106 Refreshing & Riveting Book Club Questions

You’ve established a book club, chosen a book club name, and read the book, and now it’s time to deal out those riveting book club questions. Alas, what sort of book club questions should be tossed into the discussion? 

Which book club questions you get lost in the discussion may entirely rest on the shoulders of which book/genre you’ve picked out; some books even have questions already in place in the back of the book for this very purpose! Or, more popular books may have discussion questions readily available online for download. 

Although we, unfortunately, can’t provide specific questions for the book you’ve just read, we can lay out some thought-provoking book club questions for several genres and get that brilliant brain of yours ticking away. Who knows, you may come up with some book club questions for discussion all by yourself! 

Feel free to customize the book club questions below to mold the story you’ve just finished reading; there are plenty of book club questions to go around, so let’s get to reading.

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Book Club Questions for General Fiction

This section of book club questions is for books that fall under the large umbrella of general fiction. We know that’s a bit broad, but there are a lot of books to cover! As we mentioned above, please feel free to customize these book club questions, so they are suitable for you and your group. Let the discussion, begin!

  • What major themes in the book stuck out to you the most?
  • Was there a scene or character in the book that you feel was underrated? 
  • Are there any events from the plot that you could relate to?
  • What was the turning point for you that you started to like or dislike the main character?
  • Did the opening sentence of the book have you hooked? Why or why not?
  • If you had the choice to have lunch with one of the characters in the book, who would you choose? Which of the characters would you absolutely not want to hang out with?
  • Do you think the author has a distinct/unique writing voice?
  • Is there a character in the story that reminds you of someone in your life?
  • Do you think this book will still hold up 40 years from now?
  • If you were the author, what would you have titled the book?
  • Would you read this book again? What books have you read more than once?
  • If you could tell the main character one thing, what would you tell them, and where/when in the book?
  • Do you think you and the main character could compete on a reality show together and win?
  • Are there any characters in the book that you feel will stick with you in your bookworm heart?
  • What are some of the most memorable parts of the book to you?
  • If someone asked you to describe this book in 3 words to see if they would like to read it or not, what 3 words would you use?
  • Do you have any specific quotes from the book that you loved?
  • Did you rate and review this book on Good Reads? If so, what did you say?
  • (In the case that there isn’t a prologue or epilogue) Did you read the prologue and epilogue? Do you like books that include those?
  • Which character had the most character development in your opinion? 
  • Were there any plot twists that threw you through a loop?
  • (In the case there is not a prologue or epilogue) Do you wish this book included a prologue and an epilogue? 
  • Do you think this book will have/should have a sequel or a prequel? 
  • Are there any characters in the book that you feel were underdeveloped? 
  • Would you read another book by this author? Why or why not?
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Book Club Questions for Nonfiction

Nonfiction reads can get pretty deep, whether it’s a self-help book or a memoir. And those deep and insightful topics deserve some profound and thought-provoking book club questions! 

To make these book club questions geared more towards your specific topics and themes, go right ahead and change up the wording in any of these questions if you feel the need to do so. We won’t be offended; our mission is to bring you book cub questions that’ll send an intellectual and connecting buzz in your little circle!

  • During this read, what emotions were kicked up? Were there any emotions that surprised you?
  • Were there any aspirations, wishes, or goals that sparked in your mind after or during this read?
  • What are the main takeaways of this book in your opinion?
  • Do you think there’s a message in this book that’s flying under the radar? 
  • Are there any parts of the book that still feel fuzzy to you or you wish the author had spent more time on?
  • Is there a person mentioned in the book that felt relatable to you?
  • Has this book made you feel more interested in exploring this topic/time period more?
  • What’s one of the most valuable things you learned from this book?
  • Is there anyone in your life you’d recommend this book to/would you want someone else you know to read this book?
  • Do you think you’d want to read this book again; would this book mean more to you in another season of your life vs this one?
  • Were there any portions of the book that were difficult for you to read, emotionally/mentally?
  • Did you immediately feel drawn into the book, or did it take some time to feel a connection?
  • Have you ever read a book similar to this one; if so, what are some of the big differences between the two?
  • When in the book did you feel like you couldn’t put it down or you were constantly thinking about it?
  • If you and the author sat down for coffee, what’s something you’d compliment them on about this book and one piece of constructive criticism or a personal question?
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Book Club Questions for Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Flipping through the pages of an intense and magical adventure can leave your head spinning with so many questions you may not know where to start! We can help you with that, we’ve come up with some creative and unique book club questions that should get some fantasy and sci-fi convos brewing up!

  • If you were going to enter a dangerous situation, which character would you want by your side?
  • Did the antagonist, in your opinion, have a compelling backstory to their wicked ways?
  • Was there a character in the story that you wish had more justice?
  • When during the story did you feel an emotional connection to the main character?
  • Is there a side character you wish had more parts?
  • Who was your favorite character in the book and what was one of their flaws?
  • (If the book has multiple points of view) Which perspective in the book did you enjoy seeing the story through the most? Why didn’t you connect with the others?
  • How did you feel about the main character; did they make good decisions in your opinion?
  • Was there a point in the book where you grew frustrated with the main character, author, or both?
  • Do you think the title of the book is strong, or would you have named it something different? 
  • (If the book has multiple points of view) Is there a character whose point of view wasn’t written, but you feel the story could have benefited from their perspective? 
  • (If there isn’t a known sequel) Do you think/want there to be a sequel for this book?
  • (If there is a sequel/series) Did the first book draw you in enough to want to continue reading?
  • What about the world the author built drew you in?
  • Is there something in the book’s world that you wish could be brought into reality? 
  • Who was the funniest/most ridiculous character in your eyes?
  • Did the author’s writing style take you a while to get used to, or did it latch onto you right away?
  • Was there anything in the story (plot points, scenes, battles, characters) that seemed like a second thought/unnecessary? 
  • Which character do you think had it the toughest throughout the book?
  • What part of the book was your favorite?
  • Which part of the book had you in a rage?
  • Out of other fantasy/sci-fi authors you’ve read, what were the strong points in this author’s style?
  • Which character in this story would you take life advice from?
  • Would you recommend this book to a fellow bookworm; what would be your selling point?
  • Were there two characters in the book that you wished had gotten together, or you’re disappointed they did/didn’t end up together?
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Book Club Questions for Romance

On a scale of fluffy to spicy, there’s some wiggle room in there where everyone can find a romance book that fits their comfort level. Now all you need are some romantic and pondering book club questions to tie everything up in a neat pretty bow. 

  • Was the title of the book clever in your opinion; would you have kept or changed it?
  • Do you feel the main character had a good amount of character development; or could they have developed a little more in your opinion?
  • What major, or minor, theme in the book did you latch onto the most?
  • If you were to set the book’s couple up on a double date, what other fictional couple would you pair them with?
  • Would you go on a double date with the book’s couple?
  • Do you think the main couple (or any couple) in the story had a healthy relationship? 
  • Is there a song that reminded you of a scene or character in the book?
  • What are some healthy elements of relationships you admired in the story?
  • If this book was adapted into a movie, who would you cast in the main roles?
  • Are there situations in the book that you feel could have been handled differently; if that’s the case, how so?
  • Were you cheering for the main character to end up with the person at the end, or do you think they could have done better?
  • If the book’s couple was sitting on a couch in front of you, asking for couple advice, what would you tell them?
  • Do you think the author did a good job of painting a picture of the main characters in your mind?
  • Who do you think was the most stable character in the story?
  • Was the main love interest boyfriend/girlfriend material to you?
  • Which character in the story do you think needed the most emotional help?
  • In your opinion, what was the main character’s major flaw?
  • What’s something about the main character’s decision process that you admired or disliked?
  • Is there a character in the book that you could be friends with in real life?
  • Do you feel like the story had good momentum, or did you feel bored at certain parts?
  • In reality, do you think the book’s couple would last?
  • (If there isn’t a known sequel) Do you think there’s enough substance in this story and its characters to have a sequel or a series? 
  • What was one of the most romantic parts of the book to you?
  • Are there any quotes from the book that you loved and would like to share?
  • If this book was made into a movie, what would be the tagline?
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Book Club Questions for Young Adult

There’s such a comfort that’s found within the pages of a YA book. Even as an adult, YA books can be filled with so much perspective, weight, lessons, and coziness that we can’t find anywhere else. This is more than enough reason why YA books deserve some well-thought-out and awesome book club questions. Check em out, and feel free to adjust the wording if you see fit!

  • If you were to swap a trait with the main character, which trait would you receive, and which would they get in return?
  • Were there any parts of the story that parallel your own life? Did you and the character do something similar or different?
  • Did the main character irritate you during parts of the story?
  • Which character do you think was the most unappreciated in the book?
  • Would you be friends with the main character? Why or why not?
  • Do you think the main character has the potential to grow up to be a good person? What does that look like in your opinion? 
  • Would you watch a TV show adaptation of this book? Who would you cast in the main roles?
  • Did you find the author’s writing original, or do you think you could pick out other authors/stories they were inspired by?
  • What flaws did you see in the main characters that you believe were subconscious to them?
  • Do you think the characters in this story resemble their age groups well? Why or why not?
  • Did you notice any red flags in characters that you wished were addressed?
  • Are there two characters in the book that you wished would have gotten together, or that you think it’s a bad idea they ended up together?
  • If this book had a sequel 10 years in the future, where do you think the characters would be?
  • Do you think the main character had supportive people in their life? Who was the most supportive? 
  • Did the cover draw you to this book, or do you wish the cover art was different?
  • Was there a character you gravitated toward aside from the main character?
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Satisfied with your book club questions search but still looking for ways to amp up your book club meetings? Here are some quick book club ideas:

  • Make some DIY bookmarks altogether, or create a few ahead of time as a gift for everyone
  • Open the book club questions floor to everyone by asking each member to come up with a unique question to contribute to the conversation 
  • Print off a few free bookworm word searches for adults and pair them with some snacks and coffee

Being a part of a book club is incredibly special; what’s more wholesome than bonding over a well-written story that touches your heart? Happy reading to you and your group members!


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