26 Birthday Wishes for Son: Genuine, Cool, & Authentic

When trying to think up thoughtful or funny Birthday wishes for son, it can be a head scratcher. Do you try to come off cool or speak from the heart? Is it going to sound too cheesy, or is that pun going to land right on the funny bone? Does my homemade card hit the mark?

We’ve crafted the perfect Birthday wishes for son so you don’t have to wrack your brain for the right words, and you can spend more quality time with the birthday fella. Everyone deserves a wonderful little note in their card, which is why we’re sharing our sweet, genuine, and silly Birthday wishes for son with you! Whether you’re needing Birthday wishes for son or Birthday wishes for daughter, we’ve got you covered.

Below we have a few frequently asked questions to answer in regards to Birthday wishes for son, and then we’ll hop right into the festivities of birthday wishes!

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How Do You Say Happy Birthday to a Grown Son?

Gathering the right words for Birthday wishes for son can be a toughie; how do you say Happy Birthday to a grown son? Firstly, we’ll say, even though it’s easier said than done, don’t overthink it. Sure, this guy is all grown up now, but he’s still your son, and we’re sure he wants to hear from the genuine parts of you.

Here are our tips on How Do you Say Happy Birthday to a Grown Son:

  • Tell him why you’re proud of him: It’s easy to tell someone that you’re proud of them, but going into the depth of why you’re proud of them is really what the receiver will remember and carry with them for a long time. Plus, this makes for quite the sentimental Birthday wishes for son; maybe it’ll even make the ‘Don’t Throw That Card Away‘ pile!
  • Bring up a memory: Perhaps not too embarrassing of memory; it is their birthday, after all, but birthdays are a wonderful time to reminisce on the good old days. If you have a copy of an old picture to put in the card, that’s a bonus!
  • Don’t Try To Be Something You’re Not: It can be tempting to try and sound ‘cool’, but if you don’t write from your true self, your card will unfortunately sound fake or forced, and you don’t want that for your Birthday wishes for son. Speak from the heart and your genuine self!
  • Sprinkle In A Joke: Who doesn’t love a good laugh on their birthday, even if it’s something cheesy like Birthday Puns or something silly like Chicken Jokes? Give it a whirl!

We hope these few tips on how do you say Happy Birthday to a grown son helped you on your Birthday wishes for son journey! Let’s head on over to our last frequently asked question about Birthday wishes for son before we get into the good stuff.

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How Do You Write a Birthday Heartwarming Message?

Knowing how to write a Birthday heartwarming message is a skill that you can carry with you for all the birthdays to come in your future! And we all know, there are lots of birthday wishes to spread around.

Here’s an important question to ask yourself before you start writing a birthday card: What would I want to read in my own birthday card?

It may sound like a hooky question to ask yourself, but it can bring you some promising results!

Was there a birthday card that you kept because you loved it so much? What was it about that card that made you want to keep it?

We believe asking these questions and speaking from your heart and your love/fondness for that person will bring you a genuine and heartwarming result.

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Sweet Birthday Wishes for Son

Your son means the world to you, so you want to match up that precious feeling with equally beautiful words! These sweet Birthday wishes for son are right up your sentimental alley.

We’ve even placed [SON’S NAME] brackets in the appropriate places so you can make these Birthday wishes for son perfect for your birthday lad.

  • Happy birthday to my amazing son, [SON’S NAME]! You are the light of my life, and I am so proud of the young man you have become. And I know you’re only going to keep growing and becoming an even more incredible person. I love you more than words can say.
  • To my dearest son [SON’S NAME], Happy [AGE] Birthday! You are my everything. I love your smile and how contagious your laugh is, and your kind heart never fails to fill me up with happiness. I am so lucky to be your [Mom/Dad/Parent/Relation]!
  • Wishing my handsome son a very Happy [AGE] Birthday! You are so bright, funny, and talented; there’s nothing that you can’t do or accomplish in my eyes. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you, [SON’S NAME].
  • Happy birthday to my B.S.F. (Best Son Friend)! I love spending time with you, talking to you, and laughing with you. Getting to know you as you keep growing every year of your life has been the privilege of mine. You make my life so much better; I love you, [SON’S NAME]!
  • To my amazing son, happiest Happy Birthday! You are a blessing to our family and to every person you encounter with your bright light and me. I am so proud of the person you are becoming, and I want you to know that I’ll always be here for you and be on your team.
  • Wishing my wonderful son a very awesome [AGE] Birthday! You are the best son a parent could ask for. I love you more than anything in the world, and I can’t wait to make more memories together. Cheers to you, [SON’S NAME]!

Wipe those eyes and get ready for some more Birthday wishes for son!

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Son

Want to tickle that funny bone? Take a look at our Funny Birthday wishes for son! We hope they bring a giggle to your day and or give you inspiration for your own funny Birthday wishes for son!

We’ve also added in customizable [SON’S NAME] brackets so you can personalize your Birthday wishes for son.

  • Happy [AGE] Birthday to the old dude! I’d give you a gift card for a new walker and dentures, but I’ll get it for you so you don’t have to go through the trouble. Hope you have a great day old-man, [SON’S NAME].
  • Well, well, well, look who just turned [AGE]. Now this might not be the best time, but I’ve got a backlog of expenses you can start paying me back for, we’ll start with the superhero undies– oh yea, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [SON’S NAME]! Now, back to business…
  • You know what they say, once you turn [AGE] it’s the time where the roles reverse and you’re now the parent and I’m the wreckloose that wants to be out past 1 am… Love, Karma
  • [SON’S NAME]! It’s your Birthday! Holy smokes! When did you get so old?! All jokes aside, you’re the coolest fella around, and I sure can’t wait to see the crazy stuff you’ll pull as you get older and older.
  • Happy [AGE] Birthday! I’m thinking of changing your contact name from [SON’S NAME] to ‘Old Fart’, any thoughts?
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Birthday Wishes for Grandson

Aren’t Grandsons such a sparkle in the eye of life? They say the darndest things! Now you can write the perfect thing in their Birthday card with our Birthday wishes for Grandson!

  • Happy Birthday to my grandson, the apple of my eye! I love watching you grow and learn every day. You are such a special boy, and I am so proud of you, [GRANDSON’S NAME].
  • How on Earth are you [AGE] already? Just the other day we were playing on the floor and stacking blocks and pretending they’re skyscrapers. Maybe I can’t get on the floor anymore, but I sure do love spending time with you, [GRANDSON’S NAME]. Happy Birthday!!!
  • To my amazing grandson on their [AGE]th Birthday, you’ve done so much for yourself and the people around you and I couldn’t be more proud to call you my grandson. Being yourself is an important thing to remember in this life, and I want you to remember that I think you’re top-notch. I love you, [GRANDSON’S NAME].
  • From learning how to read and ride a bike to the wonderful young lad you are today, [GRANDSON’S NAME] I wish you not only a Happy [AGE]th Birthday, but also the happiest life this world has to offer. You deserve it, and I love you!
  • I really couldn’t have gotten any luckier than to call you my Grandson. You are the sweetest, brightest, silliest, and most thoughtful person and I love you to pieces. Have a terrific Birthday, [GRANDSON’S NAME]!
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Birthday Wishes for Godson

Aw, wasn’t that an unbelievable day when you were asked to be a Godparent? Sometimes there can be internal pressure to be a good Godparent, but don’t you worry, we’ve got some lovely Birthday wishes for Godson that you’re gonna love.

Don’t forget, we’ve placed customizable [GODSON’S NAME] brackets so you can make these Birthday wishes for Godson perfect!

  • Happy Birthday to the best gosh darn Godson around! [GODSON’S NAME], there’s never a time when I don’t enjoy hanging out with you and getting to know you more and more. You’re such a remarkable human, and I can’t wait to see you keep on growing and learning.
  • [AGE], can that be right? Just the other day I swear your folks asked me to be your Godparent. And it was one of the best ‘Hell Yeahs’ of my life! I’ve met a lot of people in my life, but nobody like you. You’re the best, [GODSON’S NAME]!
  • Happiest Birthday to the best Godson around! [GODSON’S NAME], turning [AGE] is a big deal, and I hope you know that I’ll always be here for you if you need a hand or you need a shoulder to learn on. Let’s go celebrate the incredible person you are!
  • I wasn’t entirely sure if I’d ever be a Godparent, but after your parents asked me and I saw you for the first time all those years ago, I can’t fathom not being your Godparent. [GODSON’S NAME], you’re 1 in a gazillion, and I’ll always be your #1 fan and supporter. Happy Birthday, [GODSON’S NAME]!
  • A big ‘ole Happy BDay to the most rad, coolest, and grooviest Godson around; it’s the one and only — [GODSON’S NAME]! Too bad you can’t pick another Godparent after reading my lame word choice, but hey, you can’t win them all. Happy [AGE] Birthday, [GODSON’S NAME]! Cheers!
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Birthday Wishes for Brother from Sibling

Don’t let your bro fool you, he wants some sweet words from their brother or sister in their Birthday card. And we’ve got just the lovely and funny words for you!

We’ve placed [BROTHER’S NAME] brackets throughout the Birthday wishes so they can feel perfect for your bro.

  • Happy birthday to my favorite sibling named [BROTHER’S NAME]! I’m so lucky to have you in my life; you really are an amazing brother. You’re always there for me, no matter what. I love you more than words can say, and more often than I say it.
  • To my best friend, my partner in crime, and my favorite sibling (PST, don’t tell the others): Happy Birthday! [BROTHER’S NAME], I can’t imagine my life without you. You make me laugh even when I don’t want to, and you always know what to say to bring my confidence back up and get me back on my feet. I love you, bro!
  • Happy birthday to the amazing (and annoying) [BROTHER’S NAME]! Even though you get on my nerves sometimes, you really are the best person I know. You’re kind, funny, smart, and thoughtful. I couldn’t have asked for a better brother. Here’s to [AGE]!
  • To my dear sibling, Happy Birthday! I am so grateful to have you in my life. I know not everyone is as lucky as me to call their sibling their best friend, and I’ll never take that or you for granted. I love you, ya big lug!
  • Happy [AGE] Birthday, [BROTHER’S NAME]! I hope you have a day as amazing as you are. You deserve all the happiness in the world, even if you get the trophy for the World’s Most Annoying Brother every single year. I still love ya!
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We hope you got a kick or an eye full of happy tears while reading our Birthday wishes for son and other Birthday wishes for son variations. Thank you for stopping by, and we hope that you’ve found the absolutely perfect and wonderful Birthday wishes for son you’re searching for, or that ours inspires you to write your own Birthday wishes for son filled with love and fun.

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