. Juncture
  10. Juridical
  11. Juror
  12. Kaleidoscopic
  13. Kernel
  14. Kindle
  15. Kindred
  16. Kleptomaniac
  17. Knead
  18. Knee
  19. Knell
  20. Knife 
  21. Knotty
  22. Kudos
  23. Lackadaisical
  24. Lampoon
  25. Languish
  26. Largess
  27. Lethargic
  28. Liaison
  29. Libertarian
  30. Library
  31. Licentious
  32. Lieutenant
  33. Liquefy
  34. Litigation

M-O Printable Wordsearch for Adults

Maybe it’s because these letters are sung closely together in the famous alphabet song, but don’t M, N, and O seem so tightly knit? Like a cute little family. Whelp, this family has some toughies, and it’s your job to find them in these printable wordsearch for adults. Round em up!

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Medieval
  3. Metamorphosis
  4. Miniature
  5. Minuscule
  6. Mischievous
  7. Multifarious
  8. Muscle
  9. Mustache
  10. Narcissistic
  11. Nauseous
  12. Neophyte
  13. Niche
  14. Nihilism
  15. Noisome
  16. Nuclear
  17. Nuptial
  18. Obdurate
  19. Occasion
  20. Oligarchy
  21. Onomatopoeia
  22. Orangutan
  23. Ordinance
  24. Ostracism
  25. Otorhinolaryngologist

P-V Printable Wordsearch for Adults

Woah there, we’ve got a big group here, letters P, Q, R, S, T, U, and V. We tried to separate them and split it up, but they insisted on staying together in one clump. Who are we to break up a fine group of letters and their hard words? We’re not monsters. 

But you might want to take some breaks here and there between these doozies, or you’ll discover a frustrated monster inside you. We don’t want that!

  1. Pejorative
  2. Penguin
  3. Pertinacious
  4. Phenomenon
  5. Philanthropic
  6. Phlegm
  7. Phlegmatic
  8. Playwright
  9. Pneumatology
  10. Pneumonia
  11. Promulgate
  12. Quagmire
  13. Quay
  14. Queue
  15. Quiche
  16. Quinoa
  17. Quintessential
  18. Quirky
  19. Quixotic
  20. Quotidian
  21. Raccoon
  22. Raspberry
  23. Recalcitrant
  24. Receipt
  25. Regime
  26. Remuneration
  27. Rendezvous
  28. Restaurateur
  29. Rhythm
  30. Rural
  31. Sacrilegious
  32. Salmon
  33. Sanctimonious
  34. Sanguine
  35. Scapula
  36. Schedule
  37. Scissors
  38. Sesquipedalian
  39. Sherbet
  40. Silicon
  41. Solipsism
  42. Sphygmomanometer
  43. Spurious
  44. Squirrel
  45. Tautology
  46. Temperature
  47. Timbre
  48. Travesty
  49. Triskaidekaphobia
  50. Truculent
  51. Ubiquitous
  52. Ukulele
  53. Umbilical
  54. Umbrage
  55. Unbelievable
  56. Vehicle
  57. Ventriloquist
  58. Vicissitude
  59. Visceral
  60. Vociferous

W-Z Printable Wordsearch for Adults

And lastly, finishing strong, we’ve got W, X, Y, and but of course, Z. These are some very curious letters (we all know how cool Z words sound, wait until you get a load of X!) which makes for quite the puzzling printable wordsearch for adults puzzle. 

Godspeed, brainy human!

  1. Wednesday
  2. Whiffle
  3. Whiplash
  4. Whistle
  5. Wisteria
  6. Worcestershire
  7. Wrap
  8. Xany
  9. Xaroncharoo
  10. Xenodocheionology
  11. Xenolith
  12. Xenon
  13. Xenophobia
  14. Yacht
  15. Yarmulke
  16. Yeasayer
  17. Yolk
  18. Yuletide
  19. Zephyr
  20. Zucchini
Photo miniature people businessmen standing with wood word search looking for words hidden in printable wordsearch for adults hard.

How ‘bout them apples, huh? Quite the printable wordsearch for adults puzzles! There’s more where that came from, check out our other free and relaxing printable wordsearch for adults and keep that brain stimulated. Or, if you’re a bookworm, you’ll definitely love these book lover’s wordsearch puzzles!

A friendly reminder, doing wordsearch puzzles is fun way to stay off the screen and work out your brain, but remember to take breaks in between to relax so you don’t overwork your mind. And incorporating physical exercise will help you stay well-rounded altogether. 

We hope you enjoy your free printable wordsearch for adults!

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