114 Magical Book Club Names, Slogan Ideas, & More!

Learning how to start a book club is one thing, but coming up with a book club names is the real kicker. There’s gotta be an element of cleverness, humor, nostalgia, or, if you’re lucky, all of the above!

As booklovers ourselves, we’ve taken on the task of brainstorming and listing some stellar book club names ideas so you can take a gander and see what fits or what you can pull inspiration from. We understand the sentimental weight that goes into browsing book club names and then crowning one as your champion, so we’ll do our darnedest to bring you some of the best, quirky, silly, and clever book club names on this side of the internet! 

From Fantasy to Romance and even Nonfiction to Sci-Fi, we’re hitting most of the genre shelves to bring you a wide range of book club names options.

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Gathering Inspiration for Book Club Names

There are lots of ways you can gather up some inspiration for potential book club names; you’re doing one of them right now by reading this article! We’ll list out some ideas of where you can pull inspiration from before we dive into the book club names we’ve brainstormed. There are plenty of book club names to go around!

  • Gather your book club members (or potential ones) and have a brainstorming session
  • Create a question/poll on your social media page
  • Read through some bookish quotes
  • Make a list of words that you associate with reading
  • Watch some #BookTok or #Bookstagram videos 

Creating book club names doesn’t have to be a grueling process; in fact, it should be super fun! This name will be used countless times for your book club, so you want it to best represent you and your book club as a unit and as lovers of reading. Why, you and your book club peeps might even go a little crazy and make your own DIY bookmarks with your book club name or be cutesy and make friendship bracelets. Why not?! Life is meant to have fun elements; who cares if others deem it “extra”? If that means extra fun, then sign us UP!

So, without further ado, let’s check out these book club names ideas!

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General Fiction Book Club Names 

The ideas for these book club names stem from general fiction, contemporary, and young/new adult. But don’t be fooled; just because these book club names are cataloged underneath the word “general” doesn’t mean they’re boring or plain. Far from it!

A short reminder, for these book club names ideas, in your mind, you can add “Book Club” to the end!

  • Livin’ La Vida Booka
  • The Bookmark Hoarders 
  • Belle’s Library Associates (For you Disney fans)
  • Citizens of Booktopia 
  • The TBR Pursuit
  • Novels > People
  • Big Ol Books
  • The Finer Things Club (Where the Office fans at?)
  • Happy Readers
  • We’d Rather be Reading
  • Novel Humans
  • Bookish [Ladies/Fellas/Groupies]
  • Paperback Heroes
  • Welcome to the Book Club
  • [Specific Author, EX: John Green] Support Group
  • Manga Mania
  • The Book Was Better (Book club where you read the book & then watch the movie)
  • Hardcover Baddies
  • Library Regulars 
  • Coffee & Books
  • C.D.S.G. [Character Death Support Group]
  • Books, Tea & Company
  • The Library Mice
  • Top Shelf
  • I’ll Be at the Bookstore
  • GoodReads Homies
  • Chapter Raptors 
  • Grammar Squad
  • The Literary Party (Get it, “Lit” party)
  • Booklovers Unite
  • Reading Nook Book Club
  • Mission Teach Nick Miller to Read (If you’re a New Girl fan, you already know)
  • Up Past our Bedtime
  • Wine & Chapters
  • Oh, For the Love of Books
  • Page Masters (Does anyone else remember that movie?)
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Nonfiction Book Club Names

Who said nonfiction books are a bore? There are memoirs, self-help books, biographies, autobiographies, recounts of history, and so much more! Do you know what your fancy nonfiction book club needs? A clever and fun list of book club names to choose from. 

A quick note, for these book club names ideas, in your mind, you can add “Book Club” to the end!

  • Wise Owl
  • Bohemian Biography (Shout out to the Queen fans)
  • Elite Detectives
  • We Travel Via Book
  • A Brief List of Books
  • Big Brain
  • Intense is My Middle Name
  • Truth Seekers
  • The Brainy Party
  • Page Pushers 
  • A Moment of Silence
  • Philosophy Posse
  • A Journey of Knowledge
  • Sleuths of the Truth
  • Page Travelers 
  • Scholars of the Book Aisle 
  • Story Companions
  • The OG Documentary 
  • Where are my Reading Glasses
  • The Bibliophile Mystique
  • Guardians of Wisdom
  • Eavesdropper
  • True Crime Time
  • Shadow Observers
  • Theory Jumpers
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Fantasy / Sci-Fi Book Club Names

When we grab a book off the shelf, we often are searching for a mini escape. And what better way to seize the day than to pop your nose into a fantasy or sci-fi book? These ideas for book club names are sparked from the creative depths of enchanted forests and far-off galaxies; we hope you enjoy them!

Tiny note, once again, remember to add “Book Club” to the end of each book club names ideas listed below for the full name!

  • Page Fairies 
  • The Cyberpunks
  • Bookish Caldron 
  • Galaxy Librarians
  • Reader’s Guild
  • Cyborg Reunion
  • Bewitched Foxes
  • Children of the Moon
  • Wormhole Survivors
  • Mushroom Stools 
  • Paperback Multiverse
  • Bandits with Library Cards
  • Warp Speed Readers
  • Witches & Tea Cups
  • Quantum Enthusiasts 
  • Forest Resident’s 
  • Black Hole Cashers 
  • Broomsticks & Chapters
  • A Witch’s/Warlock’s Favorite
  • An Alien’s Favorite
  • Fff
  • Your Clone’s 
  • Chapter by Chapter Adventurers 
  • Page Numbers Galactic
  • Petals & Potions 
  • Time Travelers Anonymous 
  • Literary Apothecary
  • Noveltopia
  • Fable of the TBR
  • To Bookfinity & Beyond
  • I Believe in Fairy Tales
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Romance Book Club Names

Where is life without love? Whether you live for the spicy or the fluff, we’ve got some romance book club names that you’ll fall head over heels for!

As a side note, as we mentioned in the above categories, remember to mentally add the words “Book Club” at the end of each of these book club names.

  • Not Your Mother’s
  • Spicy Ladies
  • Plot Twists & Hotties
  • Spill the Tea
  • The Heart Wants What It Wants
  • Flirtation Nation 
  • Sgt. Reader’s Lonely Hearts
  • Head Over Heels
  • A Bouquet of Passion
  • Ballad & Coffee
  • True Love Believers
  • My Heart Will Go On
  • Make it Extra Spicy
  • [Specific Author, EX: Nicholas Sparks] Fan’s
  • Heartstrings 
  • Secret Admirer’s
  • Book Boyfriend’s Anonymous
  • Yours Truly
  • When a Reader Loves a Story
  • Friday I’m in Love
  • The Sweetheart’s
  • Paperback Lover’s
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Book Club Slogans 

What’s the point of having a book club slogan? The real question is, why not?! 

Having and being a part of a book club is a fun and immersive experience in the reading journey, so why not add in extra clever details to bring your book club even more pizzaz? 

A book club slogan can have little hints about the book club names you’ve picked out, or you can go with a set of words that perfectly describe your group of readers. The possibilities are endless! And we’ve got a small list of ideas to start you off.

  • “Reading > everything”
  • “Tackling our TBR 1 book at a time”
  • “Bookworms UNITE!”
  • “Reading past our bedtime & all the time”
  • “You can find us in the books section”
  • “Escaping reality through stories”
  • “We’re not your Momma’s book club”
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Does anyone else have the sudden urge to want to learn how to start a book club after reading all of those fun book club names? Talk about a bookworm RUSH!

Be sure to check out our how to start a book club checklist after you’ve picked out some book club names to see your next task in starting your super cool book club. 

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