210 Best This or That Questions

Tired of the same old card game or board game? This or That Questions are an entertaining way to get to know the people around you and also make for great conversation starters. Whether you are with family or friends, you’ll never run out of questions to ask them. The game is simple, and the participants will only choose one answer from the two selections given.

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Question topics can range from simple things like the seasons: Fall This or That and Summer This or That. Questions related to events such as Christmas and Halloween, specific activities and actions, or food queries. The possibilities are endless! Prepare to learn other players’ favorite thing, worst thing, and everything in between.

Mix funny questions with an open ended question and dare questions, with a random question for the most entertaining question game ever! Whatever category and question style you choose, it will result in one thing: getting to know the participants better!

Christmas This or That Questions

  1. Mariah Carey or Michael Bublé Christmas album?
  2. Candy cane or hot cocoa?
  3. Christmas Dad jokes or funny Christmas puns?
  4. Give a Christmas present or get a Christmas present?
  5. Real or fake Christmas tree?
  6. Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
  7. Naughty or nice?
  8. Gingerbread house or cookies?
  9. Ice skating or sledding?
  10. Santa Claus or St Nicholas?
  11. Home or out of town?
  12. Wrapped presents or gift bags?
  13. Snow or no snow?
  14. Turkey or ham?
  15. Green or white Christmas?
  16. Ribbons or bells?
  17. Holly Jolly Christmas or Jingle Bells?
  18. Christmas pudding or Christmas cake?
  19. Send Christmas card or get Christmas card?
  20. Putting presents in front of the tree days in advance or waiting until late on Christmas Eve?
  21. Cash or gift card?
  22. Fuzzy hat or earmuffs?
  23. Sing or listen to songs?
  24. Christmas Story or Home Alone?
  25. Shop in-store or shop online?
  26. Cook or cater?
  27. Star or angel?
  28. Opening gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
  29. Mistletoe or wreath?
  30. Christmas movie or Christmas song?
  31. Snowman or elf?
  32. Donate or volunteer?
  33. Cider or cocoa?
  34. Slippers or socks?
  35. Tinsel or ornaments
  36. White lights or colored lights?
  37. Peppermint or rainbow candy cane?
  38. Christmas sweater or Christmas socks?
  39. Elf or the Grinch?
  40. Crackers or party poppers?
  41. White elephant gift exchange or secret Santa?
  42. Eggnog or hot chocolate?
  43. Handmade gift or bought gift?
  44. Lunch or dinner?
  45. Hallmark movies or Lifetime movies?
  46. Ugly sweaters or matching PJs?
  47. Mulled cider or hot tea?
  48. Eating Christmas cookies or leaving them out for Santa?
  49. One big present or lots of small presents?
  50. Eating treats or baking treats?

Halloween This or That Questions

  1. Chocolate candy or fruit?
  2. Celebrate in your neighborhood or at the mall?
  3. Witches or vampires?
  4. Pumpkin spice or hot chocolate?
  5. Trick or treat?
  6. Bats or black cats?
  7. Halloween party or scary movie?
  8. Bottle feed a baby zombie or walk alone in a dark forest?
  9. Skeletons or zombies?
  10. Pumpkin seeds or pumpkin pie?
  11. Trick or treat or hand out candies?
  12. Scary costume or funny costume?
  13. Candy corn or candy apple?
  14. Apple or pumpkin?
  15. Vampire or werewolf?
  16. Owls or bats?
  17. Potion or spell?
  18. Witches or wizards?
  19. Creepy or cute?
  20. Hayride or corn maze?
  21. Caramel or chocolate?
  22. Dressing up or no costume?
  23. Graveyard or haunted house?
  24. Beetle Juice or Addams Family?
  25. Salted caramel or pumpkin spice?
  26. Buy a costume or make a costume?
  27. Last one alive or the first one to die?
  28. Creepy doll or evil clown?
  29. Curved pumpkins or floating candles?
  30. Silent graveyards or mysterious shadows?
  31. Costumes or skull décor?
  32. Old photographs or lonely woods?
  33. Spooky stories or spell books?
  34. Chocolate or hard candy?
  35. Ouija board or Bloody Mary?
  36. Snickers or Skittles?
  37. Twix or Licorice?
  38. Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin or The Nightmare Before Christmas?
  39. Movies: Halloween or Hocus Pocus?
  40. Sweet or sour?

Fall This or That Questions

  1. Hot chocolate or hot cider?
  2. Soup or chili?
  3. Pumpkin pie or apple pie?
  4. Sweaters or flannels?
  5. Ham or turkey?
  6. Pumpkin patch or apple orchard?
  7. Caramel apples or candy apples?
  8. Candy corn or corn on the cob?
  9. Peel apples or carve a pumpkin?
  10. Color hike or color drive?
  11. Football or baseball?
  12. Movie night or read a book?
  13. Coffee date or dinner date?
  14. Rainy mornings or sunny mornings?
  15. Pumpkin spice or cinnamon?
  16. Coffee or tea?
  17. Haunted house or spooky stories?
  18. Bake cookies or make bread?
  19. Crunchy leaves or pumpkin patch?
  20. Carve pumpkin or paint pumpkin?
  21. Fairy lights or candles?
  22. Books or Netflix?
  23. Cookies or apple pie?
  24. Sweaters or blankets?
  25. Walk through the woods or exploring the city?
  26. Haystack ride or apple picking?
  27. Halloween or Thanksgiving?
  28. Scary movies or movie marathon?
  29. Fireplace or bonfire?
  30. Vanilla candle or cinnamon candle?
  31. Go out for Halloween or stay in and watch movies?
  32. Haunted house or haunted maze?
  33. Orange or black?
  34. Changing leaves or leaf pile?
  35. Leaves or pinecones?
  36. Scarecrow or Jack o’lantern?
  37. Soup kitchen or thank you letter?
  38. Camping in a tent or cabin?
  39. Hibernation or migration?
  40. Squirrel or chipmunk?

Summer This or That Questions

  1. Ice cream or popsicles?
  2. Sundress or shorts?
  3. Tropical trip or camping trip?
  4. Sun-bleached hair or freckles?
  5. Ocean or pool?
  6. Outdoor movie or outdoor concert?
  7. Bikini or one-piece?
  8. Sandals or barefoot?
  9. Strawberries or watermelon?
  10. Summer fling or long-term love?
  11. Summer reading list or summer playlist?
  12. Straw bag or straw hat?
  13. Beach or mountains?
  14. Suntan or swimming?
  15. Travel or stay-cation?
  16. Water balloons or slip-n-slide?
  17. Ocean or lake?
  18. Camping or pool party?
  19. Sunscreen or tanning lotion?
  20. Early mornings or late nights?
  21. Ice cream or slush?
  22. Hat or sunglasses?
  23. Sweet tea or lemonade?
  24. Contemporaries or thrillers?
  25.  Baseball game or music festival?
  26. Adventure or relax & rest?
  27. Porch reading or pool reading?
  28. Carnival or amusement park?
  29. Drive-in or movie theater?
  30. Road trips or flights?
  31. Neon or pastel?
  32. Beach vacay or city stay?
  33. Sunrise or sunset?
  34. Hiking or bonfires?
  35. Chill or hype?
  36. Piña colada or mojito?
  37. Star gazing or movie night?
  38. BBQ or potluck?
  39. Rooftop party or beach party?
  40. Swimming or surfing?

This or That Food Questions

  1. Hotdog or burger?
  2. Cake of flapjack?
  3. Fries or chips?
  4. Cabbage or lettuce?
  5. Strawberries or raspberries?
  6. Radish or beetroot?
  7. Bacon or sausage?
  8. Ketchup or mayonnaise?
  9. Pasta or pizza?
  10. Eat in or eat out?
  11. Italian or Mexican?
  12. Fruit or vegetables?
  13. Chocolate or candy?
  14. Spicy or mild?
  15. Frozen yogurt or ice cream?
  16. Pancakes or waffles?
  17. Sweet popcorn or salty popcorn?
  18. Nutella or peanut butter?
  19. Salad or wrap?
  20. Sweet or savory?
  21. Snacks or meals?
  22. Soft eggs or hot eggs?
  23. Sauce or no sauce?
  24. Cupcakes or cookies?
  25. Breakfast or dinner?
  26. Coke or Pepsi?
  27. Chicken or ribs?
  28. Indian or Chinese?
  29. Croissants or pan au chocolat?
  30. Dark chocolate or while chocolate?
  31. Skittles or Smarties?
  32. Bread or rice?
  33. Chilli or lemon?
  34. Hot coffee or iced coffee?
  35. Meat or fish?
  36. Steak or shrimp?
  37. Donut or bagel?
  38. Ramen or Pho?
  39. Tacos or Quesadilla?
  40. Hummus or guacamole?

How to Play This or That Questions

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This or That Question games make for a fun activity to play at a big party, a small gathering, or an intimate game for two. It does not matter whether there are two players or a large group participating. The game has countless variations, and you can pick which topic is best suited for the occasion:

Basic This or That Questions

The basic variation, and simplest way to play This or That Questions, is with two players. This game will allow players to get to know each other better. The players take turns asking questions and answering. As you go through the questions and answers of a food topic, for example, you’ll get to know a person’s likes and dislikes, preferences on foods and ingredients, and more. This game is great for newfound friends or new couples.

Timed Questions

In this variation of the game, each person is given a set time (usually 3-5 seconds) to answer. If the person cannot answer within the time limit, that person is out of the game.

Team Play

A This or That Questions game can be played by teams. There are countless question categories, and the game can be played during special events, office icebreaker question games, and family gatherings. The group should be able to agree one answer for each question given to them. This can be tricky because not all people have the same preferences!

Predictive This or That Questions

A player should predict which choice the other person selected. If the player gets it right, a point is given. This can be played together by players on the same team or different teams. If the players on the same team are playing, a point is given to the team if A got the same answer as B. If the players are from the opposing team, the point is given to A if he got the same answer as B, but if A answered incorrectly, the point is awarded to B.

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This or That Questions are perfect for all ages and occasions. If you are looking for more enjoyable things to do with family and friends, you can check out our related articles on puns and riddles below:


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