24 Superb Activities for National Poetry Month

What are some fun activities for National Poetry Month? From cheap yet entertaining options to out-of-the-box ideas, we’ve got some superb activity ideas for your National Poetry Month. 

Life is full of all sorts of days; some days kind of suck, and that can be out of our control. So, when a month calls for admiring poetry and digging into your creative roots, why not embrace it and make room for some wonderful, imaginative, and beautiful days up ahead? That’s the spirit!

This month is more than remembering and appreciating the classic poets of the past; it’s about lifting the art of poetry up along with its present poets and celebrating this amazing art form. 

Ready to get your poet on this National Poetry Month? Time to Edgar Allan GO!

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When is National Poetry Month?

First things first, this blossoming celebration of National Poetry Month takes place throughout the entirety of April! It was first created by the Academy of American Poets in 1996 to lift up and celebrate poets and their poetry. 

Decades later, the nation is still recognizing and celebrating the beauty of National Poetry Month; how amazing is that?

Another wonderful and extraordinary element of National Poetry Month is that poetry is a language that knows no bounds; it flows through every culture, walk of life, and style. In short, it’s for everyone! And even more, so it should be shared and appreciated. 

Feeling amped up for some activities, you can do during National Poetry Month? Ready or not, here they come!

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Activities for National Poetry Month 

Below, we’ve listed a variety of ideas and activities you can take part in to celebrate and or awaken that poet that’s sitting inside of you. 

From full-on DIY projects to small yet effective things you can do to embrace this time of celebration, we’ve got it covered.

At-Home Activities for National Poetry Month

We all love some at-home cozy time, and throw in a fun activity with it? You know it’s about to be a grand ol time!

  • Try Black-Out Poetry: Have a damaged book you’re unsure what to do with? Utilize the pages by experimenting with some Black-Out Poetry
  • Write a poem: This probably seems like an obvious activity for National Poetry Month, but writing a poem can feel intimidating. Challenge yourself by learning how to write a poem and going for it. Remember, writing is for you!
  • Read poet’s work on Instagram: Want to read and support indie poet’s work? There are thousands of poets on Instagram who post their poems and prose and would love a like and comment for their hard work. You may even find a new favorite poet!
  • Play some poetry games: Take to the skies of Pinterest and Google and search for some fun games you and your family/friends can play! Here’s a good place to start.
  • Check out poetry quotes: Looking for some poetry inspiration or the perfect caption for your National Poetry Month Insta pic? Read up on some enchanting and whimsical poetry quotes!
  • Watch a movie about poetry: Want to kick back and relax? Make it a poetry movie night! There are actually quite a few movies out there about poetry. Some popular ones are Dead Poets Society, Poetic Justice, Kill Your Darlings, Bright Star, and Slam
  • Fam poetry time: Involve the family! Have a poetry night where everyone has half an hour to an hour to write a poem about another family member (draw names out of a hat), get all dressed up, and take turns reading your poems in dedication to one another. Extra fun points if you do a round of snaps at the end of each poem!
  • Watch videos of spoken poetry: We promise you won’t be disappointed; the results are wild and beautiful. Spoken poetry evokes feelings more than rhymes. Here are a few great ones to start out with (Swearing is present in some of these poems)- OCD, by Neil Hilborn, When Love Arrives by Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye, and My Honest Poem Rudy Francisco.
  • Date night poetry: Want some romance during National Poetry Month? Of course, you do; poetry is romantic! You and your partner can take time to write poems for one another, cook a meal together, and sit by candlelight while you enjoy each other’s company and read one another your beloved poems.
  • Memory to poem: Challenge yourself to write a poem based on pure nostalgia. Pull out your old picture box or scroll through past photos, choose one, and write a poem about that captured memory. 

Adventurous Activities for National Poetry Month

Looking to expand your comfort zone during April’s National Poetry Month? Look no further! We’ve got some adventurous and completely doable ideas for you to try out.

  • Host a Poetry Night: Let’s start this list off with a BANG! Invite over friends and family who have an interest in sharing poems they wrote or that they admire and have a poetry night!
  • Attend a local Poetry Night: If you’re feeling host shy, here’s a cool alternative; attend a local poetry night instead! With National Poetry Month coming up, there’s bound to be an open mic poetry night somewhere near you.
  • Create Coffee Stain Poetry Art: This one is for the coffee lovers! Do you enjoy some fun crafting? How about a DIY Coffee Stain art with poetry and prose? Anyone can do it, and it even makes for some homey decor by your coffee station!
  • Check out local events: Hit up your city, or surrounding cities, monthly event calendar and see if there are some fun or interesting poetry events hoppin’ and poppin’ during National Poetry Month.
  • Look ahead of time for book signings: On the same wave of checking up on events, see if there are any indie poets having a book event or signing during the month of April! 
  • Take a poetry/writing workshop: Take your writing skills to the next level or enter into a poetic world you’ve always been curious about by signing up for a poetry workshop. You may surprise yourself with your poetic skills. 
  • Recite a poem for a loved one: Want to show a grand romantic gesture of love to your significant other? Memorize a poem you love, or you’ve written yourself and recite it to your partner. It’ll be a romantic memory they won’t forget!
  • Picnic & poetry: You know what sounds absolutely adorable? Packing a delicious little picnic basket with a book full of poems, finding a pleasant spot at the park or beach, and taking in the wonderful words of poetry while in the presence of a tranquil scene. It’ll be like you’re in a poem yourself!
  • Take part in Poem in your Pocket Day: Embrace the joys of sharing and spreading poetry on Poem in your Pocket Day on April 27th!
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Educational Activities for National Poetry Month

Looking to have some fun while getting your knowledge groove on? We like your style! Take a look at these educational and fun activities for National Poetry Month, fit for all ages!

  • Take a Library trip: What better place to start than at the library? Find the poetry aisle, and see if a book catches your eye! Even if you don’t check it out and you read a few poems at the library, you’re still engaging with the poetic experience. 
  • Receive a poem a day: Subscribe to Poet.org’s email list and receive a poem a day! If you’re busy during April, this can be a fun and easy way to celebrate; the poems come right to your inbox!
  • Watch a Documentary: YouTube is the grand central station of free documentary-type videos. See if there are some videos on famous classic poets or new poets who are taking the stage! Here are two recommendations from us- Emily Dickinson Doc, and #Poetry Documentary
  • Discover different types of poetry: There are many different types of poetry; take a look and see for yourself. Then, if you’re feeling the inspiration, try your hand at writing in different forms!
  • Find your favorite poet: Immerse yourself in a world full of poetry by diving into some poetry archives. You’ll discover new poets and poems and maybe even a few new favorites. 
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Didn’t realize how much fun someone could have during National Poetry Month, huh? We’re telling you, this big ol celebration is getting slept on. But now you’re ahead of the poetry party ball, and you can spread the word. 

Take this inspiration, and don’t be afraid to spread those poetry wings and fly to your poems that haven’t been written yet, but they’re waiting for you. Are you having trouble getting started with writing a poem? Look to us for guidance!

In any case, happy National Poetry Month, and may your inner poet shine.

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