59 Comforting Sympathy Messages For Flowers (Funeral Flower Quotes)

Flowers are the perfect sympathy messages to convey how you feel. It’s the best way to acknowledge someone’s loss by letting them know you care. Here are some sympathy messages for flowers given at funerals, typically on cards as funeral flower quotes.

Sympathy messages for flowers, funeral flower quotes

How to Write Messages on Funeral Flowers

There are a several approaches you can take when you’re writing sympathy messages for flowers, and a few of them are as follows:

  • When starting out your message, begin with either the family of (the deceased) or if you have a relationship with someone in the immediate family you can address them personally by name.
  • Stay away from negative words/messages that could upset the grieving family.
  • Stick to empathetic and supportive words.
  • If you have a lighthearted memory of the deceased that’s also nice to include in your message.
  • Try to keep your message short, the length will not reflect your empathy but the grieving family will be thankful as they have a lot on their plates and most likely a lot of cards and documents to read.

Grieving is one of the most challenging aspects of the human experience, but we don’t have to go through it alone. This makes a sympathy message for funeral flowers that much more emotionally valuable. Below are several categories of sympathy messages, and you can choose which one relates the closest to your situation and personalize it if you’d like.

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Religious Sympathy Messages

If you know that the deceased or their family was religious, it is a nice gesture to send religious sympathy messages. To be sure, typically on the deceased’s obituary you will see an indication if the family is religious. It is always important to respect the wishes of the deceased’s grieving family.

  1. Praying that God’s love embraces you and comforts you through this season of loss. I hope you find rest, healing, and peace through our Lord’s love and words.
  2. You are always in our thoughts, and we are praying for you during this grief. God’s love is a light that can reach all corners of the earth. Lend your worries to Him and know that you are loved.
  3. Our family is keeping you in our prayers and our thoughts. We’re here for whatever you may need during this time.
  4. May you find healing, rest, and strength from the love of our almighty God. He is always with us, even through our darkest hours.
  5. I pray that the Lord may hold your family’s hands through this time of sadness and bring you to a place of healing and peace.
  6. Offering our greatest sympathies to you and your family in this season of loss. May the Lord God watch over you and comfort you in His loving graces.
  7. I am so very sorry for your loss, I will be praying for you and your family and will be a loving neighbor if you need anything.
  8. My heart goes out to you and your family during this time of sorrow and loss. May you always feel (deceased) with you, just as we know our God is always with us.
  9. Please accept our deepest condolences for your loss, we will be praying for you and thinking of you, and may God and Jesus hold you in their loving and healing embrace during this time.
  10. (Deceased’s name) was such a wonderful and kind person, and they continue to be a blessing in all of our lives through their memories and stories. May (Deceased’s name) and Jesus shine down upon you from Heaven and help you through this difficult time.

Short Messages for Funeral Flowers

As mentioned previously, it is courteous to write out short messages for funeral flowers for the grieving family to read. They unfortunately will have a lot of heavy things on their mind, and it can help lift that burden just a little by reading a short and loving sympathy message from someone who cares.

  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  2. (Deceased’s name) will never be forgotten, and will always be present in our hearts.
  3. (Deceased’s name) is with us now, and forever.
  4. Thinking of you and will be here for you.
  5. Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.
  6. Spending you and your family heartfelt thoughts of healing, peace, and support.
  7. I hope you are surrounded by support, and embraced with love and rest, during this time.
  8. (Deceased’s name) will forever be in our hearts.
  9. Sending you thoughts of strength, and prayers for rest and comfort.
  10. Gone but never to be forgotten.
  11. Words can’t express how saddened we are to hear of your loss.
  12. Embracing you and your family during this time with love, prayers, and strength.
  13. Our family is always here for you, for you and your family are always in our thoughts and prayers.
  14. May the sorrow you feel in your heart lighten by the love that surrounds you.

Longer Sympathy Quotes and Messages

When you have a deeper relationship with those who have passed away and their family, writing a shorter message doesn’t seem to do justice. In that case, here are longer sympathy quotes and messages that will help you express your deep condolences and your love.

Sympathy Quotes

  1. “What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” –Helen Keller
  2. “Wherever a beautiful soul has been, there is a trail of beautiful memories.” -Unknown Author
  3. “As long as I can I will look at this world for both of us, as long as I can, I will laugh with the birds, I will sing with the flowers, I will pray to the stars, for both of us.” –Unknown Author
  4. “When you are sorrowful look again at your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.” -Kahlil Gibran
  5. “Say not in grief ‘he is no more’ but in thankfulness that he was.” –Hebrew Proverb
  6. “A great soul serves everyone all the time. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again.” –Maya Angelou
  7. “Those we love and lose are always connected by heartstrings into infinity.” –Terri Guillemets
  8. “I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought, and decision that we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love.” -Leo Buscaglia
  9. “And then I heard the angel say, ‘She’s with you every day.’” –Unknown Author
  10. “Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality.” –Emily Dickinson
  11. “May tender memories soften your grief, May fond recollection bring you relief, and may you find comfort and peace in the thought of the joy that knowing your loved one brought … For time and space can never divide Or keep your loved one from your side. When memory paints in colors true, and happy hours that belonged to you.” -Helen Steiner Rice
  12. “The sun, the moon, the wind, the stars, will forever be around, reminding you of the love you shared, and the peace she’s finally found.” –Unknown Author
  13. “The angels are always near to those who are grieving, to whisper to them that their loved ones are safe in the hand of God.” -Eileen Elias Freeman
  14. “Do not think of me as gone. I am with you still in each new dawn.” –Native American Poem
  15. “Like a bird singing in the rain, let grateful memories survive in a time of sorrow.” –Robert Louis Stevenson
  16. “Although it’s difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, May looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow.” -Unknown Author
  17. “What is lovely never dies, but passes into another loveliness, Star-dust or sea-foam, Flower or winged air.” –Thomas Bailey Aldrich
  18. “Earth hath no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.” -Thomas Moore
  19. “Those we have held in our arms for a short while we hold in our hearts forever.” –Unknown Author
  20. “There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.” –Mahatma Gandhi

Longer Sympathy Messages

  1. I miss (Deceased’s name) greatly, and my love for them and for you and your family will never lessen. (He/She) has taught me so much that I will carry in my heart with gratitude forever. I will always be here for you and your family, through this difficult season of loss and after in times of healing and peace.
  2. I have been praying and thinking about all of you so much, I pray that you are wrapped in a blanket of healing time, supportive surroundings, and peaceful winds of patients and kindness. My heart goes out to every single one of you, and my arms, services, and ears are always open to whatever you may need. (Deceased’s name) has forever imprinted my heart, and I will forever be indebted in gratefulness for that gift of love.
  3. My life is forever touched by the brightness, kindness, and cheerfulness that (Deceased’s name) placed in my heart. And although I am deeply agonized by their physical absence from our lives, I know with certainty that (he/she) has not felt us personally. We will still have days and important moments that we feel (him/her) with us, and we will continue to live a life that (he/she) would smile at.
  4. (Deceased’s name) will forever be in my eyes one of the greatest people I ever met, and always in my heart a constant reminder of what pure love, kindness, and joy feel like. (He/She) gave all of us the gift of beautiful moments, memories, stories, lessons, and how to continue to love unconditionally even through difficult times. Our hearts and so heavy with loss, but I know in my heart that (he/she) will help, through (his/her) memory and love that still lives inside of us, guide us through this darkness and into the light.
  5. I don’t have words deep enough to express how devastated I am for this loss, and words big enough to amount to how much I love you all. (Deceased’s name) is always going to live in our hearts and our daily lives, because (his/her) stories, memories, and jokes will continue to intertwine in our lives.
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Sympathy Messages for Flowers, Loss of Family Member

The loss of a family member is one of the deepest pains a person can feel, and although a message won’t completely heal their pain it can bring a tremendous amount of love and support to the person receiving it. Here are sympathy messages for flowers, in the tragic situation of the loss of a family member.

  1. My heart goes out to you and your family during this time, I hope you know you are surrounded by love, care, and support and we will all be with you always for anything you ever need.
  2. (Decedent’s name) will deeply be missed, and always incredibly loved. (He/She) will always remain an incredible soul to so many that (he/she) touched, and those feelings of love will never diminish.
  3. May you find comfort in the memories of (Decedent’s name), you are in my thoughts and prayers.
  4. My very deepest condolences for your loss and sorrow. Without a doubt, I know that your (Decedent’s name or family role title) will forever be with us; during this dark and difficult time, and in the bright and loving moments that will embrace you.
  5. We will forever cherish the memories we shared with (Decedent’s name). I am sorry for your loss.
  6. Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your loved one; I am forever touched by (Decedent’s name) and the joy they brought to so many others.
  7. I am so deeply sorry for your loss and the sorrow you feel. (Decedent’s name) is treasured and cherished in my heart and so many others, and (he/she) always will be. May we continue to celebrate (his/her) life together, and remember them always.
  8. (Decedent’s name) will be missed forever, for they mean so much to us all. (His/Her) love will shine through each and every day, helping us through this sorrow and to the healing of tomorrow.
  9. I am so deeply sorry your family is experiencing the sorrow of a loss like this. My heart goes out to each of you, and my door is always open to all of you.
  10. We are remembering (Decedent’s name) for the bright, wonderful, and amazing soul (he/she) will always remain to be. We are blessed to have had such a beautiful person in our lives, and now an angel watching over us. Our deepest condolences go out to you during this difficult time, we will be here for you.
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What to Write on a Funeral Wreath

Traditionally, funeral wreaths are arranged by close family members or in some cases very close friends. It’s important to be mindful of when it is appropriate to send a funeral wreath, and when it may be best to send a card or donation if the family has so disclosed. These messages are usually short but filled with a beautiful, heartfelt, and supportive message. Here some writing prompts for what to write on a funeral wreath card if you are prepared to send one.

  1. We will miss (Decedent’s name) dearly
  2. Forever in our hearts
  3. (Decedent’s name) was such a wonderful person to us all
  4. Forever missed but never ever forgotten
  5. May (Decedent’s name) rest in peace and love
  6. Dearly loved and dearly missed
  7. In loving memory
  8. With love and memories
  9. We are praying for you and keeping you close in our thoughts and hearts
  10. With our deepest sympathy and support during this time
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Questions about Funeral Flower Messages

It’s very common and completely normal to have questions about funeral flower messages; there is a lot going on, and you want to provide the most sensitivity, love, and care to the person who is grieving in your life. Here are the answers to commonly asked questions regarding funeral flower messages:

What should I not write in a sympathy message?

It may be easiest for us to pull from our own experiences during a time of loss and grief because we may not know what else to say during such a painful time. But something very important is to not compare your loss to this fresh loss a person is going through. This time is about them and their grieving, instead think of what you would have liked to hear to bring you comfort when you were experiencing the loss of someone you love.

Some phrases you should avoid using on a sympathy message are:

  • Everything happens for a reason
  • She/He was so young
  • I know how you feel
  • You should do this …
  • You will …
  • What a horrible loss

Should I order funeral flowers online or in-person?

This will mostly depend on the situation that you are in, if this is unfortunately a sudden death you may have more flexibility with an online flower shop (depending on their shipping) or if there is a flower shop in your town that isn’t backed up with orders.

Here are some other pros and cons for both options:

  • Online Pro:
    There may be a larger supply or selection of flowers to choose from, and or extras to include with the funeral flowers.
  • Online Con:
    There could be the possibility of a problem or delay in shipping.
  • In-Person Pro:
    These flowers will typically be freshly picked and cut, therefore lasting longer for the grieving family receiving your flower arrangement. These arrangements can feel more personal as well.
  • In-Person Con:
    You may be limited to a certain selection, and there may not be a flower shop that is in your proximity.

How do I close/sign a funeral flower message?

There are several ways that you can sign above your name or family’s name, here are a few examples you can choose from or get inspiration from:

  • With love and care,
  • Our deepest condolences,
  • Sending you prayers and strength,
  • Love,
  • Here for you always,
  • Most sincerely,
  • In caring sympathy,
Funeral flowers and sympathy messages for flowers

Additional sympathy messages for flower cards

Additional for flower card sympathy messages are available in our articles:

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