144 Funny & Pop Culture Letter Board Quotes!

We’ve seen them in cozy homes, cafes, and even weddings; there’s just something fun about a cute little Letter Board. But when it’s time to sort through that bag of letters and write something witty, we draw a blank. What kind of Letter Board Quotes are out there?

If you like a good laugh with a dash of sass or quirky, you’re in the right place. Take a look through our list of handpicked hilarious and silly Letter Board quotes, and let the laugh track roll!

Hippie decor with plants and letter board sign and letter board quotes that are funny.

How Many Letters Does a Letter Board Have?

It’s a moment of frustration when we’re in the middle of spelling out a Letter Board quote, and you run out of e’s. YIKES! That’s why we did the work for you! No need to worry if these quotes will fit or not, and we’ll also provide a list of how many letters and characters come in a typical Letter Board pack. This may vary from seller to seller.

  • A: 6
  • B: 3
  • C: 3
  • D: 4
  • E: 7
  • F: 4
  • G: 3
  • H: 4
  • I: 7
  • J: 3
  • K: 3
  • L: 4
  • M: 4
  • N: 4
  • O/0: 9
  • P: 4
  • Q: 3
  • R: 4
  • S: 5
  • T: 5
  • U: 5
  • V: 3
  • W: 3
  • X: 3
  • Y: 5
  • Z: 3
  • ! : 3
  • , : 2
  • – : 3
  • * : 2
  • ? : 2
  • . : 4
  • + : 2
  • # : 2
  • { : 2
  • @ : 1
  • $ : 1
  • ¢ : 1
  • & : 3
  • 1: 3
  • 2: 2
  • 3: 2
  • 4: 2
  • 5: 2
  • 6: 2
  • 7: 2
  • 8: 2
  • 9: 2
Hilarious letter board quotes for your home.

Letter Board Quotes Funny & Quirky

Do you have a goofy sense of humor? Take a gander through our offbeat and silly Letter Board quotes that are sure to get a giggle out of you! Why, you admiring guests may even ask, ‘How did you come up with such funny Letter Board quotes?‘ and it’ll be our little secret.

  • Gangster’s Paradise
  • Oopsie daisies, I’m a little crazies
  • Another 24 hours? What is this sick game?
  • My hogwarts house is Hufflenope
  • Spare serotonin, good sir?
  • Running on snacks & sarcasm
  • 100% chance of angry
  • I could go for pizza and eternal sleep right now.
  • So this is what the Dinos felt like
  • Game recognizes game. I’m a big fan of Uno.
  • 2020 called, it said no hard feelings
  • I’m 99.9% certain I was a Cockatoo in my past life. I’m hilarious.
  • WiFi password will be given in exchange of donuts
  • Who’s voice did you read this in?
  • I’m having a hard time. My Sims are divorcing.
  • As emo as my coffee order
  • Zombie apocolypse? More like, see ya later sis
  • If I malfunction just boop my nose, I’ll reboot
  • My name must be Lego, cause I’m getting walked all over.
  • What ice cream are you? I’m the kind dripping on the floor.
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The Office Letter Board Quotes

One of the most quotable shows of the vast and wild world of TV shows, we had to throw in some Letter Board quotes from The Office! If you’re a big fan of the show, you may even see the precise scene the quote comes from beginning to play in your head. We know it happened to us. Let’s do this thing! (That’s what she said)

  • Life is short. Drive fast and leave a sexy corpse. (Stanley Hudson)
  • Catch you on the flippety-flip. (Michael Scott)
  • Who is Justice Beaver? (Dwight Schrute)
  • I talk a lot, so I’ve learned to tune myself out. (Kelly Kapoor)
  • Why don’t you explain this to me like I’m five. (Michael Scott)
  • I have very little patience for stupidity. (Kevin Malone)
  • I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. (Michael Scott)
  • If I can’t scuba, then what’s this all been about? (Creed Bratton)
  • Why are you the way that you are? (Michael Scott)
  • If I don’t have some cake soon, I might die. (Stanely Hudson)
  • Occasionally, I’ll hit somebody with my car. So sue me. (Michael Scott)
  • Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! (Dwight Schrute)
  • I am not to be truffled with. (Michael Scott)
  • I just wanna lie on the beach and eat hot dogs. (Kevin Malone)
  • Do you think that doing alcohol is cool? (Michael Scott)
  • I mean, I’m not a sl*t, but who knows? (Kelly Kapoor)
  • I declare bankruptcy! (Michael Scott)
  • Sorry I annoyed you with my friendship. (Andy Bernard)
  • News flash: You are not special. (Stanley Hudson)
  • I am Beyonce always. (Micahel Scott)
  • I feel God in this Chili’s tonight. (Pam Beesly)
  • Where are all the hot people? (Michael Scott)
  • Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration. (Bob Vance)
  • The worst thing about prison was the Dementors. (Prison Mike)
  • Where are the turtles?! (Michael Scott)
  • Today, smoking is going to save lives. (Dwight Schrute)
  • (Then suddenly she’s not your ho no mo’! (Michael Scott)
  • Big butt, bigger heart. (Michael Scott)
  • I wonder what people like about me. Probably my jugs. (Phyllis Lapin-Vance)
  • Dwight, you ignorant sl*t. (Michael Scott)
  • Rit-dit-dit-do-doo! (Andy Bernard)
  • Close your mouth, sweetie. You look like a trout. (Phyllis Lapin-Vance)
  • I say dance, they say, ‘How high? (Michael Scott)

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New girl letter board quotes.

New Girl Letter Board Quotes

If reading these Letter Board quotes from New Girl doesn’t give you the biggest craving for a good old-fashioned binge-show session, we don’t know what will! Truly, the writing in this show is top-tier. And you’ll definitely see that in these picked-out Letter Board quotes!

  • Don’t trust your government, kids. (Nick Miller)
  • They call me Prank Sinatra! (Winston Bishop)
  • I hope you like feminist rants, because that’s kind of my thing. (Jess Day)
  • I’m as mad as a dad in traffic! (Schmidt)
  • Who’s talking to you, Depression-era garbage man? (Coach)
  • I’m not convinced I know how to read, I’ve just memorized a lot of words. (Nick Miller)
  • I’m probably fine. But I also might be dead. (Jess Day)
  • Can we just take a moment to celebrate me? (Schmidt)
  • I feel like I’m finally aging into my personality. (Nick Miller)
  • Pink wine makes me sl*tty. (Jess Day)
  • I hate when Schmidt cries. He sounds like a ghost singing ‘Hey Ya.’ (Coach)
  • I’m like a Hebrew cheetah. (Schmidt)
  • Please don’t make me laugh at you. (Cece Parekh)
  • My funeral is my time to shine. (Nick Miller)
  • I feel like a fat man is sitting on my uterus! (Jess Day)
  • Beans are nothing but soggy nuts. (Schmidt)
  • You gave me a cookie I gave you a cookie! (Nick Miller)
  • Blast from the past, how’s that a**? (Jess Day)
  • If you need me, I’ll be in my room listening to some mainstream hip-hop. (Schmidt)
  • I don’t dance! I’m from that town in Footloose. (Nick Miller)
  • Shut your soup hole! (Jess Day)
  • I hate your mustache because I miss your upper lip. (Schmidt)
  • You’re drinking on a Tuesday, and you are a teacher. (Cece Parekh)
  • Can I get an alcohol? (Nick Miller)
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Parks and Rec Letter Board Quotes

Another golden gem of television, Parks and Rec has so many quotable moments it was difficult to pick just a handful for Letter Board quotes! Regardless, we guarantee these quotes will deliver a grin and giggle. Prepare to hear from the Parks Department!

  • I’m allergic to sushi. Every time I eat more than 80 sushi, I barf. (Andy Dwyer)
  • I like saying no. It lowers their enthusiasm. (Ron Swanson)
  • I’m like an elephant, okay? If I walk into a room, it’s like, okay, he’s in there. (Tom Haverford)
  • I wanted to make fun of stupid people while I get drunk. My two true passions. (April Ludgate)
  • Oh, I have a medical condition, alright. It’s called caring too much! And it’s incurable! (Craig Middlebrooks)
  • I hate the public. The public is stupid. (Ron Swanson)
  • Windows are the eyes to the house. (Andy Dwyer)
  • Do you think a depressed person could make this? (Ben Wyatt)
  • I wasn’t listening but I strongly disagree. (April Ludgate)
  • Treat yo’self. (Donna Meagle & Tom Haverford)
  • I have no idea what I’m doing, but I know I’m doing it well. (Andy Dwyer)
  • Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing. (Ron Swanson)
  • The calzones betrayed me! (Ben Wyatt)
  • I know what I’m about, son. (Ron Swanson)
  • I am super chill all the time! (Leslie Knope)
  • I regret nothing. The end. (Ron Swanson)
  • The air is too fresh. It’s disgusting. I can’t breathe! (April Ludgate)
  • My anxiety has kept me up for over 50 hours. (Chris Traeger)
  • I … sad. (Leslie Knope)
  • I can’t go because I don’t want to. (Ron Swanson)
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Friends Letter Board Quotes

The one where you read the funniest Letter Board quotes from Friends. Oh, how we LOVE that one! Friends has carried on for years with its quotability and will most likely continue to do so! Proceed with caution, though, the nostalgia is mighty strong in this section of the Letter Board quotes.

  • I’m hopeless and awkward and desperate for love! (Chandler Bing)
  • Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it. (Monica Geller)
  • Joey doesn’t share food! (Joey Tribbiani)
  • You can’t just give up. Is that what a dinosaur would do? (Joey Tribbiani)
  • Pivot! (Ross Geller)
  • Oh, I wish I could, but I don’t want to. (Phoebe Buffay)
  • Could I be wearing any more clothes?! (Joey Tribbiani)
  • He’s so pretty, I want to cry. (Rachel Green)
  • I’m Chandler. I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable. (Chandler Bing)
  • No more falafel for you! (Ross Geller)
  • Grab a spoon! (Joey Tribbiani)
  • I say more dumb things before 9 a.m. than most people say all day. (Chandler Bing)
  • Ugly baby judges you! (Ross Geller)
  • No uterus, no opinion. (Rachel Green)
  • Something is wrong with the left phalange. (Phoebe Buffay)
  • You’re a strange kind of grown-up. (Mike Hannigan)
Gilmore girls letter board quotes.

Gilmore Girls Letter Board Quotes

Any time is a good time to watch Gilmore Girls, especially with a cup of coffee in hand. And now you can have the cozy and funny comfort of the Gilmores with Letter Board quotes you can walk past and snicker at any time you want! It’s a win-win!

  • I believe in a former life I was coffee. (Lorelai Gilmore)
  • Gnome kicking says a lot about a man’s character. (Babette Dell)
  • It’s big, fat, happy sunshine day for me. (Luke Danes)
  • One Day It Occurred To Me- Cows Never Wrinkle. (Kirk Gleason)
  • Reality has no place in our world! (Lorelai Gilmore)
  • No men. Just lots and lots of Chinese food. (Paris Geller)
  • Every day that you breathe, you make my life harder. (Michel Gerard)
  • Someone prepared delived eggs to throw at my car? (Jess Mariano)
  • I need coffee in an IV. (Lorelai Gilmore)
  • Oy with the poodles, already. (Rory Gilmore)
  • This is a jumbo-coffee morning. (Lorelai Gilmore)
  • It’s so satisfying to watch people exercise while you eat junk food. (Lane Kim)
  • I smell snow. (Lorelai Gilmore)
  • Only prostitutes have two glasses of wine at lunch! (Richard Gilmore)
  • If eating cake is wrong, I don’t want to be right. (Lorelai Gilmore)
  • Who cares if I’m pretty if I fail my finals. (Rory Gilmore)
  • Life’s short. Talk fast. (Lorelai Gilmore)
  • Well, Whimsy Goes With Everything. (Kirk Gleason)
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Schitt’s Creek Letter Board Quotes

A wholesome, progressive, and absolutely hilarious show that captured the hearts of so many fellow TV lovers. Schitt’s Creek is alongside some other very legendary comedy shows for its fantastic writing, deliveries, and messages. Take a look through these fabulous Schitt’s Creek Letter Board quotes, and try not to say Ew, David!

  • Talk to the hand, son, because the ears are no longer working. (Johnny Rose)
  • Love that journey for me. (Alexis Rose)
  • You’re my Mariah Carey. (Patrick Brewer)
  • You smell very flammable right now. (David Rose)
  • Let’s not count our poultry before it’s incubated. (Moira Rose)
  • Tweet us on Facebook! (Johnny Rose)
  • Ew, David! (Alexis Rose)
  • What does burning smell like? (Moira Rose)
  • You get murdered first for once! (Alexis Rose)
  • Eat glass. (David Rose)
  • Hide your diamonds, hide your exes. I’m a little bit Alexis. (Alexis Rose)
  • Gossip is the devil’s telephone. (Moira Rose)
  • I don’t skate through life. … I walk through life. (Alexis Rose)
Letter board quotes surrounded by cute boho hippie decor and plants.

We hope you had a hoot reading through these silly, funny, and witty Letter Board quotes. Surrounding yourself with lighthearted things that evoke happiness from you, both from people and decor, matters tremendously. Every day is a perfect day to laugh!


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